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George Noory is one of the hosts for Coast to Coast AM.  A radio show that deals with more extreme theories, and has people on his show dealing with a variety of topics, technology, and theories.

I do not always agree with his points or see the logic of his guests, and occasionally disagree with them.

And ascribe most of his guests theories to crack pot logic and things that just do not quite jibe with me.

Despite this though, I still celebrate and respect what he is trying to do with his show.

As should everyone who is trying to seek the truth and think outside the box no matter who they are, or what their political background is.

If they try to find the truth, no matter their issue, then they deserve respect.

People like Glenn Beck, George Noory, among others.

It seems odd but recently I have had a lot of chances to experience this first hand.

Because everyone has their issues, and from what side of the political spectrum you are on colors how you see the world and what issues you look at.

I do not care.

Like I have had conversations recently about the military.

Now I do not really care that much, as in that is not my area of interest.

I just do not.  But yet if that is your issue then that is fine by me.

Because I do not know about military waste, military spending, or the things that our military may have or may have not misplaced, or how or the story behind it.

But yet, it is a concern to others, and the growing spending and deficit of our country that we are in.

If you can give me facts and information that you have learned, it could enlighten me about something that is going on that needs addressing.

And then I could, at the least, go out and learn about this issue myself.

If you can show me a flaw in my truth that I need to look at, you should be commended.

If that encourages me to learn more than you have done your job.

As long as you have a thirst for knowledge, and to debate the issues and the facts and not the personalities, and then you can successfully compete in the national debate, you are an honored truth seeker.

But if you debate the personalities, or try to cover up the truth, or twist it to your own ends, then you should be scorned and treated with mistrust.



  1. This blog got me thinking that really do we need someone else to encourage us to seek the truth?? I would hope not. True we all have our own interests and areas of expertise when it comes to information but if we want to know the whole story of an issue really it is our job to go out and seek the truth on it. To read from various sources and ensure that those sources are credible. To keep our eyes and ears open to all the facts before we go making judgements or formulating an opinion on it. I have always believed though that no matter what…no matter who is on what side of an issue….time has a way of revealing the truth! 😉

    • Indeed, very correct.

  2. Your blog brings to mind a classic fallacy: Attacking the person rather than debating the point in contention. I saw this in my college days way too much. No wonder I don’t talk to people from that time period in my life. 😉

    • It just does not happen then this is something that happens way to often even in adult life. Even this whole thing with the Palin Crib Notes is just a perfect example.
      And you know even when they do debate the issues they make it personal. They are so stupid for believing in trickle down economics…was the thing that I experienced the most today.

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