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Other then the obvious humor of this situation from using something that one of my regular readers will probably recognize…..comes a serious case of hypocrisy and an interesting trend in American Politics.

Now to Conservatives this should come as no surprise, and since I do not know if liberals read this or not, that is really almost pointless, however I try anyways.

The point is that someone like Alan Grayson can say radical, borderline slanderous statements, and get away with it without apparent repercussions, but yet a Conservative says something that is rude and he gets half the political power of Washington after his hide, and has ridiculous blog posts written about him in which they challenge the validity of his point because he likes health care for military personnel.  Or, Conservatives have things made up about them, things that they did not say, and are still called to the floor on it, and forced to abandon their positions.

I refer to Rush Limbaugh’s attempts to buy the St. Louis Rams, where he was part of an owner group trying to buy the team, and then was slandered by  people’s reporting that Rush said things, that he did not say.  Things that the ‘primary source’ for these quotes, did not properly attribute to his mouth.  And for this he was forced to abandon his efforts to buy the team.

And then Joe Wilson, he called the President a liar on the floor of the Congress while President Obama was giving a speech.  He apologized for it, and rightfully so.  But there was almost an immediate reaction from both sides of the aisle.

Meanwhile you have the congressman of Florida, one of them, by the name of Alan Grayson who has made several incendiary comments.

He has called Fox News the enemy of peace

He has said that the Republicans only plan is for people to die quickly.

He has compared Cheney to a vampire, and suggested that his only gripe with the President was that he did not shoot old men in the face.

And recently he has called a member of Ben Bernanke’s staff a whore, when she criticized members of congress for their apparent lack of knowledge when it comes to economics.  Let us put aside the obvious arrogance of this statement.

And his reaction to the criticism of Conservative critics was to say it was the ‘secondary’ definition of the word whore.  Apparently he has recently apologized but I have not seen the exact text.

Taking all this into account, after all of this, Obama calls him (along with two other Florida Congressmen) an outstanding member of congress.

Now Nancy Pelosi cannot be included in this since we have not heard a single peep out of her about the whole mess.

It’s just what it is though, I have no other way to explain this really.  Republicans like Joe Wilson when they say something outrageous they are taken to the floor about it, this is right and they pretty much immediately apologize.  It just seems like that they are generally good people, what ever their other faults.

And then you have others who get quotes made up to sink their chances of making it into a football team?

And then you have others saying horrendous things…actually saying them, not a peep from some, and by others they are called great, and they finally reluctantly apologize?

There is really no other way to say this, and nothing to blog about really, other than to say that this is madness.



  1. Democrats are whining, thin-skinned, hypocrits…simple as that. Or the republicans have class (and manners!) and democrats don’t have either. 😛 well said. applause applause!!!!

  2. indeed

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