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Before my move,  I was chatting with someone online, about the significance of science fiction, specifically about one sci fi show, and how some of my politics and ideology from it.  She found this amusing.

This got me to do something that I do a lot…as in thinking.  This time about the roll that sci fi has created in my life.  Well rather my political life.

Most people from time to time will tell you that fiction is that…fiction, and while of course they are right that this stuff has not happened, most fiction is still very well based on real life principles, events, and structures.  Science Fiction maybe the most of all since it is grounded in morality and ‘what if’ scenarios, characters often face ethical conundrums of just how are you going to go about doing such things.  Thus it provides a means of learning lessons

One of my favorite series along this line is the show Babylon 5, it is one long continuing epic that is filled with parables of freedom and tyranny, of justice and injustice, and of forces so beyond us, that are praying on us and manipulating us for their own agendas and pleasures.

And that is what sci fi has taught me.  To be mindful and weary, to fight for what I believe in, and it has taught me significant differences between freedom and tyranny, and when to recognize one that is trying to masquerade as the other.

In the end though, science fiction has taught me nothing I suppose.  All of these lessons have been learned in the real world, and can be just as easily, learned through history and human civilization.  Of which science fiction has always taken a great deal from and turned it into its own, placing it on alien cultures and places, into different situations.  But always grounded in humanity, which is how we relate to it.

In the end science fiction has served as more of a reminder.  A reminder of all of these things.  Of what it means to be free, of what it means to live free and just lives.  That some lines of sacrifice must never be crossed.  It is a constant reminder to me of what is really important to fight for, to fight against, and to protect, that our rights and our lives our very sacred things.  No matter what anyone might tell you to the contrary.  Science Fiction has reminded me of these aspects of life, and of many others.

But most importantly that we all have the right to live our lives the way we chose, away from fear or oppression, and away from those that think that they have a magic cure or a magic wand to automatically make ones lives better.

Science Fiction has helped form the early mapping of my politics, before I got into politics over the last three years or so, and it has been with me every step of the way as I have refined my beliefs in the real world, and as I have crystallized them.

This is what science fiction means to me, and this is the impact that it has had on my life.



  1. Applause applause!!! well said. truly good literature or art of any genre can teach us more about humanity, our history, and what is worth ahving. I am pleased you found inspioriation through the literature/art of science fiction. 😀 well done my friend!

  2. yeah…B5 was a great series….sometimes funny…sometimes gutwrenchingly sad……….but a good portrayal nonetheless

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