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As 2009 came to a close with the End of Time and the Doctor regenerating again, and beginning anew, it sort of was reminiscent of what is happening in the world.  The World is regenerating, the metamorphosis is complete, through Christmas and New Years was a time of rebirth, reflection, gathering and huddling in the light waiting for a brand new day.

And that new day is here.

And so begins, I believe, I hope anyways, the decade that will change the world.  New Century, (well ok that was last decade), new decade, new year, it’s a time to get on with it.  Because we cannot last for long at the rate things are going, we are going to have to change things.

And I will do my part, I will do my part to bring this to fruition.

Now I cannot predict the future, I do not even know what is going to happen tomorrow, or the end of this week, or…well you get the idea.  I cannot tell what is going to happen.  I also have never been good at this New Years resolution stuff.

But what I can do, is do my best, more than my best, because that is what it is going to take to make it as a people to the year 2020.

I will bring you blogs (just a start) from Jackie Robinson today, to government power and manipulation, to I will try to bring you the news of the day.  Actual commentary on the news of the day instead of my insane blogging rants, this is what I must do anyways, this is the least I can do.  As well as get podcasts started, websites, as Glenn says…I have a lot planned for this year.

I hope to see you all on the other side, anyone who bothers to comment on these..I still welcome everyone’s comments.

So sit back, dig in, and Allonsy (Allons-y?)

Welcome to 2010.



  1. Great as always!! 😛 I like the part of your bringing the news of the day and commentary about the news…I would really enjoy that!! Maybe incorporating more of your thoughts and comments about the news into your blogs and give links and stuff..that would be awesome!! 🙂 Not that they aren’t already awesome…but they would be awesomer!! 😉

  2. Always good to have a new starting point in life, we get that naturally every January 1. best sishes to you and all you do!

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