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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Other then the obvious humor of this situation from using something that one of my regular readers will probably recognize…..comes a serious case of hypocrisy and an interesting trend in American Politics.

Now to Conservatives this should come as no surprise, and since I do not know if liberals read this or not, that is really almost pointless, however I try anyways.

The point is that someone like Alan Grayson can say radical, borderline slanderous statements, and get away with it without apparent repercussions, but yet a Conservative says something that is rude and he gets half the political power of Washington after his hide, and has ridiculous blog posts written about him in which they challenge the validity of his point because he likes health care for military personnel.  Or, Conservatives have things made up about them, things that they did not say, and are still called to the floor on it, and forced to abandon their positions.

I refer to Rush Limbaugh’s attempts to buy the St. Louis Rams, where he was part of an owner group trying to buy the team, and then was slandered by  people’s reporting that Rush said things, that he did not say.  Things that the ‘primary source’ for these quotes, did not properly attribute to his mouth.  And for this he was forced to abandon his efforts to buy the team.

And then Joe Wilson, he called the President a liar on the floor of the Congress while President Obama was giving a speech.  He apologized for it, and rightfully so.  But there was almost an immediate reaction from both sides of the aisle.

Meanwhile you have the congressman of Florida, one of them, by the name of Alan Grayson who has made several incendiary comments.

He has called Fox News the enemy of peace

He has said that the Republicans only plan is for people to die quickly.

He has compared Cheney to a vampire, and suggested that his only gripe with the President was that he did not shoot old men in the face.

And recently he has called a member of Ben Bernanke’s staff a whore, when she criticized members of congress for their apparent lack of knowledge when it comes to economics.  Let us put aside the obvious arrogance of this statement.

And his reaction to the criticism of Conservative critics was to say it was the ‘secondary’ definition of the word whore.  Apparently he has recently apologized but I have not seen the exact text.

Taking all this into account, after all of this, Obama calls him (along with two other Florida Congressmen) an outstanding member of congress.

Now Nancy Pelosi cannot be included in this since we have not heard a single peep out of her about the whole mess.

It’s just what it is though, I have no other way to explain this really.  Republicans like Joe Wilson when they say something outrageous they are taken to the floor about it, this is right and they pretty much immediately apologize.  It just seems like that they are generally good people, what ever their other faults.

And then you have others who get quotes made up to sink their chances of making it into a football team?

And then you have others saying horrendous things…actually saying them, not a peep from some, and by others they are called great, and they finally reluctantly apologize?

There is really no other way to say this, and nothing to blog about really, other than to say that this is madness.

I have heard it time and time again, Conservatives are cry babies, hypocrites, and should just shut up when it comes to President Obama, because we did not do the same thing when Bush was in office and engaging in some questionable policy decisions, so people believe.

There is a quote in the Declaration of Independence that qualifies, for this blog:

“Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long-established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpation, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

For this debate though, what does this mean?

Most people, and all peoples in general, do not usually like to throw off bonds, to go out and change the direction of a country.  Conservatives especially, who want to worry about their own families and their own lives.   Just wanting to be left alone by the government, and by other people.  To have a government that just defends us from evil.

Which is what has happened now, at least for me, now I am unqualified to speak for everyone else of the Conservative movement, but, for me this is exactly what has happened.  We have had a long train of abuses for a very long time, that is not to say that Bush was an especially terrible President, but he did make his mistakes and do several wrong things while he was in office.

While Obama is only supposed to continue a lot of those same misguided policies but only bigger and better?

This is why we are not hypocrites, and this is why we should not shut up.

It is my honest feeling that a majority of people in the Conservative movement do feel betrayed by the policies of the last couple of years.  By the fiscally irresponsible, socially meddling Republicans, liberal or moderate Republicans that have run a muck turning the party into something that can be defined as ‘Democratic Light’.  And this includes the abandonment by many of the talk show and TV pundits that I listen to that are the so-called heads of the GOP.

Let alone the fact that calling someone a hypocrite is to only polarize and isolate them, to not debate them and then not to listen to them when they have a problem.  That we are crazy and radical and that no one should listen to us.

Let alone the fact that it is an attempt to marginalize the opposition, at least in your own mind, to put yourself as superior to Conservatives…and then not listen to them.

But this is a long train of abuses, a train that has in many cases been taking a year to develop and get to the point it is in.  And there is a backlash now, people are saying ‘wait a second? What is going on here?’

And instead of trying to demonize them, everyone should be trying to understand where they are coming from, look for the commonalities.  Big Government is the enemy, and many people can agree with this.  The risks that both administrations have taken, and the ways that both of them have chosen to grow government, especially recently.

Also, despite what I have said, and despite what has gone on, the point of this, the other obvious reason is; Barrack Obama is not George W. Bush.  And we the people have the right to protest and to express our opinion no matter who is in office, and what their policies are.  That Obama and Bush do have radically different policies then one another, the similarities are frightening, and the differences are even more scary, and they set up a different circumstance, which makes hypocrisy impossible.

That it’s almost like any one who uses this argument that says that whoever did not protest during the Bush administration does not have the moral authority to protest now, that we have waived the right to protest because you think the cause was a just one to protest? That when you do not protest against any wrong doing you cannot protest against any future wrong doing.

I personally do not think so, again it is our right to protest whatever policy we particularly disagree with.

I was on the social forum that I like to visit, and the conservative section of it, the conservative social group.  And one of the posters posted that her son reminded her that every Socialist/ Communist nation only succeeds when people give them money.

Apart from the debate on how China has gotten their power…that is a debate for a whole ‘nother time.   This got me to thinking about something else, something specific, something regarding our country and our future.

Who is going to give us money?

Now I want to make it clear (for anyone who might be confused) that what I am about to post I do not believe about the United States, I am using it to make a point about where we stand.

Who is going to give a country money that is: Arrogant, a bunch of hate mongers, religious hicks, gay haters, immoral, engaging in environmental rape, God believing science deniers, who spank their kids and believe in freedom, justice, and fair play?

I mean who will give us money?  We are apologizing! We have acknowledged our sins that we have been a very evil people the last eight years.  So here America, welcome back to the international community! What’s that? You want more money? Here take some! As long as we have a seat at the table of what is going on within your country.

But then, who will give us money?  Who will give us money: If we begin to turn this around, if we suddenly find a candidate and then a President who believes in freedom, and more national control, someone who believes like Conservatives…someone who might even be a Conservative.  Someone who believes in those silly antiquated ideas of a bunch of old white guys? Someone who believes that we are all free to live our lives, and defend them from evil?

Who will give us money then?

I would think if that were to happen we will not need that money.

I want to discuss two points about the whole TV activism going on in regards to community service, Hollywood, and Health Care, where television programs on most of the major networks are putting in snippets to try and encourage service, and activism.

First off the bat: Must they really think us this stupid?

Now I am talking about everyone here, Liberals…and the Conservatives that I have watched lamenting about this.  Sure we should not have to put up with this felgar carb in the first or second places….but.

Do they really think we can be swayed so easily? That we will see something on TV and be in effect brain washed to support health care reform…or at least the reform that liberals are trying to push for?

I personally think not.  These are TV shows…and just maybe they will encourage real reform instead of what we are being given now.

Second of all.  This has highlighted the continuing fall of American entertainment.  That most of the series I am watching or looking forward to watching (2 out of the 4) are currently not filmed in the United States of America.  (Though most of them are about locations here, and I do not include 24 since that is a while out.)

The point is even if they insist on attempting to brain wash us into being subservient and serving the state in an attempt to subvert our rights and our responsibilities, then, I do not have to watch them.  I can and will take my business elsewhere to other shows and happily watch shows like Stargate Universe where I do not have to put up with this manipulation…and the otherwise dull and uninteresting plots that you find from a majority of  TV being made in this country.

I know that this is old news by now, that Joe Wilson was practically impaled on a spit of political correctness when he (wrongly) yelled out in the middle of the health care speech that the President lied.  But something occurred to me on this subject when I was listening to the local news and how it was talking about the vote of Olympia Snowe voted in favor of the bill to keep it moving through the legislative process, whereas the President promptly declared this a bi Partisan effort thanking the US Senator for her contribution.

This got me back to thinking on that somewhat fateful day now so long ago.

It is my opinion that the President did indeed not lie to the people when he made that speech, for all I know there was no protection for illegals in it, or any of the radical stuff that Republicans have been fuming about for so long.

But the President was being…disingenuous.

The plan had not been completed yet at that point in time, no where close apparently, since it is now the middle of October and health care is still being debated…the plan is still evolving.

So what President Obama speech basically amounted to was this: That it was just there to reassure all the independents and people on the fence that all of these provisions were not in the plan, and then potentially add them in afterward, after everyone said,”well he said it, it must be true”.  Where everything, everything was still being debated, from coverage for illegals, to the public option itself.  That its on again off again on again, that the plan is still evolving.

And that, apparently according to one lawmaker that there were a lot of  ‘phantom amendments’ that were added onto one of the versions of the bill after they voted on it.  I do not remember the specifics just that it happened.

What this amounts to is dirty politics.  And we have become far too used to it over the last bunch of years.

I was not sure exactly where I wanted to place this blog in the writing rolls, with the plans of blogging about 1984 and other  events relating to it, and blogging about teachers, but it seems it makes sense that I blog about this after my sci fi blog, I think you will understand why.

Now on the topic of sci-fi.  I have always wanted to meet Bruce Boxlightner who plays my favorite character in all of entertainment history, John Sheridan.  He is to me, the best example of what it is to try and find your way through the darkness, to do what is necessary to win, he is the perfect example of a hero in every way, he is also where I got a lot of my political ideas about freedom, ideology, and drawing lines in the sand that no one may cross.  Other then the fact that I have been listening, one of my earliest memories even, to Rush Limbaugh since I was four, other than that though there is John Sheridan.

Now also there is education, and even though I do agree that there are a lot of things that need to be fixed with our educational system, but I cannot completely agree with all the criticisms that I have heard with Conservatives that I have made friends with.  Without the education system the way it is, I would not be the person I am today, and I would not be the Conservative I am today.  My experiences, and the very fortunate to be taught by quality instructors.

Let the system judge that however they will.

But the point is that I doubt that Bruce who is ( I would assume since he is in Hollywood but I do not know for sure so do not quote me on this) a liberal, I doubt that they would find the monster they have created, the gadfly that is poking their respective dairy airs, I doubt they would like necessarily what they have created.

That I should have taken all of these obvious ‘liberal’ influences (certainly a lot more than the Conservative ones throughout most of my childhood) and that such a Conservative warrior should have been formed from that.  I think that would strike most people reading this tale as quite amazing in and of itself.

And a Conservative warrior no less that wants to do this for a living one day…maybe.  If I am very fortunate.

Which is the thing, that someone like me could actually pay attention to instructors when they tell you to ‘think critically’ and not think in that narrow focused way that you must think critically, but you can only do it in a specific particular way that so many of my peers seem to be prone to.

That you can only reform something in a specific way.

That I have actually learned my history lessons, and not popped them out on test day, taking the information that I need to form my own ideas, and not having it spoon fed.

And that I have cultivated multiple sources of information, and am ever eager to learn more things about history and politics, and sometimes I still get quite a revelation when I listen to a Conservative commentator who places something into history that I never heard,that just fits.

So I have taken all the lessons, all the information, and my experiences with school, and I cannot divorce myself from them, so this is what has led to me, being me.

I am going to do something which, now that I think about it, is rather arrogant and high brow for me to do.  But I still feel that it needs to be done.

And that is to clear up the message about Chicago losing the Olympic games to Rio this year, and the Conservative glee over such an event.  And now prominent liberals and Democrats are coming out of the wood work and saying, see see, I told you they are hypocrites!

When this is not the case, considering the main argument from conservatives was one of cost and corruption.  People smelt dirt and fish in the water and they looked into it, this would have been massive boondoggle, and a massive waste of tax payer money…in a recession, only to help out the political elite of Chicago, all the while Chicago would have gotten the short end of the stick.

Chicago did not (or barely wanted) these Olympics, one poll I saw was running something like 47 % against, and 49% for.  Which is a lot more polarity than currently exists in the healthcare debate.

And, when team USA goes to Rio to compete, I will be there right along all the citizens of this country cheering them on to hopefully many a victory.

I wonder what they are going to say about the Conservative reaction to the peace prize?

Over the past year or so I have been agonizing about something, and slowly gathering personal research with people who I know on this issue, to maybe eventually blog.  The topic was that there seems to be a remarkably small amount of smart women (that I know) that want to be mothers, putting career so far ahead of obligations to future generations of humanity that they cannot do both, and they do not want to at all.  Now I admit that this was a bit of a failing for me.

This came about because I read a call between Rush Limbaugh and a mom who was lamenting the same aspect of life, no one wanted to be mothers any longer.  But even at the end Rush indicated that this was not true since she was a mother and (I think) a grandmother, that clearly smart people were wanting to be moms.

But yet this still bothered me.

At least until the last two weeks they did anyways.

What happened is I watched the two Glenn Beck specials on moms, and how moms are connecting in these difficult times.  Some of them with lots of kids.

The point is that more and more people are continuing to connect with like minded people who are concerned about the direction of this country, and the effect it will have on their children.

So mission accomplished, with people still having lots and lots of children will balance out all of those who are not having such.

And if I may have a moment here to act like a partisan right wing hack, you know the type of knuckle dragging Neanderthals that Alan Grayson portrayed us as, if I might have just one moment to say.  If it’s going to be liberal women who refuse to have kids to further just their own  careers, then come in a long term of years…their breed will be extinct.

Before my move,  I was chatting with someone online, about the significance of science fiction, specifically about one sci fi show, and how some of my politics and ideology from it.  She found this amusing.

This got me to do something that I do a lot…as in thinking.  This time about the roll that sci fi has created in my life.  Well rather my political life.

Most people from time to time will tell you that fiction is that…fiction, and while of course they are right that this stuff has not happened, most fiction is still very well based on real life principles, events, and structures.  Science Fiction maybe the most of all since it is grounded in morality and ‘what if’ scenarios, characters often face ethical conundrums of just how are you going to go about doing such things.  Thus it provides a means of learning lessons

One of my favorite series along this line is the show Babylon 5, it is one long continuing epic that is filled with parables of freedom and tyranny, of justice and injustice, and of forces so beyond us, that are praying on us and manipulating us for their own agendas and pleasures.

And that is what sci fi has taught me.  To be mindful and weary, to fight for what I believe in, and it has taught me significant differences between freedom and tyranny, and when to recognize one that is trying to masquerade as the other.

In the end though, science fiction has taught me nothing I suppose.  All of these lessons have been learned in the real world, and can be just as easily, learned through history and human civilization.  Of which science fiction has always taken a great deal from and turned it into its own, placing it on alien cultures and places, into different situations.  But always grounded in humanity, which is how we relate to it.

In the end science fiction has served as more of a reminder.  A reminder of all of these things.  Of what it means to be free, of what it means to live free and just lives.  That some lines of sacrifice must never be crossed.  It is a constant reminder to me of what is really important to fight for, to fight against, and to protect, that our rights and our lives our very sacred things.  No matter what anyone might tell you to the contrary.  Science Fiction has reminded me of these aspects of life, and of many others.

But most importantly that we all have the right to live our lives the way we chose, away from fear or oppression, and away from those that think that they have a magic cure or a magic wand to automatically make ones lives better.

Science Fiction has helped form the early mapping of my politics, before I got into politics over the last three years or so, and it has been with me every step of the way as I have refined my beliefs in the real world, and as I have crystallized them.

This is what science fiction means to me, and this is the impact that it has had on my life.