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As we move ahead onto 2010, I have some end of the year thoughts for you, and some thoughts on the future as well.

I am human, I have flaws and greatness, good and bad, all wrapped in one.  There is no better way to describe it.

I believe in the individual, and in individual greatness for whatever the individual wants.  That the individual will do the best for the individuals volition, and that is how you get ‘good’ that all the individuals doing things to secure and make themselves stronger, the rest will follow.  With regards to morality, and common sense rules that have been given down to us.

But I do not always follow a lot of these simple rules myself, not always.  I do have a lot of problems, some of them that I am still trying to overcome, and will be doing so for a long long time.

The three greatest of them, my three greatest flaws so it would seem anyways are…wine women and song….sorry I had to get that Babylon 5 reference in there at least once.  Which is a reference to another reference.  Anyways I do digress.

My three biggest weaknesses, for various reasons, are my laziness, food, and women.  For various reasons that, I will not quite go into right now, but there they are.

Out of these the most critical is my laziness, because it prevents me from doing a lot of what needs to be done, what I feel in my heart that the country needs.

That I have ambitions, but I do not always have the where withal, or the drive,  to go out and get them.  Not now at least.

This makes a point, one that can take another full blog to write, do be patient.  But in short we all share in our weakness and our greatness, and when one goes and supports one or the other, you get a society on the decline, a society that needs a ‘government’ to save it.  That is the part they are playing in trying to get us, by telling us we are bad, and less than ordinary, so that they can come in and save us.  To save us from ourselves.  I believe the opposite, while acknowledging our complexity.

Which is apart of the greatness that I believe America was, that America was founded upon.

Sure other Countries may have their great things.  The French have the wine and the romantic language.

The English have the history, and the literary talent, some of the best entertainment in the world.

And the Arab countries may have their legacy to Math and Arithmetic and Algebra.

So then what does the United States have?  We have the greatest governmental system in the world.  Still in need of change, but that is why we are the greatest country in the world. Because we have a government based on individualism, based on achievement, based on that the people are superior, and that everyone is equal.  This simple idea is what sets us apart for a good deal of human history.  Based on the rights of We the People, not We the Government.

That we are standing on the shoulders of giants, that we took the  best of ideas, and made them into our own, of freedom, of Republicanism (the ideal of the government)

Because in the end, historically, the founding fathers are the only group, the only group, that I can say that I admire as a group.  Because in many ways they were a reflection.

Sure a lot of them had their problems, some of them I disagree with, but together they came and forged a couple of documents that would become a blue print for a nation.

It almost belittles their success by simply relegating it to a few simple words in a blog, but that is what they did, that their documents would become the basis, the blue print, creating a new nation. For a nation based on the principles that they espoused, that they all came together and wrote about, and finalized, and together they created a government, of, for, and by the people.

Because this is to me what they left us, their legacy, that they handed down to us through the ages.  This legacy that sometimes looks as though it is passing us through the fingers, because that is what many people are going through.

But, I think we as a people, as a society, have one obligation, just one.  And this is coming from someone who believes in individual freedom. We have just this one obligation.

To hand down this legacy that we have been given to the next generation.  We must constantly ask ourselves if we are making the world better, and freer then we left it.  To me these questions are one and the same, because it is about freedom, it is about rather dieing then living another day in bondage.   We must ask ourselves these questions, whether our kids will have the same freedoms that we have.

Whether it is from government intrusion, a debt, or international organizations.

It is this simple rule, that above all others, that I do try to live my life by.  And this is a question that we must ask ourselves.  Because our freedoms and our founding documents, and our society, if we fail to live by them in regards to one another, then we will lose them.

We will fail, we cannot be the same society we are today without them, we will transform if we live any other way.



  1. nice…:-)

  2. Great Blog As Always Fols!! And I will refrain from saying “GO HAWKS” Here!! *snort* Sorry!! 😀 😀 I’m done really I am!! Now as for the blog…. I loved it but what is this about Food and Women?? You didn’t touch on those!! I need another blog now!! 😛

  3. I could write a great deal about every topic touched upon in the blog but I’ll truncate it to something that will touch upon them all simultaneously:

    If you desire to create real, lasting change in the world or in others, you must have the ability to create true and lasting change in yourself first. Without this, you’ll find success to be incredibly elusive, perhaps never to be found. You needn’t wait a “long, long time” to start overcoming the things that are holding you back. There is only one person who decides when that time will come: YOU.

    How do I know this? Experience. 😉

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