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During the election cycle the big thing about then Senator Obama’s policy was a term known as trickle up economics, the exact opposite of Ronald Regan’s policy of trickle down economics.  The idea that you can ‘give’ money to the poor and that effect will stimulate up throughout the economy.

Now I can write a blog about how idiotic a proposition (and untrue) this is, just like I can produce a blog that can bring out some of the flaws in Reaganomics.  Which is a better system, but we are fighting the wrong battle.

That said, I think the real meaning behind trickle up economics is really the idea of trickle up government.

To put your trust in bigger and better things, more and more, higher and higher.  That cities should rely on States should rely on Countries should rely on internationalism for safety and prosperity.

That when someone gets into trouble you should not got to your own people, oh no, but the next level higher up the ladder all the way to when the federal government get into trouble, they trust other governments for loans.  Governments who we cannot always be sure of their intentions towards us whether they are all that honorable, or if they even have our best interests in heart.

That is not what we should trust, we should really be trusting two things.

The American people.  That when push comes to shove we will be able to figure out what is best for all of us, and that if we work together as a country we can find the simple, clear, and common sense solutions to solve our number of crisis.

And we should trust simplicity.  That the answer is not greater government and more complicated bureaucracies deciding what everyone should do, and what the proper level of ‘sacrifice’ is for the American people.

Nor is it foreign governments, I expect the Chinese government to act in the best interests of the Chinese people, but I do not expect that what they would want would be good for Americans.

That they should not pick a grand plan of how Citizens of the United States should live their lives.  The answer is clear, to the point, simple solutions that will be easy to enact and even easier to understand by the American people.

It all comes down again to trust, big government and elites do not like the ‘uneducated horde’ only other people of their ilk and in their circles.  They do not think that we can live our lives, they do not trust as to live our lives.

And in so doing, well we do not trust them to live our lives either.  Trust in the people, and the rest will take care of itself.



  1. Once upon a time, in a different life, I was involved in academia. In this other “life” I was also a liberal. 😛 But years of experience constantly dealing with academics and their elitism made me switch sides–thank God.

    The backroom politics I’ve been witness to can be summed up like this: Academics in general tend to lean towards the left side of the spectrum. In general, they do not trust in the American people to know what is best for themselves. Academics and the politicians who are allied with them tend to believe that the public in general are like children who don’t know what’s what and are somehow incapable of understanding issues that affect the whole country.

    I have found more truth and sincerity in the “uneducated horde” than with anyone in that previous life. If some of them could see my career choices now, many of them would be disappointed to see me being too “blue collar.”

    Despite my largely negative dealings with the public (that’s the nature of my work), I do think highly of the American people. That’s because in the end, the American people is the body I am tasked to protect and serve.

    If those who believe in big government don’t trust the American people in general to handle our lives, then I think they’ve lost sight of one of the most basic tenets of American government: The government acts in service of the people, not the other way around.

  2. I concur…:-)

  3. True reform of both parties will not come with out us(USA) hitting rock bottom and when there is no money for them to spend. Until then they will just tell us what we want to hear and do what they want. BOTH parties

    • I agree. But the problem is we are already way out of money, we are hundreds of trillions of dollars in the Red according to some sources. If we have not hit rock bottom by running out of money now…then they are not going to get the message.

  4. I have to agree most universities do lean toward the liberal side….and when I attended my University many years ago…taking courses through the Design, Architechture, Art and Planning college….I was hit with a double whammy. Now not only was I this conservative girl…trying to make it on this liberal campus with liberal professors and such….but I was in art school…. oh yes….I was the odd one….:P they stared at me…because I didn’t have green hair, multiple body piercings and didn’t dress in the mismatched hobo look.:O So really I had to internalize alot and there were days I really felt like such an outcast. Now if I hadn’t been so strong in my convictions…I could have very easily been swayed to the liberal side…because that would have been so much easier. But I was not. I only hope the rest of our youth has the same persistance to stand firm to their convictions and principles and don’t allow the majority of the crowd to persuade them. I think if real change is going to happen….it needs to start in the universities….because this is such a vulnerable time for young people to form their values and make life changing decisions.

    • I know exactly how you feel, SQ. When I entered college I was definitely on the liberal side of the spectrum. The more and more I saw of what academic liberalism was like, the more turned off I became. A really big factor in that time period was believing in God, something that some of my classmates just absolutely could NOT stand. Somehow an intelligent man wasn’t supposed to believe in a higher power of some kind.

      The wonderful irony is that by the time I was ready to leave college, I was markedly conservative compared to the rest of the students. And that’s when I faced much of what you went through. I suppose I have my college experience to thank for being a conservative now. 😉

        • squirrely1
        • Posted January 26, 2010 at 7:39 pm
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        It’s funny you mention the God thing…because this too was a sticking point with me at the University level. I felt so many times that people at this age….wanted to experiment with different religions and try out different things….”the religion of the day” And so many times you were seen as old fashioned or weak….or a puppet on a string if you were a Christian. Because that just wasn’t seen as “progressive enough”. So I found myself hiding my Christianity….which is sooo wrong to do…but I just felt at the time that was easier….than to succumb to the peer pressure. I did for a time fall away and “experiement” with other religions…but it was a horrible time for me…and I don’t have enough space here to tell the stories associated with what dramatic events happened to me…that brought me back around. So I will never quit believing that God will always leave the 99 to find the one….and you’re the one!! I will never forget that….if you are lost… He will find you!! 😉

  5. Nice blog…

  6. Nicely done, and I have a response for you

    Oh, and there are more conservative/libertarians in universities than you think…

    Either way, Liberalism is something you grow out off, One of my reasons for leaving that camp was my very liberal History professor…I told him and we both had a good laugh. I here that he is not preaching as much when he teaches 😛

    • heh, interesting thoughts.

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