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I am going to do something which, now that I think about it, is rather arrogant and high brow for me to do.  But I still feel that it needs to be done.

And that is to clear up the message about Chicago losing the Olympic games to Rio this year, and the Conservative glee over such an event.  And now prominent liberals and Democrats are coming out of the wood work and saying, see see, I told you they are hypocrites!

When this is not the case, considering the main argument from conservatives was one of cost and corruption.  People smelt dirt and fish in the water and they looked into it, this would have been massive boondoggle, and a massive waste of tax payer money…in a recession, only to help out the political elite of Chicago, all the while Chicago would have gotten the short end of the stick.

Chicago did not (or barely wanted) these Olympics, one poll I saw was running something like 47 % against, and 49% for.  Which is a lot more polarity than currently exists in the healthcare debate.

And, when team USA goes to Rio to compete, I will be there right along all the citizens of this country cheering them on to hopefully many a victory.

I wonder what they are going to say about the Conservative reaction to the peace prize?


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  1. Considering that Obama was promising tax dollars for Chiago’s Olympics I am glad they didn’t get it…. I can’t afford the olympics…can you? I agree that it isn’t about patriotism but about cost to the American taxpayer.

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