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Today is that day again, at least for me, Christmas Day in America.

It has honestly not been the best Christmas, the most traditional Christmas, or the most bountiful of Christmas’.  But it is one that I have realized a lot about the holiday as a whole.  Things that I am still struggling to bring into full realization with one another.

It’s a struggle to battle with the greed, and the true meaning of this most noble of holidays.  I did not quite get everything I wanted, but that is OK, because there was a greater gift that came with some of the things I did get, but did not expect.

A gift of camaraderie.  A gift that the ties that I have made, the ties that bind, over the last few years, are so precious and important, and truly magical.  That my friends are my friends, and what they have done for me this year, is to help me through a lot  of what is going on, by being there.  Which is good, it’s really helped me realize that this time of year is about pure magic, the magic of humanity itself.

I also have come to the realization, that Christmas is more about redemption, about giving, about taking a break from all your worries, and forging yourself forward to the new Year.  That with New Years Day coming up all this has to do is with Redemption, starting over, transitioning from one to the next.  And hopefully moving on to a bigger and better life in the new year.

Which is what Christmas represented at the start, that at the beginning it represented a new start for humanity, in the darkest of times.  At least that is what I have gathered from what I have read in scripture, (and any Christian reading this is more than welcome to correct me) that this represented a new and fresh start.

That God had sent us his son to redeem humanity, and give us a second start on life, and to save us from our sins.

No matter what you believe personally, this is what Christmas represents, at least to me.  And it is the though of this day that counts, the idea of it.

So I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, and a fantastic New Year, no matter who or what you are, and what you believe.



  1. Great blog ColFoley!! And I agree…it is about redemption and second chances and realizing that we are not perfect…but fallible and in need of a Savior….who was so generously given to us….to redeem us!. Because ultimately when we die…..and stand before God….once we have the redemptive qualities of Christ wrapped around us….God does not see our sin….he only sees the qualities of Christ. Because like any good lawyer ….he stands before God for us….representing us!! 😉 I don’t know about you….but I would not want to face God someday without this awesome counsel on my side…standing up for me….representing me. So yeah….that is the main reason for this season…and I’m glad there are people like yourself….who are not afraid to speak out about it!! 😉

  2. 🙂

    Merry Christmas, Foley. 🙂

  3. Merry Christmas man! Hit the nail right on the head with the “greater gift” ¶.
    Merry Christmas, happy new year, and God bless.


  4. great blog. I too realized that thte fight against the commercialism of Christmas has been a long one… I recently watched the original (1947) version of Miracle on 34th street and wondered what the writers would think of the level of commercialism today… it’s been 62 years and it seems worse. Then things happened: I saw a neighbor give a ride to a mom and four kids in the snow, I saw a teenage boy load an old couple’s packages in their car in the rain–there still are miracles …on every street. merry Christmas. 😀

  5. Merry Christmas Foley!! 🙂

  6. Not long ago, I was telling my parents that one of the reasons Christmas is an important winter holiday for people (on top of the obvious religious significance) is to give hope to people during a time of year when daylight is literally at its weakest. It’s not something many people think about but the lack of daylight at this time of year does indeed contribute to sorrow and is perhaps unknowingly the cause of much of that sorrow. Being a warm weather person (I like hiking in the desert for crying out loud) I can safely say that winter is NOT my favorite time of the year.

    I’ve heard it said that Christmas time is literally a season of darkness and a season of light simultaneously. The short daylight hours have historically lead to depression, even suicide at this time of year. If Christmas was celebrated at a different time of the year I wonder how much worse this time of year would be for some people. Some Christian historians believe that Jesus was born in early spring rather than in winter. But whether or not this is true isn’t nearly as important to me as what Christmas represents and that it SHOULD be celebrated at this time of year regardless. Why?

    Right near Christmas is the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. As well as celebrating the birth of Christ, I have taken Christmas to mean that the pervasive darkness of winter will start receding, with the light growing stronger day by the day.

    Ultimately though, the spiritual symbolism is the most powerful I think. With Christmas, the constant darkness that may be pervading our lives in one way or another will finally start receding–that *from this moment forward* the Light will start pushing back the darkness. The second chance we’re offered is a solid promise that what lies ahead will be better than the people or things we left behind. Indeed, that is why He was sent into the world.

  7. Interesting comments Cold Fuzz and yes there is much controversy about the actual birth of Jesus. Some believe that he was born in the Fall and some stand by the fact he was indeed born in late December. Their is Biblical and historical data/proof that can go both ways as referenced in this article….
    But it was ultimately the early Catholic Church who officially deemed his birth as December 25th as it was to replace the pagan holiday Saturnalia which was the celebration of a sun god….and as the article mentions this is ironic since Jesus is the Son of God.
    Irregardless of the timing….Having this wonderful light in the cold darkness of winter is a saving grace for so many when sunlight is scarce and cabin fever sets in causing depression. My handicapped child always has increased negative behaviors during the winter months and it has only been recently that he was diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD) which is a proven condition that many individuals get during this time. It is thought that a deficiency of sunlight actually causes hormonal changes in the body which can perpetuate this condition. So is it ironic that this heart warming holiday happens in the dead of winter when so many people need the spark to get them through?? Perhaps we shall never know….????

  8. excellent points. However I also feel that from a particular Christian standpoint his birth (Jesus) is to be celebrated every day of our life by constantly acting out of kindness. This can be hard, and it is for me, but it is the way of the Lord

    In my church we pay little attention to this day for that and other reasons. We in turn look to New Years as a time of redemption and prayer asking God for another chance. However I can appreciate the meaning of Christmas that many have and am saddened by the extent of commercialism it suffers.

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