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Last week I was having a discussion on line with a group of people, and the rather absurd notion  of  ‘just what is the best subject to take’ came up.  Now it was quickly pointed out by one of us that you cannot possibly have one subject be above any other, that all of them have their own merits and disadvantages, that truthfully none of them is more important then the other.

But…(wait for it!) this got me thinking, if you could have such an absurd idea as the ‘most important subject in the world’ what would it be? I wondered, and thought.

Now I also happen to believe, that if there is an most important subject that it would only be so for a short time, that it will depend on the era and the social climate that is going on at that moment in history.  What is important now, hopefully, will not be most important in twenty years.  Hopefully Math and Science, or the arts, can take their rightful place as that title eventually.

But what about right here, right now?

Right here right now, the two most important subjects are…History and Political Theory.  For right now we stand at an age where the political reality is shifting, where politicians are advocating the usages of insane policies, laws, and notions.  And the only way we can know about these things as insane, is to get informed on them.

That is where political theory comes in, authors like the Founders, Machiavelli, and others from all over the world, reading books like Common Sense, the Federalist Papers, and the words of the very best of political thinkers.  Only then can you absorb a wide variety of theories, and learn about them.

History comes into learning about which of these theories work, and which don’t.  Actually learning from, and listening to, history.  Absorbing it all and listening it to it all so you can make an informed decision about what is happening, which of these policies that the government have done that have failed in the past, that have led to evil.

And learning from it, listening to it, observing the threads and the connections, the eddies and currents of history.  Not learning it for a day, and then spewing it all out on test day, actually learning what you got.

For I am a student of history, I do my best to connect the dots, and then to learn and to listen to what history is trying to tell me, not so much about facts, but about the reality of the matter.

In the end I hope we can come to a point where this will not be necessary, where we can get beyond the need to do this, where learning about history and politics is not a matter and a choice between liberty, and tyranny.  I can hope at least.

This is, in essence, the last blog in a small series, I will be moving on from here.



  1. The lesson should come from history.

    “Those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it.”

  2. the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. By that definition, liberals are all insane! History had shown us what doesn’t work…yet the libs keep insisitng on socialism!

  3. I thank God every day that most of the members of the Roman Catholic Church of which I am a proud member, have learned from the mistakes of their ancestors, who allowed sin and debauchery to infect the sacred, holy, and hallowed halls of many Catholic institutions and churches. In the 16th century this culminated in the Protestant Breakaway. I am saddened that it took the mass exodus of people from Catholicism to give the people the wherewithal to reform their own Church. But reform they did eventually and the Roman Catholic Church is stronger because of it and the Church is now home to many who have the strength, honor, and conviction of true Catholics, the first beacons in the world of Christ’s Divine Light.

    I only wish our “elected leaders” would learn. But sadly I don’t think that’s gonna happen anytime soon.

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