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Last week or so I was perusing yahoo reading a story on the economy and the recession, and all the lessons that we have learned since then and how we have grown and evolved past that moment in time etc, learning  from our mistakes.

That we have learned from our greed, have learned to not go into debt and to be more smart with where we spend our money, and how banks spend their money.
Now this is another long term example of something that has been bothering me for a long time now, the hypocrisy from our current government on this issue, and certain government officials.

Now to me, right now, this is an unintentional hypocrisy on the part of economists and the author(s) of this article.  They are blameless (I will assume) in this, after all they do give good advice.  We do need to learn several crucial lessons from this crisis and its after math, many of them listed by these economists.

But the question is: Why do these very same very sensible rules also not apply to the government?

You have many people (that I talk to often) talking and condemning the excesses of Capitalism, but not of the federal government.

Merely, that the same rules should apply to the government.  Extravegent spending beyond your means, paying for something when you do not have the money, getting into debt, and getting indebted to others.

All things that popular media and history have warned us about for time unremembered, but yet the fed has a nasty habit of doing these things.  No matter who is in power, getting us into debt and spending extravagantly on themselves and their own corrupt projects instead of for the things that they are supposed to.

That we have to live with limits, but that they do not and they can even live high off the hog, spending all the money that they want.  Does this make sense to people?

To have these unsustainable practices that if we engage upon them privately are bad, but when the fed does them they are suddenly…sustainable and right.

I think not.



  1. indeed. This is the point that libertarians have been making for decades. Why is the government not fiscally responsible? Serves as a poor example to others does it not?

  2. nice……but that’s “extravagant”….:-P

    I love it when liberals try to turn to sacred Scripture to try to justify their excesses. Yes Scripture tells us to be as generous as we can……with our own money, not other people’s money.I love it when they refer to the passage where Jesus is talking with a rich man who donated 1/3 of his money and Jesus tells him the story of a woman who donated something like a few cents, saying it was all she had. What he meant though is that it was all she had AFTER making sure her basic needs were taken care of. Because Jesus tells us elsewhere in Scripture that “before removing the splinter from your brother’s eye first remove the beam from your own.” That means you should take care of your own basic needs first before helping someone else take care of theirs. Help yourself first so that you can more effectively help someone else.

  3. There is a wonderful book by Arthur C. Brooks…”Who really cares” — the most charitiable with their own money is conservatives. Congress needs more people who are careful with MY money! Great blog. 😀

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