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I was on the social forum that I like to visit, and the conservative section of it, the conservative social group.  And one of the posters posted that her son reminded her that every Socialist/ Communist nation only succeeds when people give them money.

Apart from the debate on how China has gotten their power…that is a debate for a whole ‘nother time.   This got me to thinking about something else, something specific, something regarding our country and our future.

Who is going to give us money?

Now I want to make it clear (for anyone who might be confused) that what I am about to post I do not believe about the United States, I am using it to make a point about where we stand.

Who is going to give a country money that is: Arrogant, a bunch of hate mongers, religious hicks, gay haters, immoral, engaging in environmental rape, God believing science deniers, who spank their kids and believe in freedom, justice, and fair play?

I mean who will give us money?  We are apologizing! We have acknowledged our sins that we have been a very evil people the last eight years.  So here America, welcome back to the international community! What’s that? You want more money? Here take some! As long as we have a seat at the table of what is going on within your country.

But then, who will give us money?  Who will give us money: If we begin to turn this around, if we suddenly find a candidate and then a President who believes in freedom, and more national control, someone who believes like Conservatives…someone who might even be a Conservative.  Someone who believes in those silly antiquated ideas of a bunch of old white guys? Someone who believes that we are all free to live our lives, and defend them from evil?

Who will give us money then?

I would think if that were to happen we will not need that money.


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  1. pass the guns and ammo???? maybe the big O needs to pass the hat on his apology tours. =P

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