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This week I discovered, through the Glenn Beck program, a new movement.  A movement that has the name of a generation.  Specifically the generation leading up to the millennium.

Its called: Generation We.

Now I cannot call myself a member of this movement since I do not support many of it’s  objectives, and a lot of the language.

I am a conservative and a libertarian and cannot consider myself a part of this movement.

However, certain aspects of it require praise, while others deserve my condemnation.

Now in the end I do not care what your issues are.  If you care about the environment and think we are heading for an environmental catastrophe, then all the more power to you.

Go out and invent something clean and efficient that we can all use, and there will be a market for it.

And getting the debt down, restoring America and the American dream, these are noble causes and should be explored to the fullest extent.

But it cannot be a us versus them battle, let us all work together, as Americans, to solve the problems that we face.

And there are right ways and wrong ways of attempting to solve these problems.  If we go in the wrong direction then we will create larger problems than what we have ‘inherited’.

We cannot keep on doing what past generations have done and keep on handing control over to people whose only interest is their own power.

We cannot keep on doing what humanity does during countless generations and revolutions in the past.  We cannot keep on handing power over to people with little difference then the ones they are replacing promising us one thing, and delivering something different than what they have promised.

Just using any crisis to gain more power.

And we cannot take control for ourselves.  We cannot take control over the political landscape and seize power.  That is not the way out.

We cannot allow ourselves to think that taking control is our birthright, that we deserve it, that we are entitled because of what we think we have inherited from previous generations.

We must take responsibility for ourselves, our fortunes, and our lives before we can help anyone else.

Even if we could seize power, we should not.

I do not want that kind of power.

But for us to continue on our path, if we really want to make lasting change for the future, if we as a people want to continue to exist and solve our problems, then we must answer some questions.

And let me say, that Progressivism is not the answer, going back to our founding principles is.

We must decide what we want.

Do we give solutions based in freedom, or oppression?

Do we have financial well-being, or spend  money on everything expedient?   Can we have  our cake and eat it too?

Do we demand what we are ‘owed’ because we have suffered and we have inherited a ‘declining’ society, or do we come together with freedom in mind, ready and willing to do the hard work before us?

Do we fight tooth and nail for what we believe in, for what we believe to be right under the principles of this nations founding, and under the belief in hard work, or do we give in and let other masters tell us what we can and cannot do?

And in light of the events in Texas this past week, in light of everything about Joe Stack and his manifesto:

Do we give into our emotions, do we fall?

Do we say we are owed it, and we are entitled to certain things and we MUST have them?

Do we give into our hate, and decide the only way to solve our problems is with a body count?

Can we find a better way,  can we let go of the things we feel we are entitled to?

Can we begin to strive to repair this great nation peacefully, with respect and solidarity?

Can we fight for the rights of freedom for all, and not just our selfish interests and power?

Can we join the great philosophers of the past, like Gandhi and Martin Luther King and Jesus to say, no matter the challenges we face, we can overcome, for this is what we believe?

Can we respect everyone’s belief system, while clearly articulating and living up to our own?

Do we continue to sacrifice our future generations financial stability, and way of life on the altar of political expediency, or do we rise up as americans in one voice and say, enough is enough?

These are only a few of the questions that I believe we must answer.  For this generation, and generations yet to come.

Because our answers to  these questions, and all of the other questions facing us, will determine the fate of generations yet to come.

The choices that we make now, between liberty and tyranny, between prosperity and debt, between freedom and death,  will resonate, far into the future.

As our history,  our mistakes, and our greatness affect our lives today, we need answers to these and other questions as they come up. For if we are to continue as a free people we can no longer to be silent.

And when people look back from a hundred years in the future, we want them to be grateful, grateful that we held the line and kept this country prosperous and free.


  1. I wonder if the people in Generation We understand what the roots of their movement–Progressivism–actually is. I wonder if Generation We sees that the administration that is currently most responsible for our national debt–something they claim to want to fix–is the administration that they are implicitly supporting.

    I think the people in Generation We need to take a good hard look and examine the people who created the movement in the first place. Is this movement in keeping with what the Founders intended or are the they and the principles they put forth in the late 1700’s now irrelevant due to the greater diversity GenWe embraces?

  2. nice…:-)

    there is indeed a right way and a wrong way to go about becoming better stewards of the world God created for us….putting more power into the hands of people who do not have our best interests at heart is the wrong way….using the ingenuity and rugged individualism we are supposed to be famous for to create a market for things that are clean, efficient, and cost-effective, is the right way

    • absofraganlutly, quoth the Sheridan

  3. All I can say is I’m scared! O.o I just kept thinking the whole time watching the vid…it’s all about we this and we that and I just kept getting reminded of that entitlement issue again. Like we are owed a better planet and we are owed no national debt and we are owed health care and on and on. Like who is this generation to blame all previous generations for the shape things are in?? That solves nothing and only serves to divide the nation further. This sounds like a generation that is whining and spoiled….PLEASE!! My first gut reaction to this is that it is but mere propaganda trying to start something with this generation hoping it will take root and stick. Well seriously there was little in that vid of what they intend to do about things….talk about solutions and ways to get there. This is just about bitching about the shape things are in and awwww poor me….look at what you’ve done to me……so we need to stand together and act. Well I was always of the mindset that you don’t bitch about something unless you can offer a solution. I didn’t see much of that happening so I say to this generation is….go for it…and good luck….but put your money where you mouth is.

    • what I have done to you?:P

      And you are exactly right, this is a bunch of people telling other people to do their ‘demands’ but they do not have the fortitude or forthought to come up with the answers, just the problems. They seem to be willing to meet our ‘leaders’ half way, telling them this is what our ‘demands’ are, now you better fix it…or ELSE!!! I fear there is an or else with this equation. That is not how things are supposed to work, you are supposed to solve problems with your own volition, your own ideas, and if you cannot, you ask someone, with mutual respect and understanding, this is the problem i have, lets solve it together. Our government cannot lead us into our salvation, especially a government that has created a problem in the first place.

      Though they do mention ONE solution. Taking control of the political climate, replacing the old geizers with our leaders that are good, capable, nice, forward looking, and can solve things. We will take it from the class that we have inherited from!

      As I said, that is not a solution, the solution is to get your ass off the couch and do something. Create a buisness, rally, volunteer, especially with economic disparity.

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