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Over the past year or so I have been agonizing about something, and slowly gathering personal research with people who I know on this issue, to maybe eventually blog.  The topic was that there seems to be a remarkably small amount of smart women (that I know) that want to be mothers, putting career so far ahead of obligations to future generations of humanity that they cannot do both, and they do not want to at all.  Now I admit that this was a bit of a failing for me.

This came about because I read a call between Rush Limbaugh and a mom who was lamenting the same aspect of life, no one wanted to be mothers any longer.  But even at the end Rush indicated that this was not true since she was a mother and (I think) a grandmother, that clearly smart people were wanting to be moms.

But yet this still bothered me.

At least until the last two weeks they did anyways.

What happened is I watched the two Glenn Beck specials on moms, and how moms are connecting in these difficult times.  Some of them with lots of kids.

The point is that more and more people are continuing to connect with like minded people who are concerned about the direction of this country, and the effect it will have on their children.

So mission accomplished, with people still having lots and lots of children will balance out all of those who are not having such.

And if I may have a moment here to act like a partisan right wing hack, you know the type of knuckle dragging Neanderthals that Alan Grayson portrayed us as, if I might have just one moment to say.  If it’s going to be liberal women who refuse to have kids to further just their own  careers, then come in a long term of years…their breed will be extinct.



  1. I certainly won’t shed a tear if socialists get relegated back to the minority

  2. I keep hoping they will abort themselves out of exiustance…that’s why they want the illegals to become citizens…keep their numbers up!
    (Still wants to know which one of his THREE children, Al-zero-population-growth-Gore is gonna kill! He’s got one two many…needs to have the courage of his convictions! although with his son’s drug and alcohol problems that situation might get solved for him! =P )

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