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I was watching a propaganda movie on the US Army Air Corp entitled “Air Force.” from 1943.  At the end of it a quote came up, I think the last part of it bears particular interest for me, and got me thinking:

“Have fought, are fighting not, and will continue to fight until peace has been won.”

No one talks like this anymore, at least none of our politicians.

Now granted this is a war film, and a propaganda film to boot.  But doesn’t that bring up another good point?

We cannot even do our propaganda movies right today anymore!

But the quote brings to light something that I think we are missing.

Sure war is immoral, killing your fellow-man is immoral, and there are only a few reasons where the just killing of a human is necessary.

And only in protection.

To protect your freedoms and to protect your life, both of which are precious and vital.  To you.

Even then killing or maiming is a terrible choice.

There is nothing good about war, except its end.

This quote captures the entire essence of that simple rule to follow.

That the only reason a free people should fight a war is to stay free, and then to end it once and for all.

Not to get bogged down, not to fight around in the muck for years upon years.

That yes by any means necessary we must work to its win.

It is necessary to hit fast, hard, overpowering, and ruthless to our persecution of the enemy.

And we need precision.

To avoid ‘non-combatant’ at all costs, but it is a war, and in the nature of the war there will be these casualties.

But we need to precise, to use the full power of our military might as if it were a scalpel, and not a hammer, to work so hard to fight only our specific targets and the enemy specifically.

Because civilians are not our enemy.

War continues its status as a slippery slope for all of man kind, and people who fight them just to fight them, to gain power and control, deserves our scorn.

Likewise it is immoral, that once a war becomes necessary to fight by a free people no matter the reason, to hold back and not do anything and everything in your power to ‘win the peace.’



  1. not a bad dissertation on just war…:-)

    That is the Catholic take on war in a nutshell….that we as Christians are not supposed to love violence but must still be willing to resort to the just use of force of arms in order to fight the forces in service of evil powers in order to bring and/or maintain peace

    But again we are not to love war….if left with no other choice but to fight we are directed to do so with hearts heavy with the reasonably certain knowledge that all other recourse has failed

  2. Excellent blog!! 😀 Sadly, I think we may have lost perspective on this. There just doesn’t seem to be an end to the war…but perhaps it is indicative of the times we are in? Today it seems that our enemy is cunning, ruthless and so covert that many times we don’t even know who it is. Just who are we fighting? Why?? It may not always be so clear? They could be the seemingly innocent “civilian” who has packed explosives in his clothing, only to become a suicide bomber. Or the airplane passenger who is packing a box opener just waiting for the right time to order the pilot to fly into a building. We are indeed in a unique time in the history of our world which calls for unique measures. And in times like these how do we strike with precision, or end it hard and fast when the enemy treads among us? An enemy who lives on our very soil trying to trip us up at the first sign of distraction? How or when do we pull out of a war we have been fighting when there is really no clear winner or loser or no real end in sight?? Times are gray….gone are the times of a decisive battle…or a war that had a definate beginning and ending. Unfortunately I do see both sides here. I agree war should not drag on….it should be won precisely and swiftly shedding as few lives and resources as possible, however today perhaps we have no other alternative. When do we know it’s time to fold up camp and return the soldiers home?? Do we help rebuild a nation we helped destroy? And in so doing if resistance continues does that mean the war continues?? These are the questions we must continually ask ourselves and remain congnizant of the facts. To me it seems today we are always at war…in a never ending struggle. Is this because we have lost perspective on the reason for war or have we found ourselves in an impossibly hard place for the first time in the history of our world? I don’t know but it makes me wonder if we will ever truly be at peace again.

    • You raise some excellent excellent points. I hope to answer these in a future blog…to an extent…but I do not really know the answer myself. It is something that we are having to deal with, my Blog is a look at that, and its the simplistic look at that topic. Basically what my blog indicates is that war is not always going to be quick and easy, it took us four years to fight WW II and millions of lives lost. My blog indicates that no matter the war and action we need to hit as hard and fast as we can, but in the end do whatever it takes…aside from butchering innocents…to win the war. And that is something that both parties seem incapable of doing easily. It took us a lot of time to figure that out for Iraq…and then we now have a new President. Who thinks its apparently immoral to win a war, because winning a war causes death and destruction. While this is true that is not the poitn to war, if you fight a war to win it, then we stand a lot better chance…and moral chance…of pulling off victory.

  3. Sun Tzu’s Art of War–which is a good read for anyone interested in military tactics–has two important precepts regarding the proper use of resources in warfare. The first is to NOT allow yourself to be engaged in a protracted war. The second is to make proper use of spies in both foiling an an enemy and defending yourself.

    I wonder whether or not people in the current administration have even given these thoughts consideration. The conflicts we have been involved in are dragging on beyond our ability and willingness to fight them it seems. Our supply lines are lengthy while our enemies fight on their home turf.

    Our intelligence network here has failed because I think they want to avoid controversy. They don’t want to be accused of things like ethnic or religious profiling. Both are certainly a big deal where I live. I say go ahead and keep a few eyes on the relevant ethnic and religious groups because people outside those groups are not the ones committing terrorist acts.

    And then there is the question of when to withdraw. It seems to me our current administration does not have the mindset of victory. It seems to me that Washington is sending off soldiers for the sake of appearances, to appease those of us who want the war to be won. In actuality though, I think that Washington has no real interest in victory.

    If this is the case, we need to recall all of our troops. I think it is incredibly immoral and wasteful in resources and lives to fight wars without the intention of winning them. Glenn Beck has said as much and I wholeheartedly agree with him.

  4. I did also mention in one of my blogs that the enemy we currently fight, al Qaeda, is unique….wars are usually traditionally fought between established nations…..this is not the case here……but though al Qaeda is not a nation in and of itself it does have its grubby fingers in almost all of the Middle Eastern territories….and as an organization has done much to cause us and our allies lasting, grave, and certain harm….and also does not have the guts to fight us openly….they cower in hospitals and religious places and schools and other places where the innocent congregate in large numbers knowing we would be reluctant to attack such places….they are quite possibly the most dishonorable warmongers in the history of mankind…..even Hitler’s forces fought us openly

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