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A couple of days ago, I was having a political debate with someone (shocker!) over Bill Clinton going to N. Korea to get the journalists out, I expressed my opinion that it was a good thing.  I expressed certain reservations, curious to see how the situation played out.

Well the debate devolved,  with one of the people involved making several accusations, accusations that I found to be offensive.  Well I responded to him, and tried my best not to respond in kind.  In the end, after I responded to the poster, the original poster deleted the topic on grounds of being ‘diplomatic’.    This derailed the subject after I had asked for clarification from teh poster I was debating.

Now this has got me to thinking about all the other times that this has happened to me, and it has lead me to one inescapable conclusion: People, at times, do not want to deal with the issues.  They would rather that they just went away.

That the debate itself is somehow evil and corrupting.  Now all I can do is say this for a few people, because this is my perceptions with a limited amount of experience at political discourse and political debate.

Now I know that sometimes debate gets out of hand, and that it needs to be curtailed and stopped.  I have done it way more times in the past, present, and future, then I would like to admit.

But that does not mean that all debate is harmful, that does not mean we should ignore it and clam up.  Let us just do our jobs to work together and do a better job tomorrow then we did yesterday, to learn and to grow.

And to continue to stick with the issues, and not be apathetic, to try every single recourse that is open to us before we stop the debate.

That if we are offended we should put that offense in a small corner of our mind, and try and not deal with it.  Be blunt, be direct, be as good as you can be, and ask for clarification, maybe you just mis heard?

But among some people it is easier to just stop the debate them let it continue, because it offends them, it is not politically correct, it is destructive and divisive.  In some circles there is real apathy to political debate.  That they would rather not deal with the issues, for whatever reason.

And this is the completely wrong approach to take, we should be out there, and be more active, and I think a lot of people are, and getting that way.

Now this blog is sort of a tie into this weekends blog, I will be talking about apathy in the political establishment before I go on and talk about entitlements, and then likely cap and trade.  Who knows? I will do my best to keep you informed.



  1. Well considering how the liberal left in our contry feels about debate, this is a spot-on topic.
    “That the debate itself is somehow evil and corrupting. Now all I can do is say this for a few people, because this is my perceptions with a limited amount of experience at political discourse and political debate”
    that is a great comment. IF you disagree with some people, they will insist it is evil/corrupting/mob activity. But a few years ago when they were dispouting with Pres. Bush (43) they claimed it was patriotic to dissent. Now? they want to keep an enemies list and intimidate us from dissension.
    I love a line from the musical 1776- credited to Stephen Hopkins of R.I>– “I haven’t ever heard of any so dangerous we can’t talk about it!” that was the spirit under which this country was founded, now all dissent is “wrong” according to Pres. Obama? Hell no… not what my ancestors fought (and died) for.
    great comments. 😀

    • Thanks, I think you are going to like my mega blog on all the apathy, it will cover a lot of what I brought up here in this post,and other things…and should cover a lot of what is going on in both the media, and what the White House is doing. Its going to be fun and interesting that blog post.

  2. not only do the liberals not like debate, they don’t like that we advocate for a smaller and more efficient government either…..which reminds me of a funny B5 Vir/Londo scene:

    Londo: What are you doing?
    Vir: Being efficient, sir.
    Londo: A few more like you, Vir, and the Centauri Republic will efficient itself into extinction.

    LOL…..I think Londo was a liberal in that respect because of his hatred for efficiency….though I suppose there is such a thing as being TOO efficient….after all, the Nazis took efficiency to the extreme, and look where it got them

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