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Back a few months ago I saw this video on youtube, it was a scene from the semi-popular SW RPG known as KOTOR 2: The Sith Lords.  If you have not seen it, you probably should.

Any way, it was a funny and bizarre scene, where the character made the wrong dialogue choice, and all of her companions started by saying, “Apathy is Death” over and over again, even one of the characters did it in this funny sort of low voiced growl.

This got me thinking,  about this issue as it applies to the political realm.  Simply, that Apathy is Death when it comes to politics, an apathy of the issues and what is going on around us that we are not aware of what is going on.

For if we are aware, then we can know what is going on around us, aware of what exactly it is that is going on in Washington, and exactly what our various governments are up to.

Now part of this problem has to do with mass media, and a refusal to report on (fair and balanced) exactly what is going on with the country at large, and on international politics.

They would rather report on celebrity and Hollywood news, glossing over what is happening, and devoting more of their time to what is popular, and populism, instead of being the true fourth wall of the government.

Nor would I suggest that anyone should regulate the news, and determine what gets posted and what does not.  They are a business that has to compete, someone will post the celebrity and entertainment news to the people to turn a profit.  It would be too dangerous to even have that kind of power in the hands of any organization.

Nor am I really suggesting that people should STOP doing what they want to do with whatever news they want to gather, and assimilate.

I am merely suggesting is to get informed on the issues.  To go out there and learn about what is happening in the real world around us, in the world that effects each and everyone of us, through laws and taxes.  And not on just one issue, but on a variety of issues.  This is especially true of my generation, for the politicians are doing things to us that are going to effect us for years, and it is time to get involved, in more then just one way.

And yes, i will admit, this is even good advice for me.  I could stand to get more involved, to do more research, and to get a handle on more facts.  For I have a pretty good idea of what is going on, but sometimes the specifics falls through the cracks on me.

If you are doing this, and you are getting involved and knowledgeable, this is not for you.  This is for those who do need to get more involved with the issues that are shaping this country.

This is true even for the one shot people, the legions of people that got involved for the last election and then, just stopped, that all that happened was they went out to support their one candidate, getting involved for the first time, and then leaving.  For it was true, and is, there was a lot of political interest in what was happening last year, right around the time of the election, most people were talking about it.

I am talking about a constant watchdog, to be aware as much as you can, without breaking in on the process.  Go watch TV, read, have your hobbies.  But for every once and awhile see what is going on, make that your mission to as citizens.

This blog might be a bit on the late side though, though the timing of it could not be better.  Because people are getting involved now, in droves of numbers, tea parties, health care town hall meetings, and protests, people who do not want to be activists, and just want to go on living their lives as they have been doing.  People who just want to debate and have an open and honest conversation.

There is great hope right now, because people are getting involved, and are searching for information, reading information, absorbing it on just what is the right thing to do with government.

I will be blogging about this phenomena, later in the year.



  1. let’s hear it for the rebels!!!! we are the ones who stay involved….and make the libs angry! =P great blog…. and only too true. Despite the hype over the “youth vote” the exact same precentage of the 18- 24 group voted as votes in every pres. election…17%. Obviously you are one of the 17%. good for you!

  2. indeed….as a Roman Catholic I am a proud follower of Christ, who is indeed a rebel in His own right.

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