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There are two forms of really radical tyrannical governments that have shown up throughout human history.

The first one is a more conservative one.  Having nothing to do with the conservatism that I am proudly a part of.  Instead it is a radical, big government conservatism whose objective is to constantly maintain the ‘status quo.’

To use their power for their own ends, needs, and continuing to gain more power, or to maintain their power over the people.

And there are the Progressives tyrannical government.

And this is the one that this blog will be talking about.

This is not a new thing, it has been happening throughout much of the course of human history.

Through the rise of empires, kingdoms, and revolutions.

One group usually is trying to keep its power no matter the cost, and then the peasantry comes along and over throws that government and replaces it with one that is usually just as bad.

The peasants want their change, dammit, and they are willing to give that power to almost anyone just because it is ‘different’ then what came before.

That brings us to today, and what is going on in governments throughout the world.  Remember this struggle is in its latest incarnation.

The progressives of today instead of simply fighting for their rights over the evil king that is keeping them down, they are fighting for their ‘rights’, and all the other people’s rights around the world, then wonder why everyone else does not see the wisdom of their logic.

That if we do not agree with their vision of human rights, we are stupid, wrong, maybe even genetically defective? But at the least backwards and a threat to society.

That the government, in this incarnation of the ideology, is the holder and decider of our rights.  That they think they know what is right and wrong for the people that they represent.

And that the government is an agent of change.

That if there are ‘dissenters’, then they do not matter because they will force their idea of freedom down on us.

You cannot do this, you cannot force freedom or your ideas of freedom on anyone.

Only the people can, and when a majority of people are ready to accept a change, then either through policy or economically it will happen.

However, this could lead to the tyranny of the majority.

So that leaves the only option that people to take is to give people the most controls, and the least government control or interference in our lives.

To have the option to live your life and associate with whoever you wish without interference, as long as it is legal and you are not violating someone else’s freedom.

That even if there is one person that disagrees with the other Three Hundred Million, then that’s alright, his freedoms deserve protecting as much as yours do.

And in the end all Progressive governments are destined to become Evil Conservative tyrannies in the end.



  1. I’m reminded of a strange and silly story about a vegetarian from a few years ago. She said something about trying to “free” and “liberate” people from the idea that eating meat is a natural and necessary part of our eating habits. It’s a great irony that she somehow found “freedom” in a philosophy that is inherently restrictive with food choices. And of course, she would raise an eyebrow and have harsh comments for anyone who dared to eat meat in her presence.

    I think there’s a great deal of parallel between this vegetarian woman and the standardization of humanity you mentioned in your Sin Tax blog. Progressivism, I believe, is a euphemism for a movement that seeks to force a blueprint of what a “good” and “free” human being is like on the rest of us. And, like you said, those of us who disagree with the movement are labeled as stupid, wrong, genetically defective, backward–even evil.

    • Exactly. The idea of Progressivism is not so bad, who dosen’t want progress? One of my problems with the ideology btw. But, when you forge it into the ideology that they are the only ones that can be progressive, so then does not neccessarily make everyone backwards? Ooooh sometimes I love these spontaneous points I have 😛

        • Cold Fuzz
        • Posted February 19, 2010 at 4:52 am
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        Very good point. Ideological tyranny is what the movement is heading towards: Agree with us, you’re good. Disagree with us: You’re evil.

        Hopefully the next step for them won’t be: Fight us, you die.

  2. Yes….I really wish they could come up with a different name….because Progressives sound so shiny and new and oh lets change things. Cool!! But really people fail to realize that they are giving up their own freedoms and rights for the sake of that change and they don’t see it until it is too late. Hmmmmm *thinks* How about Deceptives?? Decepticons…*giggles* Now there’s a name…we could have nifty transformer car toys made up and give them away in every Happy Meal! WOOT! 😀

    • I think that is half of the point, and I half wonder if its not intentional. It almost seems cult like, you get a lot of nice sounding things, you get in there…you are going to change the world you are going to be progressive only you are for people’s rights. and then by the time you get in there deep, and then get to the nasty stuff, you are already ensnared. Which makes this really scary that if, if here, the Progressives are using education as a means to do this, then…that is literally the only thing a lot of people know.

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