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Some things have become clear to me of late as I have debated on various things.  The so-called anatomy of a conspiracy, with two of them of late.  One of them has reality, and one of them there has much debate about its legitimacy.

With this I plan on covering the global warming science controversy, and the birther movement.  I do not intend to pass judgement on either, it is up to you how valid each of them are, but when dealing with this recently it has caused me to think about a lot of things.

Now on one of them it is clear that some sort of conspiracy takes effect, but how deep is it? In regards to climate change and global warming several agencies including the United States Airforce has come out with findings supporting it.

Are we really ready to not trust our own military, the one thing that we can agree on? How insane are the times that we are dealing with where we cannot trust anything.

Because the fundamental problem here is a lack of trust among various parties.  The so-called anatomy of a conspiracy.

In many cases it is a lack of information that leads to a conspiracy.  And there are many people in this country who feel that we are not getting it, which when you have a lack of information you have people jumping to conclusions about the intents, purposes, and filling in the blanks of what they do not know.  And information, honesty, and integrity engender trust.  Lies and a withholding of information does not.

Especially in the case of the government who is taking power and doing things against the people’s will.  Who is creating levels of bureaucracies and are continuing to do things to the people of the United States of America.  Continuing to take power from themselves, with this they cannot be trusted.

And this is the same with global warming.  I think people would be a lot more willing to come to the table and discuss the issue if the government was not so hell-bent on using it as an excuse to show how evil that we as humans are, and that only the government can save us.  That we need more regulation and controls, and we need to share the wealth with other developing countries and then its your way or the high way.

And then we find out that there actually was a conspiracy involved manipulating date.  Pardon me if I am a little skeptical on this.

If they were not so bent on taking dominance and power, most of these things would not be an issue.

The key here is to have an open and honest debate, about anything that is going on.  That is the best way to counter these conspiracies.

And in the meantime, if you believe that there is a conspiracy out there involving our elected officials.  I will leave it up to you, if you think that something does not make sense, whether it is global warming, or a birth certificate, or whether we are engaging in the right policy on health care.  I trust you on your own volition to question with boldness.

Cause if you are right and you can prove it could change everything.



  1. After much discussion with a highly knowledgeable acquaintance of mine, I have this to say about Global Warming:

    Did it ever occur to the Alarmists that we are SUPPOSED to be warming up right now? The Earth is caught up in a 25,600-year cycle of Axial Precession. If this is true (and I’m not 100% convinced that this cycle exists to begin with), this means that we’re on the flip side of the Ice Age almost 12,000 years ago. Logically speaking this mean that in another 12,000 years we’ll be back in another Ice Age due to Axial Precession. So chill out already. 😉

    I think that if Global Warming is a scientific reality, it’s supposed to be happening and certain factions have hijacked a natural scientific phenomenon for their own political agenda. Typical. :/

  2. Ok somebody just needs to pick out 12 world renowed scientists. Put 6 in one room and 6 in another and tell them they can’t come out until they can come up with their own supported theories, in which they all must agree, on whether the global warming trend has any validity or not. But we would probably have a bad remake of…. The 12 Angry Men on our hands!! 😛 😀

    My thing is….just what is the point of a conspiracy anyway?? 😮

  3. Most people are not aware the the American Psychology Association has declared that being a “conspriacy theorist” is a form of OCD (Obsessive-compulsive disorder) and they have meds for that….good ones! =D

    having said that, I remember in the dark ages (1970’s) reading my little Weekly Reader and reading how the Earth was cooling and we were heading into an Ice Age. Simply put- these guys/gals can’t predict the weather accurately 72 hours in advance and we are expected to beleive they can tell us what will happen in 100 years??? yep and if you beleive taht I have a Bridge for sale in Chappaquiddick Massachusetts. 😉

    • It’s funny that you mentioned the theories from the late 70s. I heard much the same thing in the 80s, that we’re headed towards another Ice Age. The Axial Precession theory might seem logical on paper but I’m still not convinced it’s true.

      A pair of Brits have told me that this is their coldest winter in the past 30 years and some people here in the States have said similar things. So much for Global Warming. 😛

  4. We are heading for an Ice Age and only the Russians have it right.

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