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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Awhile back I wrote a blog about Cloward and Piven, and then went into one of two different angles on their strategy.  I said I would discuss the other one at a later date, when I felt comfortable.

With Joe Stack ramming his plane into an IRS building, I feel that this is the time.

Now, the Cloward and Piven theory was that if you put as many crises into the system as possible, then you can collapse the system, and then transform it.

As I have indicated this can really only lead in two basic concepts, a freer society, or one that is more enslaved.

This also works for the individual, but it is simpler than that.

The choice for the individual is between good and evil.  Between hard work and giving into your passions.

Now in Star Wars fear is the path to the dark side.  Fear leads to anger, which leads to hate which leads to suffering.

That is the choice that we as individuals must face.

Now this choice comes about through a vast number of circumstances.

But it is usually the loss of a job, the loss of a paycheck, losing food, control over your life.  This causes fear, this causes a sense of loss, and a sense of where do I turn?

For all people the ‘bottom’ is lower than any other persons, that sense of hopelessness.

That sense of collapse.

At that moment we all have a choice.

The choice can be to give into your fear, to let it consume you, which then causes you to get paranoid, mistrustful, and bitter, angry even.

That it is someone else’s fault, it is not my fault, its society is to blame, not me.  Never me.

Then to hate.

That I must do something about it, they deserve it, and after all for anything to change I have to make a body count.  After all that is the only way to change.

Now despite this fear is a healthy emotion.  It can lead you to do great things.

But if you let it consume you, then you might see the situation above come to pass.

Instead you need to forge it into a tool, to use it, and get off your butt.  Maybe you have fallen and maybe you have collapsed but that is not the end of the world.

You can still get up and do something, that the sense of fear and impending disaster hopefully leads you to greater things, and does not consume you, bringing suffering on the people around us.

That is the choice that we as individuals face playing out our own scenarios of success, and failure.

When we give in, it ripples out, our lives effect other people’s maybe even sets an example for others? An example for them to follow, hey they are just like me, maybe if I do kill, things will change? My life is over anyways. It can ripple out into society.

And that is the choice, because the choice that we make for ourselves as people, will affect the choice that we make as a people.

Are we be willing to pick ourselves up and do the hard work? Or will we give into our fear, and our sense of entitlement?

This week I discovered, through the Glenn Beck program, a new movement.  A movement that has the name of a generation.  Specifically the generation leading up to the millennium.

Its called: Generation We.

Now I cannot call myself a member of this movement since I do not support many of it’s  objectives, and a lot of the language.

I am a conservative and a libertarian and cannot consider myself a part of this movement.

However, certain aspects of it require praise, while others deserve my condemnation.

Now in the end I do not care what your issues are.  If you care about the environment and think we are heading for an environmental catastrophe, then all the more power to you.

Go out and invent something clean and efficient that we can all use, and there will be a market for it.

And getting the debt down, restoring America and the American dream, these are noble causes and should be explored to the fullest extent.

But it cannot be a us versus them battle, let us all work together, as Americans, to solve the problems that we face.

And there are right ways and wrong ways of attempting to solve these problems.  If we go in the wrong direction then we will create larger problems than what we have ‘inherited’.

We cannot keep on doing what past generations have done and keep on handing control over to people whose only interest is their own power.

We cannot keep on doing what humanity does during countless generations and revolutions in the past.  We cannot keep on handing power over to people with little difference then the ones they are replacing promising us one thing, and delivering something different than what they have promised.

Just using any crisis to gain more power.

And we cannot take control for ourselves.  We cannot take control over the political landscape and seize power.  That is not the way out.

We cannot allow ourselves to think that taking control is our birthright, that we deserve it, that we are entitled because of what we think we have inherited from previous generations.

We must take responsibility for ourselves, our fortunes, and our lives before we can help anyone else.

Even if we could seize power, we should not.

I do not want that kind of power.

But for us to continue on our path, if we really want to make lasting change for the future, if we as a people want to continue to exist and solve our problems, then we must answer some questions.

And let me say, that Progressivism is not the answer, going back to our founding principles is.

We must decide what we want.

Do we give solutions based in freedom, or oppression?

Do we have financial well-being, or spend  money on everything expedient?   Can we have  our cake and eat it too?

Do we demand what we are ‘owed’ because we have suffered and we have inherited a ‘declining’ society, or do we come together with freedom in mind, ready and willing to do the hard work before us?

Do we fight tooth and nail for what we believe in, for what we believe to be right under the principles of this nations founding, and under the belief in hard work, or do we give in and let other masters tell us what we can and cannot do?

And in light of the events in Texas this past week, in light of everything about Joe Stack and his manifesto:

Do we give into our emotions, do we fall?

Do we say we are owed it, and we are entitled to certain things and we MUST have them?

Do we give into our hate, and decide the only way to solve our problems is with a body count?

Can we find a better way,  can we let go of the things we feel we are entitled to?

Can we begin to strive to repair this great nation peacefully, with respect and solidarity?

Can we fight for the rights of freedom for all, and not just our selfish interests and power?

Can we join the great philosophers of the past, like Gandhi and Martin Luther King and Jesus to say, no matter the challenges we face, we can overcome, for this is what we believe?

Can we respect everyone’s belief system, while clearly articulating and living up to our own?

Do we continue to sacrifice our future generations financial stability, and way of life on the altar of political expediency, or do we rise up as americans in one voice and say, enough is enough?

These are only a few of the questions that I believe we must answer.  For this generation, and generations yet to come.

Because our answers to  these questions, and all of the other questions facing us, will determine the fate of generations yet to come.

The choices that we make now, between liberty and tyranny, between prosperity and debt, between freedom and death,  will resonate, far into the future.

As our history,  our mistakes, and our greatness affect our lives today, we need answers to these and other questions as they come up. For if we are to continue as a free people we can no longer to be silent.

And when people look back from a hundred years in the future, we want them to be grateful, grateful that we held the line and kept this country prosperous and free.

There are two forms of really radical tyrannical governments that have shown up throughout human history.

The first one is a more conservative one.  Having nothing to do with the conservatism that I am proudly a part of.  Instead it is a radical, big government conservatism whose objective is to constantly maintain the ‘status quo.’

To use their power for their own ends, needs, and continuing to gain more power, or to maintain their power over the people.

And there are the Progressives tyrannical government.

And this is the one that this blog will be talking about.

This is not a new thing, it has been happening throughout much of the course of human history.

Through the rise of empires, kingdoms, and revolutions.

One group usually is trying to keep its power no matter the cost, and then the peasantry comes along and over throws that government and replaces it with one that is usually just as bad.

The peasants want their change, dammit, and they are willing to give that power to almost anyone just because it is ‘different’ then what came before.

That brings us to today, and what is going on in governments throughout the world.  Remember this struggle is in its latest incarnation.

The progressives of today instead of simply fighting for their rights over the evil king that is keeping them down, they are fighting for their ‘rights’, and all the other people’s rights around the world, then wonder why everyone else does not see the wisdom of their logic.

That if we do not agree with their vision of human rights, we are stupid, wrong, maybe even genetically defective? But at the least backwards and a threat to society.

That the government, in this incarnation of the ideology, is the holder and decider of our rights.  That they think they know what is right and wrong for the people that they represent.

And that the government is an agent of change.

That if there are ‘dissenters’, then they do not matter because they will force their idea of freedom down on us.

You cannot do this, you cannot force freedom or your ideas of freedom on anyone.

Only the people can, and when a majority of people are ready to accept a change, then either through policy or economically it will happen.

However, this could lead to the tyranny of the majority.

So that leaves the only option that people to take is to give people the most controls, and the least government control or interference in our lives.

To have the option to live your life and associate with whoever you wish without interference, as long as it is legal and you are not violating someone else’s freedom.

That even if there is one person that disagrees with the other Three Hundred Million, then that’s alright, his freedoms deserve protecting as much as yours do.

And in the end all Progressive governments are destined to become Evil Conservative tyrannies in the end.

Over the last week or so in the news Arizona has been talking about the need for new taxes.  Taxes on food and even on cigarettes.

Now according to information I have read on the Conservatives R Us social group indicates that other states are considering doing this, some through the legislature and some through the people’s decision.  Through the vote.

Now to the big government crowd this is a win-win situation.  They are gaining revenue in a deep recession and with crushing deficits, and they are protecting people and kids from the evil effects of what they consider bad for you.

That x percent of teenagers, are smoking in school and that is bad.  That we are the government and we are here to protect you and discourage you from your vile ways!

The chosen method in this case is the sin tax.  Taxing certain products to discourage their use.

Now this brings up two issues with the sin tax.

First of all is the nature of taxation itself.

The purpose of taxation is to raise revenue for the government, nothing more, and nothing less.

It is not, nor should it be, a societal pit bull.  Nudging people to do things that they may not want to do.

That if the product is a danger then give the people warning of those dangers.

That whether you are regulating cigarettes, or food, or anything else that they think that is ‘bad’ for you and your health.  This cannot work.

Because certain people will always find other ways to obtain the product if they are really desperate for the product.  No matter the means.

Now, the radical libertarian in me thinks much along these same lines.  That just because the government is taxing these goods in this way to try to adjust my behavior I am likely to go out and do it to stick it to the man.

But, I will not do criminal actions.  I also do not like to smoke so that’s out.

But that is part of the point.  If you try to change someones behavior they will just find a way around it, and the people who will be hurt by the taxes are law-abiding citizens who like to do the legal and right thing.

Secondly, the idea of the Sin Tax is contradictory, as it relies on one rule.

That to continue the tax  you need a constant stream of the behavior and spending on those products to continue the tax and continue to gain revenue from it.

Now this would be a good policy if the tax was specifically designed for short-term benefit.  But, in the current climate we cannot trust the officials of any of our governments to get rid of the taxes at the proper time.

The only solution I can see is to tax everyone, no matter the product, equally, and to trust the people to find their own solutions.

Over the past year…really over the past eight…there has been a growing feeling of unease and discontent with our ruling political elites, and most people believe that change is needed,  no matter who you talk with, no matter what their political stripes.

I think it is time to do something about this.  Because I for one am sick of not doing anything about it.  This blog was step one, and I still believe a good step that I will continue.

But now it seems as though this is no longer enough.

I think in the end what is required is to form a group.  it will be open to anyone who wants to join.

Because I cannot change anything by myself, no man can.

For my generation and future generations.  That we can no longer afford to let the world pass us by.

I invite and urge anyone to join me in this, anyone who has a concern about the future because of what our government and what our power elites are doing to us now.

That we need to think outside of the box to find the right solution.

To this end, on my fiftieth blog posting on WordPress, I am announcing the creation of a political group.

Its name; the game changers.

While this group is tailored especially for the younger generation, and while I consider myself a Conservative, this group is still open to all people from all political stripes and all countries, and all ages to join. Because while this is an American group, and American problems, people from all countries may have similar concerns.

Its goals will be two-fold:

For those of us who are conservative to find ways of explaining our beliefs and our positions and trying to battle the templates and clichés of what the big government elites claim we are.

And for those of us who are not conservative to approach with an open mind, and maybe learn something about a different perspective.

To try to change the debate and make it about issues, and not one’s templates of individuals.

Secondly, its purpose is to debate.  Any issue, any thing, any topic.

If you want a place where you can debate fellow Conservatives or Interested Parties, this will be the place for you.

As long as you approach it with a willingness to learn, and to approach every debate in a civil way.

To find the solutions to our common problems, and find ways to enact these solutions.

Solutions rooted in the Constitution, the American way, and above all freedom.

Awhile ago, before the Christmas holiday, Glenn Beck did a special with  authors about heroes, heroism and modern heroes.  I have meant to write on the subject for a while…which likely means I have forgotten most of my points.

But yet this remains an important issue, so here goes.

Now in the end a lot of the people I admire are fictional characters, or celebrities…warts and all.  People who I can relate with from a moral level, or in the real world equivalent, people who I can admire and say “well if they can do it why can’t I?”

But the point is that Heroism is a deeply personal and retrospective thing for you, who and what you admire, and the morals and lessons that you take away from them.  Learning what you will from what they could teach you.

Now taking in mind there is a lot of things about heroes that need considering when discussing the topic at hand.

Heroism has everything to do with perception.  It’s not so much a matter of what people do, but a matter of what you catch them doing and what you know about them.  If what they do sounds heroic to you, then they are a hero to you.

For example for most people in the political debate of today like to call themselves liberals and progressives.

They are for helping the little people, giving them money, protecting them from the big evil rich people up the chain of command.

That they are for the rights of the oppressed.

This is the liberal progressive perception that truthfully exists in many people.

But when in fact some of these things do not match with reality then it is up to the person to reconcile the difference.

Because ideals are always bigger then the people who we find them in.

That we are human, and we all have warts and flaws and we make mistakes.  And it’s up to the person to feel how that effects their feelings towards the real world person that you consider a hero.

And if you do learn something that conflicts with your moral perceptions that this hero has done, then its up to you to take the ideals that you have learned to that hero and then instantly take them off the list.

Heroes are important for the moral and ethical lessons they teach us.  Which is why it is easy to hero-worship for fictional characters and the heroes on Television because its pretty safe to say they will not let you down.

The whole mess with Tiger Woods last year is a perfect example of this.  If you think that he is a good man, someone to admire, and be a hero to you, because he is an upstanding and moral person, then you have to take a good long look at this given what he has done.

And willing to criticize any hero regardless of race, gender, politics, or affiliation to you.  Or former status as hero.

A point came up when I was watching the State of the Union Speech, in the aftermath of State of the Union Speech which I  could not make then because I heard that part of the speech wrong.

But, I still think that it is an interesting topic to broach.

And so here we are.  To talk about the comparison between health care (keep in mind insurance here) and education.

Now the big liberal, progressive, and Democrats say that the health care will give you more options, more choices, and to save you from the evil insurance companies that give you none of these.

That if you like your current plan you can keep your doctor, but if you do not here is this government plan that will make it easier for you to get insurance.

Now taking this at face value for the purposes of this debate, this brings up the issue on education.

Simply put if it is good enough for our Health Insurance, why is that same simplicity not good enough for our education?  Especially in the case of higher education.

That with government taking away school vouchers for private education, that they could take over the student loan industry, and that they could potentially pass more laws to make education more centralized in the public school system.

And that certain schools are teaching selective parts of history in an effort to hide the truth.

This does not increase choice, it takes them away.

Education is so important to us, just as important as our health care or most of the other things in our society.

And so is the freedom to choose what education that you as a parent and caregiver that you think is best for your charges.

Especially if a caller on the Glenn Beck program is right that daycare might become unionized and controlled by the government to ‘teach’ kids up to preschool, especially if greater and better controls might become placed on Public Schools, and especially if the government will have control of the loans programs for colleges, which are already a left leaning organ in the first place.  So statistics tell us.

At this point a lot of this remains supposition.

But the question is a necessary one, what if, especially in light of what the government has already done with vouchers and loans, and what they continue to do, and the images we have seen out of elementary schools and such saying the praises of specific politicians.

But, all I can say on that is we awareness, and we have to continue to question.

Because if what they say is true about health care, how we MUST have choices, and then if they are taking away choices in the School domain, then what is the disconnect here?

Choices and our freedoms are the only things that we have to err on the side of, to err on the side of caution, of hope, and of freedom.

And if our elected leaders fail to do this in one area and then extend those benefits in another then we must find the truth of it, and ask ourselves if it is not good enough for education then what if it’s not good enough for health care?

I was watching a propaganda movie on the US Army Air Corp entitled “Air Force.” from 1943.  At the end of it a quote came up, I think the last part of it bears particular interest for me, and got me thinking:

“Have fought, are fighting not, and will continue to fight until peace has been won.”

No one talks like this anymore, at least none of our politicians.

Now granted this is a war film, and a propaganda film to boot.  But doesn’t that bring up another good point?

We cannot even do our propaganda movies right today anymore!

But the quote brings to light something that I think we are missing.

Sure war is immoral, killing your fellow-man is immoral, and there are only a few reasons where the just killing of a human is necessary.

And only in protection.

To protect your freedoms and to protect your life, both of which are precious and vital.  To you.

Even then killing or maiming is a terrible choice.

There is nothing good about war, except its end.

This quote captures the entire essence of that simple rule to follow.

That the only reason a free people should fight a war is to stay free, and then to end it once and for all.

Not to get bogged down, not to fight around in the muck for years upon years.

That yes by any means necessary we must work to its win.

It is necessary to hit fast, hard, overpowering, and ruthless to our persecution of the enemy.

And we need precision.

To avoid ‘non-combatant’ at all costs, but it is a war, and in the nature of the war there will be these casualties.

But we need to precise, to use the full power of our military might as if it were a scalpel, and not a hammer, to work so hard to fight only our specific targets and the enemy specifically.

Because civilians are not our enemy.

War continues its status as a slippery slope for all of man kind, and people who fight them just to fight them, to gain power and control, deserves our scorn.

Likewise it is immoral, that once a war becomes necessary to fight by a free people no matter the reason, to hold back and not do anything and everything in your power to ‘win the peace.’

George Noory is one of the hosts for Coast to Coast AM.  A radio show that deals with more extreme theories, and has people on his show dealing with a variety of topics, technology, and theories.

I do not always agree with his points or see the logic of his guests, and occasionally disagree with them.

And ascribe most of his guests theories to crack pot logic and things that just do not quite jibe with me.

Despite this though, I still celebrate and respect what he is trying to do with his show.

As should everyone who is trying to seek the truth and think outside the box no matter who they are, or what their political background is.

If they try to find the truth, no matter their issue, then they deserve respect.

People like Glenn Beck, George Noory, among others.

It seems odd but recently I have had a lot of chances to experience this first hand.

Because everyone has their issues, and from what side of the political spectrum you are on colors how you see the world and what issues you look at.

I do not care.

Like I have had conversations recently about the military.

Now I do not really care that much, as in that is not my area of interest.

I just do not.  But yet if that is your issue then that is fine by me.

Because I do not know about military waste, military spending, or the things that our military may have or may have not misplaced, or how or the story behind it.

But yet, it is a concern to others, and the growing spending and deficit of our country that we are in.

If you can give me facts and information that you have learned, it could enlighten me about something that is going on that needs addressing.

And then I could, at the least, go out and learn about this issue myself.

If you can show me a flaw in my truth that I need to look at, you should be commended.

If that encourages me to learn more than you have done your job.

As long as you have a thirst for knowledge, and to debate the issues and the facts and not the personalities, and then you can successfully compete in the national debate, you are an honored truth seeker.

But if you debate the personalities, or try to cover up the truth, or twist it to your own ends, then you should be scorned and treated with mistrust.

Last year, right around this time, is the one year anniversary something happened to me in my schooling, that…well in the end it did not really change a lot of my experiences, but it was a culmination of a lot of the things that was happening to me in my life that was going on.

It led to my search for the truth, and helped put my feet on the path of where I was going in my life.

I was lied to, manipulated, threatened, steam rolled, and for a long time forced to do something that I did not really want.  And so much truth was hidden from me.

I cannot go into too much detail, but it helped to change my life.

And this change was coming during when I was in my journalism class, and I guess I caught the bug, one of the best and most open and unique experiences of my life.

I learned so much.

And those two events really set me on the path that I am on now, to greater political commentary, and the search for greater truth on exactly what is going on in this country.  What our politicians are doing to us.

It seems odd because I have always felt that things like this are clichéd, especially in television…this seems as though its a theme in science fiction shows actually.

They only ‘leave no man left behind’ because that is something that they have suffered.  That, for instance, they were left behind, and thus became such a great warrior for this whole thing.

I have always felt that is just plain, old, moral common sense.  You should never leave your people behind.

Just like you should never lie and always try to seek the truth.

But yet this is my event that happened, right around this time last year, my journey began.