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A point came up when I was watching the State of the Union Speech, in the aftermath of State of the Union Speech which I  could not make then because I heard that part of the speech wrong.

But, I still think that it is an interesting topic to broach.

And so here we are.  To talk about the comparison between health care (keep in mind insurance here) and education.

Now the big liberal, progressive, and Democrats say that the health care will give you more options, more choices, and to save you from the evil insurance companies that give you none of these.

That if you like your current plan you can keep your doctor, but if you do not here is this government plan that will make it easier for you to get insurance.

Now taking this at face value for the purposes of this debate, this brings up the issue on education.

Simply put if it is good enough for our Health Insurance, why is that same simplicity not good enough for our education?  Especially in the case of higher education.

That with government taking away school vouchers for private education, that they could take over the student loan industry, and that they could potentially pass more laws to make education more centralized in the public school system.

And that certain schools are teaching selective parts of history in an effort to hide the truth.

This does not increase choice, it takes them away.

Education is so important to us, just as important as our health care or most of the other things in our society.

And so is the freedom to choose what education that you as a parent and caregiver that you think is best for your charges.

Especially if a caller on the Glenn Beck program is right that daycare might become unionized and controlled by the government to ‘teach’ kids up to preschool, especially if greater and better controls might become placed on Public Schools, and especially if the government will have control of the loans programs for colleges, which are already a left leaning organ in the first place.  So statistics tell us.

At this point a lot of this remains supposition.

But the question is a necessary one, what if, especially in light of what the government has already done with vouchers and loans, and what they continue to do, and the images we have seen out of elementary schools and such saying the praises of specific politicians.

But, all I can say on that is we awareness, and we have to continue to question.

Because if what they say is true about health care, how we MUST have choices, and then if they are taking away choices in the School domain, then what is the disconnect here?

Choices and our freedoms are the only things that we have to err on the side of, to err on the side of caution, of hope, and of freedom.

And if our elected leaders fail to do this in one area and then extend those benefits in another then we must find the truth of it, and ask ourselves if it is not good enough for education then what if it’s not good enough for health care?



  1. I’m leery of the educational system these days. It’s been my experience in the public school system that the Progressive agenda is the bottom line and I’ve heard plenty of teacher rhetoric over the years to support this claim. All the rhetoric can be summed up like this: White people = bad. Non-white = good. “The system is broken so we need a new system.” In other words, capitalism/democracy = bad. “Alternative government” = good.

    Even though I’m not white I find all this horribly appalling.

    Having said that, I think any situation where the government gets even more control with public education than it already has isn’t a good thing. On the surface, it would appear that the government is doing schools a favor. Having seen things from the inside, I know better. I believe the overall objective is to create a population without a unified sense of cultural or national identity. Such a population can be easily controlled because despite a large population, it’s a divided population.

    • Great points.
      I think its interesting because for the most part I did not experience this. Of course now that I am watching Beck I have to look back on a LOT of my previous education with some suspicion. But its a bit hard for me to rap my head around it. Being rascist against your own people. One of my teachers back in the past made the same point about that and illegal immigration…actually a blog in that. I guess it just really goes back into white guilt. Of course though a lot of white people are using white guilt to gain power. I am sure to these people, whether he is or not, Obama is nothing but a puppet to a lot of them and that they are really in power. And then you do have a lot of people who do not like whites who are white, and do not like people period 😉

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