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As many of you probably know right now a group of terrorists are being tried in NY for crimes relating to the September 11 terrorist attacks on New York City, and Washington DC.

Now, to the best of my knowledge  they confessed, they were proud to do it, they have fully admitted that they are guilty of all charges, in previous military tribunals.  So…what is the point of this?

George W. Bush said once:

“Any government that supports, protects or harbours terrorists is complicit in the murder of the innocent and equally guilty of terrorist crimes.”

Now…I hate to go in this direction, believe me I do, I was hesitant to actually write this blog.  But…what else are we doing? We are giving equal rights guaranteed under our US Constitution to non US citizens AND to people whose only goal is to wipe us off the face of the map.  And they are unrepentant in what they have done to us in the past.

Not to mention the  money and resources in terms of lives and material that will be spent on this, the security, the danger that will be forced on the city of New York as this trail is going on…that should not even be happening in the first place.  A trial that is so unneccessary because they have already been convicted, or should have based on their own admissions, and they were already in a prison, far away from mainland United States, were the harm they could have done is minimal.

While if the administration wanted to do this in the future, I understand…I will disagree with you, but I understand.  If you, as the administration, wants to change the direction of the country, break with the politics of the past.  Then do it for the future, do not drag out these people who should either be in jail or be meeting their God right now.  That is almost unbelievably insane.

And if you want to go through the whole process it is also irresponsible when your AG says that this case should be a slam dunk, if it is such a slam dunk, then why are they more or less ‘free.’   The fact is justice should have been handed out to the terrorists a long time ago.

Then you have the US Navy SEALS that are being tried for ‘roughing up a terrorist’ the same terrorist that had already butchered Blackwater agents, and hung them up from a bridge.  Now he says that he was roughed up, but that is far from certain.  We are basically taking the word of a terrorist, over that of our United States special forces.  For giving a split lip to a guy, who probably deserved it.  These are terrorists we are talking about.   This is a war, we need to fight that war.

And the SEALs in question were going to be tried, and dealt with behind the scenes, in the shadows, where no one would no about it except for them, they requested the court-martial, and here we are.

Just for doing their job.

The truth must be known, if they really did rough him up, then we should know that, just in the interests of who did what and what happened.

But it is pretty amazing to me, we are trusting the word of a terrorist over that of US soldiers…the world…and then at almost the same time giving aid and comfort, and a trial, to men who should probably be saying hi to Allah right now.



  1. I personally wonder what Washington’s true motivations are for putting on such a trial for the terrorists. In war, you don’t have a trial for every enemy combatant you capture. Such an undertaking would be ridiculous. Near the end of World War II for example, the Allies dealt with literally thousands of enemy combatants surrendering in droves all across Germany. At one point, over 300,000 German soldiers surrendered themselves over to Allied hands in the course of one hour. Were there trials for each one of them?

    In war, enemy combatants are usually killed outright in the field of battle or end up in a military prison. MILITARY prison being the operative phrase in this case. In the case of World War II, Germany was put under the direct control of people like General Taylor to oversee the rebuilding process and the occupying army. The enemy combatants were demilitarized and put back into the general population with the provision that the German population wouldn’t be allowed to rise up against the Allies and that the Allied occupational army would have nearly unilateral power in dispensing local justice.

    If this is indeed a slam dunk, I think putting on a show trial would be a greater detriment. Our legal system is already rife with cases for our own people. Unless the people in Washington have an ulterior motive for holding such a trial, having one at all in nonsensical. If they to have a trial, a military tribunal is the correct forum and venue, not a criminal trial in a civilian court. I am frankly very suspicious of the people in Washington who wants such trials to move forward.

  2. indeed…..enemy combatants in a war are ALWAYS under the jurisdiction of military tribunals for just that reason……preserving the safety and security of the nation that the military is charged with protecting

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