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A case has been bought to federal court where two lawyers are representing couples who claim that their constitutional rights are being violated by California Proposition 8.

Marriage is not a right.

But that is hardly the point here, once again this represents something, something that will take blogs to cover, many.  Simply put we are fighting the wrong battle, we should focus our efforts on solving this problem another way.

One that can guarantee freedom because I do not care what you do in your bedroom, or what your deeply held beliefs on the matter are.  But this highlights a failure on our society to find solutions to our problems, now.

As for Harry Reid.

I do not like his comments.

They were certainly racial.

And there is an obvious double standard that exists here between a Democrat and a Republican.

But pointing this out is a dangerous road that we are  on, and unhelpful.

Especially on the part of all Republicans and Conservative commentators, coming out in unison and saying the same thing on this, or nearly so.

At such a crucial moment in this nations history with health care going and everyone having to bring their A game, one hundred percent, getting involved in a he said she said they said finger-pointing contest will not help anyone.  Especially since one day it is likely that the Liberals will find a way to use it against them in the future.

However, that is their right as they are separate and completely different personalities with their own voice and almost no affiliation or obligation to each other.

Finally Scott Brown.

Scott Brown represents a shift in politics.  People are tired and mistrustful of what is going on, and Scott Brown is representative of this fact.  Especially in the regards of the current health care bill that he is raging so much personally against.

I do not dispute that, but there is another angle to this.

It seems in all the, quite aptly named, attack ads run by the Democratic Campaign against Scott Brown, that they are appealing to imagery and just trying to rile up their base convincing them that Brown is evil.

They have shown the images of Republicans in Washington,

Rush Limbaugh,

Right Wing extremists, the tea party movement, that funds Sarah Palin.

And said he is against a woman’s right to choose.

This is the politics of 1984.  That is all I can say of this, all this does is appeal to a base and whip them up into a frenzy so that they fight against what they perceive as a threat.

Using Buzz words to win support of, well people they probably would have anyways.  That is if America really is changing.

They expect these people to represent the face of evil, Emanuel Goldstein to their Big Brother.

Refusing all the while to debate the issues and the facts, and just debate the character.

Though it amused me greatly that when they complained about the right wing extremists, the message was funded by SEIU.

Also, other than the blog I do have something to ask my regular readership.

Distributing these blogs on a day-to-day basis is getting a bit of a hassle for me.  I will still do them if that is what you want.

But I noticed when I was reading Aretoo’s last blog that you can subscribe to e-mail.

So I would like to know, on an individual basis, or by vote, whether you would like me to continue giving you updates, or to go to the e-mail alerts to when I get them.  I would greatly appreciate comments on this in the regular comments on this blog, and I hope to work this out with all of you.




  1. Many on the left side of the political spectrum were hailing Obama’s election as a great victory for their cause. I find it greatly ironic that because of Obama’s healthcare objectives, he has created a new wave of conservatives in the population that want absolutely nothing to do with “ObamaCare.” Scott Brown’s increasing popularity is a direct reflection of this movement.

    A mass email alert would probably be easier for you to implement rather than individual visitor messages on GateWorld. VMs can get tedious if there are many people you want to contact.

  2. YAY For Scott Brown’s win tonight!! 🙂 Hopefully this is the beginning of something truly beautiful!! 😀

    As for the blog links…I do not read email often enough…so I would not want to get email alerts for them pesonally…and my email right now…*runs to check* has 431 messages 😮 and is 78% full!! I cannot bear another subscription alert right now. But if you don’t want to continue giving me the VM’s at GW I will understand. I’ll just have to remember to check here often…. 😛

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