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Two formative events happened at the end of my high school year which has caused me to put great thought into Diversity, and some of the myths that are currently surrounding it.

One was a multi-ethnic, multi-religious panel of people from various world religions.  The other was when our high school closed down an event because a group of students made a racial slur, that they did not know that they were making.  They of course apologized, but the upcoming event was canceled, and something else had to be arranged.

These events…combined with end of the year pep talks we had about the incident, ‘teaching moments’ for lack of a better term, led me to a few inescapable conclusions.

Way back towards the start of Obama’s  term in office Eric Holder his AG accused us of being a ‘nation of cowards’ when it came to race.

Now I love my country, and I am very proud of her…throughout most of my  life thank you…and I would  be the first one to shout down and condemn this as a gross and shameful over generalization of the facts.  But the question has to be begged…was he right?

Now I am not talking about the American people, the American people are, I tend to think of us, some of the best in the world, most of us are not ‘racists’ or ‘racial cowards’ or  other names that certain political groups have tried to apply to us, rather I wonder if it is a matter of leadership…and a way of thinking, that are the racial cowards.

Now part of the pep talk that we had was it was suggested by some of the staff and administrators that we needed to start forming diversity clubs, to become more aware of other cultures and other culture diversities and histories, to divide people up, in other words.

How is this helpful? How is this unifying? Because if you listen to anyone who advocates this, this is meant to let the people be more knowledgeable about other cultures, to unify other cultures into one…super culture?

How does this work though? How does it work to ‘unify’ people as American Citizens, or just as plane human beings, when you are constantly reminding everyone that you are different from one another! It is almost mind boggling.

Jewish-Americans, Asian Americans, African-Americans, Chinese Americans, Japanese Americans, Phillopeno Americans, Australian Americans, and probably many many more.  But yet, no real European Americans, or English Americans…oh yes can’t forget Latin Americans now can we?…those labels just mean American Americans.  There is no group that I know of that refers to itself as an ‘English American’.

Even if there were though, the point is moot since it would be continuing to increase the insanity of the whole process.  Simply, how can a country stand, be united, and continue to flourish when there are so many forces and so many different identities to perscribe too.  That there are ‘minorities’ and then there is the ‘majority’, whatever that means in the long run.

Now I am not, because I cannot…it would be almost as insane as what I am trying to stop…suggesting that you should not honor your traditions, honor your history, honor whatever you want to, in however way you want to do it…as long as it does not mean massacering innocent people.

But, how can we be united when everything from school administrations, to politicians, to applications for jobs and college…how can we be united when almost everything official in our society seems set and determined to divide us into our own little groups.  Groups of race, realigion, creed, and political affiliation.  And despite the ‘no discrimination’ laws that have been passed in many an area, if your political or ethnic background does not match up (or a combination of the two, black-conservatives anyone?) well its tough beans on you.  Why even have a section in an application asking your race, if you don’t care on what race you hire.  And this blog does not even touch on, the entire ‘affirmative action’ debate.

Where some races and ‘minority groups’ are treated even better for the sins committed by this county and its fathers long ago.  We need to learn from history, we can no longer hide behind it and let it tie us down, the only way we can forge forward as a people is if we acknowlege what we did, acknowelege it, and then move on, treating everyone fairly and equally, and not setting up some artificial system to ‘level the playing field’ for one group or another.

This is what I think at least, and it is a pretty good way of looking at the situation, we are all Americans, and we are all humans, with a shared legacy of greatness, and mistakes, all we have to do is to get over them, and unite, and we cannot do this under the current political climate.



  1. great report…..:-)

  2. Many many years ago, when I was in high school, I remember being taught that we were not pick-your-ethnicity-Americans, but simply Americans. That is what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. advocated… to end these false barriers bnetween us. BUT there are some polticians and a poltical organization that thrives on keeping us separate… how can you have a victim if we are all the same?

    Very profound insights comeing from one so young (and brainwashed by public education… although you seem to have overcome that! ;))- good job my friend, very good job.

  3. Yes. Martin Luther King, Jr. is most likely turning over in his grave at the actions of the black people who seem dead set on playing the race card. The race card is precisely what he was trying to help his people overcome. He wanted one thing. He wanted his people to be treated as the human beings they are, equal in dignity to every other human being created in the image and likeness of God. He wanted them to be equal, not dominant. I once wrote into The Spectrum, UB’s campus newspaper about why in the world, in light of the true words spoken by MLK, Jr., do we have so blasted many different Student Associations? Both the black civil rights movement and the women civil rights movement enjoyed the full support of the Roman Catholic Church, until one thing happened. Both movements became infected by people who wanted dominance, not equality. And thus did the Roman Catholic Church rightfully withdraw support for movements so infected by selfish people whose only thoughts were “how long can I get away with playing the victim card and fleece the American people with that card?”

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