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I want to discuss two points about the whole TV activism going on in regards to community service, Hollywood, and Health Care, where television programs on most of the major networks are putting in snippets to try and encourage service, and activism.

First off the bat: Must they really think us this stupid?

Now I am talking about everyone here, Liberals…and the Conservatives that I have watched lamenting about this.  Sure we should not have to put up with this felgar carb in the first or second places….but.

Do they really think we can be swayed so easily? That we will see something on TV and be in effect brain washed to support health care reform…or at least the reform that liberals are trying to push for?

I personally think not.  These are TV shows…and just maybe they will encourage real reform instead of what we are being given now.

Second of all.  This has highlighted the continuing fall of American entertainment.  That most of the series I am watching or looking forward to watching (2 out of the 4) are currently not filmed in the United States of America.  (Though most of them are about locations here, and I do not include 24 since that is a while out.)

The point is even if they insist on attempting to brain wash us into being subservient and serving the state in an attempt to subvert our rights and our responsibilities, then, I do not have to watch them.  I can and will take my business elsewhere to other shows and happily watch shows like Stargate Universe where I do not have to put up with this manipulation…and the otherwise dull and uninteresting plots that you find from a majority of  TV being made in this country.



  1. of course they think we are this dumb…look at the commercials that are made! 😛

  2. heck some people ARE this dumb if they think we will cede our most basic civil liberties for financial gian without a fight

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