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America, I would like to say thank you, thank you for doing our jobs…my job really, and expressing yourselves and keeping all of us free.  We may have won, and we may yet do it.

I refer of course to the town halls, and the whole health-care debate.  The current one as put forth by the Executive and Legislative branches of the United States Government.  We may have won the day after all.  Originally I wanted to be talking about entitlements now, but clearly there is no need (oh but I will be talking about entitlements when I can  )The reason is that  there is no need because the people have gotten informed on the dangers of just another massive push by the federal government to increase welfare rolls, and make another aspect of our society a right, when they mean the exact opposite of it.  Keeping people controlled instead of free.

I believe that Ronald Regan, the fortieth President of the United States of America, may have put it best:

“Let us be sure that those who come after will say of us in our time, that in our time we did everything that could be done. We finished the race; we kept them free; we kept the faith.”

I feel that we, as a people, have done this.

Now unfortatnaley due to things going on in my own life, I was not able to participate in this national debate as fully as I would have liked, I shall do better in the future, hoping that I am not a hypocrite for extoling the virtues of others, where I have failed to come through.  Taking this into consideration is a reminder, that no matter who we are, we can all do a better job when it comes to fighting for freedom and liberty.

So I thank you, the American people, for doing what I should have done.  For keeping the peace, and keeping all of us free.

And if it turns out that we have not won, and that the congress does decide to pass this unjust legislation over the objections of their constituents, the consequences are on their heads, and we will never forget another in a long line of betrayals.  We have drawn the line in the sand.


The blogger.



  1. very nice blog mate, although, make the quote by Reagan visible 😛

  2. LOL….yeah….why’d you type the quote with the computer version of invisible ink? 😛

    anyhow nice blog…:)

  3. This is democracy in action. When I hear the democrats whine about unruly townhall meetings I laugh and suggest they attend a real town hall meeting— in a small town in New England- the home of townhall governance. It gets mean there, and nasty, and if you have a thin skin stay home. As a former resident of a small New England town (population around 500) I saw a discussion about where to put a stop sign deteriorate into tow old ladies fighting over who stole a pen from the other in thrid grade.
    Yaaay for the protestors..they trulya re democracy in action!

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