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I think that a scene from the movie Gettysburg deals with all the issues that I wish to discuss with this blog, and I feel that it makes a point:

Now these…officers…were making a point.  About their rights as states.  In the general terms I cannot help but agree with that point.  This was a tragic time for the federal government, and the states should have had the right to have more local control over their lives, and dare I say it, property.

But this whole issue represented a giant hypocrisy on the part of these men.  That it was their ‘right’ to keep men slaved, so that they could live free, and do what ever they pleased, and so they could fight for those freedoms while, for the most part, denying it to others.

Which is again comes up in another, more current debate.  I am talking about the debate between pro-life, and pro-choice.

I really ‘hate’ to bring Ronald Regan into this, but he probably summarizes this debate better than I ever could:

“I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.”

Because despite all the hoopla, despite the greater crux on ‘what a woman can do with her body’ is one simple decision.  We, by taking that choice, are denying the choice of the most basic and important of all concepts.  We are denying them the choice to life, without that, none of us would be here to have this debate.  And no one takes opinion polls or asks the young one, do you want to live? Does your voice matter to you?

We take the ultimate choice in this matter, literally life and death.  To deny life to something that…has not had the choice in the matter, and cannot have the choice in the matter.  We are denying potential life from forming, and with that potential life could become whatever they want, to do whatever they want, to have the chance to climb out of poverty and live a good life.

But we deny it to them.  When we as a people are supposed to hold as the most inalienable rights of ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.’

I am all for choice, but playing around with potential, or real human life, is too much of a price for me.  And it is hypocritical, because in the extreme this life is completely and totally innocent, it has done nothing, and is not guilty of a single thing, maybe the only time in a human’s life when it is not.

To live, and to make these choices, that is the only reason worth living, and that is why human life is sacred and special.  And that is why it must be protected, at all costs.

And also, I do want too….’briefly’ go into the Harry Reid comments about the GOP and slavery, and the civil rights.

Where he blamed us for slowing down the process, and obstructing it and denying the people their rights (or at least that was the implication.)

Now forgive me for being radical…but it should be slow.

With slowness comes relative ‘perfection’ or at least you are going to get it more right, and we the people will have a better chance to digest and assimilate what you are trying to force down our throats.

This is a lesson in history, no matter what you are doing, you need to take time to consider it.  To go and pause and not rush in a blind inconsiderate panic.

And that is the lesson in history, all of history.

It took four years to fight the civil war.

Six to fight the Revolution.

Then another 18 to consider and to form an appropriate government for the people of the United States.

It took seven to fight world war two…and four to fight world war one.

Now…there could be taking too much time…but usually if you are genuinely trying to get it right, then it will only work out.

Time usually make things right.

And clearly the founders thought so, because they invented three branches of government, constantly checking, and balancing, and conflicting with each other to make the process slow.  To make sure they got it right.  And to ensure that the government would never conspire against the people.

Mr. Reid, you take all the time you want, because if you continue with this kind of irresponsibility, then we are coming for your job, and we will be giving it to someone more deserving then you are.



  1. nice…..and you should also read “The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Civil War”… that book is the contention that without the civil war the South would’ve still abolished slavery peacefully when the nation industrialized….which it would’ve had to do in order to keep pace with the rest of the world

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with the abortion part of the blog. As to the second portion…

    Harry Reid’s comments may have been referencing civil rights but to make these issues somehow tied to healthcare is a specious analogy. I personally believe the issue is not a question how long such healthcare “rights” should take to go into effect. Rather, the public needs to carefully analyze the healthcare bill to see if we are ACTUALLY getting “rights” at all. The public needs to carefully weigh whether or not the government is using a euphemism of “rights” to rake in revenue for a healthcare system that will likely NOT be better than what we have now.

    The only thing I agree with Harry Reid is that slavery is wrong and it took too long to correct it. But we’re not talking about slavery, Mr. Reid. Specious analogies and strong-arming the public smacks of hidden agendas.

  3. Nice point about the abortion part of your blog. I agree…you are essentially removing the rights of the unborn child before they have a voice and that is unconscionable.

    As to the “Time usually makes things Right” comment this doesn’t always hold true….there are many times when government gets caught up in gridlock and stifles the process only to delay very important issues that are difficult to address and IMO this is what has caused the problem with the Health care issue. It has been pushed to the side for so many years that it has grown into a giant monster and now it is almost impossible to get a handle on it because it has grown so out of control on so many levels.

    And Mr. Foley you didn’t change the last line of the your blog to reflect that suggested correction I gave you….. regarding: then = than!! 😛 😛 😛

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