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Progressives have a huge problem, at least the ones in our government and the people who support their agenda.  It is a problem about power and the acquisition of it.

It’s primary focus is against the ‘grass roots’ movement of Progressivism, the ground troops, the members of the elite and the Media who want to bring about this change through government, and they are so close to achieving it that they feel that they can feel it.

No matter what anyone else says.

But there is something that the politician knows, the members of our government know, about the situation that is beginning to take shape.

In basic we are at the tipping point, but we have not tipped there yet.

They know that this is still basically the beginning, that they need to not make too many people mad and maintain power until they are fully ready to transform this country.

But yet the ground troops cannot accept that, and they are anxious, and waiting for the government to take ultimate power to help the people.  But many people do not share that opinion.

So, the politicians have promised to go forward with their plans, but they are still trying to please…everyone.

Because not only is it about the grand try to bring about Progressive change and transform the United States, but it is also about their own power.

Because they know that there is no guarantee that any replacement in this political climate will be there and step in line.

And they also think that they are the only ones that can lead us in this future, that it is their way, and no other.

Meanwhile no one understands the resistance to this either.  The Republicans cannot stop this, and no one of our ‘side’ can do it either.  This was their time to shine.  And this frustrates them, they had the greatest chance in 40 years to see this agenda happen, and it’s not being done.

Because of power, and because of the struggles that are going on.

But in the end they know that if they pass healthcare it will be such a victory as to make sure progressive change for the next generation of big government people.  And that is why they are willing to sacrifice their own power to see this passed.

Especially considering there is some other federal job out there waiting for them when they do get thrown out of congress.



  1. I seriously could not help but snicker when President Obama had this to say in his State of the Union address; “And it is precisely to relieve the burden on middle-class families that we still need health insurance reform.

    Now let’s be clear – I did not choose to tackle this issue to get some legislative victory under my belt. And by now it should be fairly obvious that I didn’t take on health care because it was good politics.” ….or did you Mr. President? I mean he even had to stop and laugh a bit here. The whole thing is ridiculous and he knows it….The Senate Knows it…..the House knows it……everyone knows it! He is really set on doing whatever it takes to pass this thing to say…..Look at what my administration has done…that all the other previous admins only could dream about. I have no doubt in my mind that is why he is tackling this issue…. and the smug look on his face and his cracked smile….really proves this…that even though it is so out of control this notion of universal Health care or whatever you want to call it….it is really his pride on the line….his prized trophy if you will…that he so desperately wants to achieve. *eye roll* More power to you Mr. President…. Good luck with that! 😛

  2. One aspect of Progressives and their allies I find greatly amusing is that they’ve greatly underestimated the intelligence of the American people. I believe Scott Brown’s election was evidence of this. Some took for granted that “Ted Kennedy’s seat” was somehow going to another liberal. Now look at how much political pie was thrown at certain people’s faces. I think these same people have overlooked certain truths which should have been self-evident:

    * America is not a socialist nation.
    * The American people do not have any interest in becoming a socialist nation.
    * The American people are more intelligent than its government gives it credit for.

    • But (Marcia) Coakley was such an idiot and a moron. Brown may not be the shining knight, and could very easily be a progressive. Yes, lets celebrate his victory while it lasts, but we must constantly keep his buns to the fire when things are rough. We must watch him like a dog. But…you are right that this is evidence that people are not going to trust the rank and file anymore.

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