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This is probably one of the biggest, and most obvious, lessons throughout history and philosophy.  It is much easier to destroy then it is to create something.

Other then being a great bit of philosophy, it also helps to explain two facets of the modern political debate.  The issue between Socialism, and wage disparities between certain classes of people within nations, and then from nation to nation.

What does one have to do with the other?

Simply the means in which a nation and its society distributes its wealth, and how active a roll that the government plays in the economy.

But in the end this all has to do with it is easier to bring someone else down to someone else’s level, then it is to bring them up to your level.  Whether you are a nation-state, an individual or a certain ethnic class within a country.

Which is in essence the whole thrust behind the socialism and redistribution of wealth.  The government cannot create the wealth, it does not, by its nature provide goods or services.  Only that providing of goods and services and only that process of rigid competition, inventing new products, ideas, and better ways of doing things, only that can produce wealth.  The exchange of these products.

Which a redistribution of wealth is not creation, it is destruction of wealth.  When one group says that another group deserves to take more money, and does so by force, that is simply transferring that wealth from one party to the other.  Money that the first party can no longer use.  Which reduces the amount of money that party has to use, and the incentive he or she has to make any more money then he already has if it is just going to be destroyed for him.

And thus society suffers.

And taken to its logical extreme this means that it is a lot easier to tear down a society, (and start from scratch) then to create a new one.  So much so that most societies are created in some form of violent upheaval or another.  As are transitions from one thought type to the next.

Or to not necessarily create a new one, but to actually reform it to where it is something bigger and better than what has come before.  This is the whole crux of the debate.

In the long run, not only does this explain the philosophy behind redistributing the wealth, but it explains almost everything.  It’s all about collapsing the system.  Whether it is health care, or monetary policy, to the debt and spending.

It is not about genuine reform, which is just a slight tweak of the system here or there, but a complete over haul with the purpose of being something different, or perhaps even creating something new entirely.

I will do my best to expand on this topic in the new year.



  1. Yes interesting and I’ll be looking forward to more on this. People do fear change….and they do tend to resist it. Just like basic physics tells us….an object at rest tends to stay at rest….however an object in motion tends to stay in motion….so to me that is the key to get going and keep in motion about things. Get involved and try and find areas that can be better and fix those…if you “eat the elephant one bite at a time” you will have it devoured before you know it….(meaning true reform will have taken place) but in the process it may not have felt like much progress was being made….because real change occurs incrementally over time. So when faced with an elephant we need not look ahead in despair but take those baby steps in a positive direction that will influence change and in so doing…that movement will perpetuate and propel us toward real reform.

  2. This blog has definitely brought up something I’ve been thinking about for a long time now. I believe we are reaching a critical time in our country’s history. The idea of democracy and capitalism being viable philosophies and systems of government is being challenged. I feel that those who believe in the failure of these philosophies are indeed trying to tear down America’s larger systems of operation rather than reform them. I think they are working under the guise of being “reformers” but are in truth trying to transform America from a democratic and capitalist nation to a socialist state.

    In a time period when there so much moral grey area, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate between a reformer and someone who is fed up and wants to just destroy the system rather than fix it.

  3. Yeah CF what scares me is…just in remembering history in the way that all revolutions take place their can never be or has never been a revolution in history that did not come with blood shed and a civil war/revolt of some kind. Reform/Revolution is always such a tenuous dance and many times it starts out with words and rallies and well meaning demonstrations…but all to frequent it ends with violence and fighting and ultimately many times ends in war. This is what I fear….that we are as a nation facing another possible revolutionary war! *sigh*

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