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I was not sure exactly where I wanted to place this blog in the writing rolls, with the plans of blogging about 1984 and other  events relating to it, and blogging about teachers, but it seems it makes sense that I blog about this after my sci fi blog, I think you will understand why.

Now on the topic of sci-fi.  I have always wanted to meet Bruce Boxlightner who plays my favorite character in all of entertainment history, John Sheridan.  He is to me, the best example of what it is to try and find your way through the darkness, to do what is necessary to win, he is the perfect example of a hero in every way, he is also where I got a lot of my political ideas about freedom, ideology, and drawing lines in the sand that no one may cross.  Other then the fact that I have been listening, one of my earliest memories even, to Rush Limbaugh since I was four, other than that though there is John Sheridan.

Now also there is education, and even though I do agree that there are a lot of things that need to be fixed with our educational system, but I cannot completely agree with all the criticisms that I have heard with Conservatives that I have made friends with.  Without the education system the way it is, I would not be the person I am today, and I would not be the Conservative I am today.  My experiences, and the very fortunate to be taught by quality instructors.

Let the system judge that however they will.

But the point is that I doubt that Bruce who is ( I would assume since he is in Hollywood but I do not know for sure so do not quote me on this) a liberal, I doubt that they would find the monster they have created, the gadfly that is poking their respective dairy airs, I doubt they would like necessarily what they have created.

That I should have taken all of these obvious ‘liberal’ influences (certainly a lot more than the Conservative ones throughout most of my childhood) and that such a Conservative warrior should have been formed from that.  I think that would strike most people reading this tale as quite amazing in and of itself.

And a Conservative warrior no less that wants to do this for a living one day…maybe.  If I am very fortunate.

Which is the thing, that someone like me could actually pay attention to instructors when they tell you to ‘think critically’ and not think in that narrow focused way that you must think critically, but you can only do it in a specific particular way that so many of my peers seem to be prone to.

That you can only reform something in a specific way.

That I have actually learned my history lessons, and not popped them out on test day, taking the information that I need to form my own ideas, and not having it spoon fed.

And that I have cultivated multiple sources of information, and am ever eager to learn more things about history and politics, and sometimes I still get quite a revelation when I listen to a Conservative commentator who places something into history that I never heard,that just fits.

So I have taken all the lessons, all the information, and my experiences with school, and I cannot divorce myself from them, so this is what has led to me, being me.



  1. Nothing irritates a teacher more than really thinking critically! good job for learning life’s most important lesson…thinking for yourself! 😀

  2. I am glad that you had decent instructors who taught you how to think for yourself, instead of the instructors nowadays who only now teach kids to think for the liberal left

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