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This is almost insane that I should be talking about this , with all the…oh and Glenn Beck is talking about it as I type this…that you have had people talk about this, and Saul Alinsky.  It is…well I should not deal with this.  They have done a marvelous job revealing what is coming down the pike, and asking the question, why are they dealing with, especially in the sense of that this system existed.

But, I think there is something that needs saying, something that could be looked at two different ways, and I will find a way of dealing with way two at a later more convenient date.

But the first one is people, all people, I have not heard one person who has dealt with this in the press: What this country will look like after this plan comes to fruition, how it has collapsed, and what has been built in its place?

Because there is only two ways that this can go.  The right way, and the wrong way.  Now I am sure that there are now a lot of blog readers out there saying that there is a right way to do Cloward and Piven, A that is not really what I mean, and B there is a right way to deal with the situation dealt with after this plan has gone through.

The wrong way though is what our government is doing.  They think that they can control the outcome of what is going on, that they can control the collapse, and what follows it.  That their intention is to create a totally dependent society on them and Socialism of how they think what we should and should not act like.

But you cannot do that, you cannot guarantee that they will control everything and can predict circumstances that will evolve from this.

It’s impossible.

But what is really at stake here is the dark side, and the light side.  Right and Wrong, a healthy lesson, or transforming into something dark and dangerous.

That would be the choice that is before us, literally if we go left or if we go right.  Between darkness and the light.

Because we could transform into something that is dangerous, and is something for the world to fear, or the world to respect because we are part of one big happy global government.

Or we could reform, we could do the hard work, we could get back to principle, and the principles of freedom, hard work, and common decency, that we were founded on and has sparked many a revitalization of the American Dream.

That we can get back to our roots, and start over, and become a good full people again, with our problems, but with so great promise to deal with our problems on our own without government getting in the way.

This is the choice that is before us, right here, now, and in this moment of history.



  1. well said….:-)

  2. OMG yes…. “Forcing change through orchestrated economic crisis” that is certainly looking to be the case. And the scary part is….many feel these extreme leftists actually believe in some twisted way this is good?? 😮 Sounds like a bizarre form of terrorism to me. Lets hope we can get some fair media coverage on this one and soon. Great blog Fols!! 😉

  3. In the early part of the 20th Century, the Germans saw the Great Depression as a failure of not only their own economy but of parliamentary government itself as well. In their economic despair, they found hope in Hitler. In Mein Kampf, he blamed the Weimar Republic for Germany’s woes. His message was not of national reform but rather national reconstruction: The parliamentary system is a failure. The solution is to DESTROY it.

    Over 80 years later, it is now America mired in economic woes. Leftists who have claimed for years that capitalism and democracy have been failures now believe that this is their time to “legitimize” socialism. I wonder what will be their Mein Kampf and who will be their Hitler?

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