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I know that this is old news by now, that Joe Wilson was practically impaled on a spit of political correctness when he (wrongly) yelled out in the middle of the health care speech that the President lied.  But something occurred to me on this subject when I was listening to the local news and how it was talking about the vote of Olympia Snowe voted in favor of the bill to keep it moving through the legislative process, whereas the President promptly declared this a bi Partisan effort thanking the US Senator for her contribution.

This got me back to thinking on that somewhat fateful day now so long ago.

It is my opinion that the President did indeed not lie to the people when he made that speech, for all I know there was no protection for illegals in it, or any of the radical stuff that Republicans have been fuming about for so long.

But the President was being…disingenuous.

The plan had not been completed yet at that point in time, no where close apparently, since it is now the middle of October and health care is still being debated…the plan is still evolving.

So what President Obama speech basically amounted to was this: That it was just there to reassure all the independents and people on the fence that all of these provisions were not in the plan, and then potentially add them in afterward, after everyone said,”well he said it, it must be true”.  Where everything, everything was still being debated, from coverage for illegals, to the public option itself.  That its on again off again on again, that the plan is still evolving.

And that, apparently according to one lawmaker that there were a lot of  ‘phantom amendments’ that were added onto one of the versions of the bill after they voted on it.  I do not remember the specifics just that it happened.

What this amounts to is dirty politics.  And we have become far too used to it over the last bunch of years.


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  1. applause applause!! well done my friend.

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