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I have heard it said, once…probably not a direct quote…that a person can be smart, but that people are stupid.

Now whether or not this is an accurate portrayal of a quote I may or may not have heard once, it did get me thinking, mainly about the status of society and where we are at right now with it.

Now first off, people and persons can be smart, they can be stupid, they can be ignorant, they can be evil, they can be angelic.  All the spectrum of behavior a person, and thus a people, can be. Wrapped up in society.

But in the end, I think, I am going to have to go with ‘the people’ being smarter than just anyone person.  The founders thought so despite them being big on the individual, it was still ‘we the people’ our government, and not a government of the one or the few.

So where does this leave us?

People, as a whole, are more smarter than a person can be.  For very obvious reasons too I think, history is repeat with examples of people coming together forming groups, and opposing evil, or occasionally furthering it.  But always being there working to a goal that the group can all agree upon.

But in the end it goes back to the checks and balances inherent in our constitution, and inherent in our capitalist systems,and inherent in our way of life.

Simply that you can have the most evil most greedy most ignorant person in the world, but that does not matter because he is checked by all the others around him.  People do not have to be good or evil, and sadly they can be more often evil then good.

But in the end I put a faith in the individual, to check the evils of others, and to make smart educated decisions.  That is why society ultimately errs on good, because of what the people want.  If we want something stopped, or are ready for it to be stopped.  It will be.  People are not a stupid bunch of farm animals, who cannot make decisions, we do have value.  Checking through a process of rigid competition the more evil desires on the part of businesses, and of governments.

At least that is the way it works in theory.  And human nature does not always comply with this.

So then why the rise of evil and corruption in the world and in the government?

Two things:

First of all people are ‘lazy’ when it comes to organizing, and getting together to actually effect change, or we have been in the past.

Second of all is much more severe.  The individual has had a campaign wailing against it for the last long time, that we do not matter, that we do not have value.

For the last little while now we have had an almost constant erosion of the value of the individual, from schools, from mass media, and from other sectors of our lives that are bombarded upon us daily.  Things that have told us, through other historical examples, that humanity is worthless, that we cannot do anything, that we are not a good species.  Which is an attack on our humanity itself, people telling us our humanity is evil and rotten, and we need it to be fixed by….

The power of the Government.

Because if you treat people like idiots, and like they are worthless, you will get that out in return.  I prefer to increase the value of the individual, that we all have value, and that we all are worth something.  If you teach the individual that, it could be a very good thing.

And while government has to become the supreme arbiter of taking care of the individual, it must diminish one place where humanity has always looked to for guidance.  Religion, and rules on the divine, things that…if used right, have strengthened the individual.

But regardless, the only thing that can keep our society going the way it has been, is the strength of the individual.  And then, as a group, coming together and acting in our own self interests, all of own self interests, and checking all the other groups that might want to take power over all of our lives.



  1. nice….:-)

  2. to (badly paraphrase) all that is required for evil to win, is that good men( & women) do nothing! well stated. 🙂

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