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Coincidentally to this subject I was watching a clip of the Sean Hannity show on Youtube this past week, and its timing seems to be the near perfect because I have been thinking about this issuing for the past two weeks.  This is more of a special blog then anything.

And this issue is, and how it relates to this specific youtube clip is…if all of our nightmares come true, if the worse of our nature should come out and The President should not survive his term in office, who will do it?

Now on this clip apparently someone in a state broke the windows of the Democratic party headquarters in Denver Colorado, it was alleged to be (by the Democratic party head) committed by protestors against Obamacare, when it was in fact done by someone who has worked with the DNC in the past.

If President Obama should die during his term in office through unnatural means,  the knee jerk reaction of many would be to say that it would be a Conservative who did it.

The reality of this is going to be so much more different then this.  That he is just as likely to be whacked by a member of the political left, someone who will feel betrayed by his failures on some of the issues.

But even then this is an absurd notion, to assume that anyone in the left-right political scale will be apart of this is messed up, no one apart of the sane political discourse will be party to this attempt this.

But, it will be the reaction of everyone to panic in such an event, and to point fingers at who everyone thinks will be the likely culprits behind this event.

I urge caution, I urge time to let cooler heads prevail and let any investigation take its proper course before everyone starts pointing fingers and making accusations without evidence.

Let us sit back and analyze, without rushing boldly into things.  This would be true in this situation, and needs to be true in any other situation.  Operating under a crisis mode constantly never helps anyone.



  1. you nailed it!!! But they would first go after conservatives and it would be the end of free speech in America…they would claim it was the likes of Rush, Glenn, and Sean’s words that CAUSED it. It is amusing about the DNC vanadalism in Col. the local dem party chairperson still stands by her comments that “racists did it.” and has intimated the person who did it, while a former DNC operative, might have been working for the repuclicans all along….

  2. I’m reminded of a cartoon called “The Far Side” and my Earth Science teacher in HS had a cartoon up on the wll near the door of one of those cartoons that depicted Kirk and Spock investigating creatures that had heads that looked like Bill Clinton and Spock was saying to the captain…”Fascinating, Captain. These creatures seem to be incapable of telling the truth.”…the caption for that cartoon was something like “Kirk and Spock encounter the dreaded Clint-Ons”….ROFL

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