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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Mission Creep:  Its one of the most destructive ideas known to Modern Government.  It has been what has taken a simple health care plan and turned it into a boondoggle, what transforms small governments into large ones, and what has turned a card used to get benefits that you ‘deserve’ at the end of your retirement into one that is used for almost everything in this country.

It is what takes away our rights, slowly and surely, after the paradigm changes, and then they come out in great leaps and bounds, taking more of our rights away, and then slowly, surely, coming up with new ways to add onto what they have done.

Liberals and Progressives, over the last century or so, have done this.

We keep on ‘defeating’ them, but their legacies remain.  The fed, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and the expansion of some of these programs.  And then the UN.

Each time, we fight, we shout out in one loud voice, we defeat them in part, and drive them back.

But they ram more things down us, things to keep us busy, just things, and unjust things.  Whether it is war, economic woes, jobs, or immigration.  And then we get used to it.

Ronald Regan once said:

No government ever voluntarily reduces itself in size. Government programs, once launched, never disappear. Actually, a government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we’ll ever see on this earth!

This strikes to the heart of the matter.  For no matter what, even if we defeat them, their programs tend to last long after they are dead.

And we cannot fight them because we have, in the past, always gone back to bed until they try it again and the next wave of corruption and take over of liberty begins.

Then we wake up, and fight, but it gets through anyways, and then we get distracted, and then used to it.

At least this is the way it has been in the past.

Enough I say.

We need to make a stand, and then we need to restore the Republic, to regain our rights and our liberties from this Government.

Examining everything, and questioning with boldness.

First we need to defeat them and their legislation, and then we need to start repealing and pushing back on it.

And we must not let something pass, something that is good, and whole, and pure.  We must not let it pass with a greater evil.  For if it is good it can stand up on its own without being thrown in the muck.  And if it if being passed apart of corrupt legislation with corrupt politicians then the whole thing must be suspect.

If they pass a carrot then we must repeal that too, the whole thing, and then we can start over and having the debate on just what is good for this country.

There are, I think, three stages to immigration reform that needs to be achieved if we are to achieve the goal of fixing our immigration system.

First, we need to secure our borders, stopping those that are coming across, or at the least we must know what is coming across our border so we know how to deal with it.

The second stage is employer reform.

And the third is to decide what to do with the ones that are already here and then ensuring a proper immigration system for those who wish to enter this country legally.

It is usually the first and the last one that gets all the attention.  The second one gets little attention, I certainly feel, in the national debate.  It gets some play at the state level but at the end of the day this is a national issue.

The first, and correct, solution to the problem is to punish employer’s for taking on illegal workers if they are discovered working there.  This system seems to work and employer’s feel the pressure and act accordingly.

But I believe that some more pressure needs to be applied to this area in order to continue to make it more hazardous for Employer’s to hire illegal workers, and give them more incentive to hire American workers.

The answer is to eliminate the federal minimum wage, just remove it off the map, while at the same time reducing the State minimum wage where you can.

In the first place the federal government does not have any business deciding what private companies can pay individuals.  This is not in their powers and should not be in their power.

This has the benefit of lowering costs, of encouraging employer’s to take bigger risks on entry-level workers, and to encourage employer’s to hire American workers.

It will take away the primary incentives that employer’s have to take a risk on illegals, while punishing them if they do decide to go through it.  Most people in that situation would not take that risk and thus the demand for Migrant and Illegal Workers will go down.

This is not a perfect solution as many illegal immigrants can still under cut American workers.  But, if they need to work, Americans will take the jobs if they can get paid just as a temporary step.

But if you are to do comprehensive immigration reform then you need to take care of the first two steps, we must know who is coming across the border, we must prevent threats to this country coming across this border, and then we must discourage them from coming across the border and take away the reasons many of them do so.

Then and only then can we work on what to do with the ones here, and then make it so more immigrants can come to this country legally.

The National ID Card remains a rather contentious debate.  Over the last couple of weeks I have been hearing, and debating this issue with people involving it and its proper role in our country.

Now for many people it is a stop-gap for illegal immigration, that it is to be used, and assigned for work.  That you can only work in this country if you are carrying this card, and thus a legal resident.  At least that is how it is supposed to work in theory.

But I doubt that is all that it will ever be used for, and that may not be its only mission.  Mission Creep will take effect and who knows what it might do in a couple of years. Take for instance the plain Social security card.  Now the new ones do not say this, but the older ones says on it ” Not for purposes of identification, or similar wording.”  In today’s world you almost have to use it for ID for any number of things.  Up until the age of identity theft in many states it was your driver’s License number.

Now the Conservative Proponents that I talked to about the bill, that is their objective.  But one of them was hesitant about the proposal when they found out that Chuck Schumer (D-NY) was one of its leading advocates of the current measure.

Now this brings up an issue that has become a mantra for me, especially of late.

Chuck Schumer is a Democrat, a liberal, and a big government type.  But the issue remains, if he abuses this power, and if the current government will abuse that power, is it appropriate that any government should have it?

To potentially know everything about its citizens including, maybe, eventually, where they are, what they are doing, party affiliation, DNA, etc.

I mean maybe I am wrong about this, but I do not trust mission creep.

But in a general sense, if you do not trust one party, or a current government to have a power, can you trust any of them?  That is the question that must be asked, and why I do not think there can be a National ID Card in this country.  It has been used before by men a lot more evil than this administration.

But the specific agenda that is ‘bad’ about this government getting this power is that it will not be used for employment, coupled with immigration reform, and complete  amnesty.  Then it will be handed out to them, and they will be issued them to work, just based on residency.

And then the real goal of this is…well I do not know their pure motivation, this is pretty much at the beginning of this process, so I only have speculation as to what it will be used for.

And apparently on Page 58 of the health care bill exists a National Health ID Card.  I have not seen hardcore evidence from it, just from news services, but if it does exist, then this is just part of the problem.

With health care now passed into law, I feel that I should comment, and offer my opinions and my advice, and my voice to the matter.

First of all the title is rather obvious, this is just the beginning of this process.  As various commentators, politicians, and assorted others pointed out this is just the first step in the process.  This is just the first part of the legislation that will be put to the American people.  Incredibly, despite the 2700 pages, the payoffs, the bribes, and the take over of the student loan industry, there still must be more to be done.  We are not at the end of this process, which has, and will remain a single payer socialized health care system.

And this is just the beginning of a symbolic sense as well.  This is the true beginning of the movement to take back our country.

Up until now this has been just a movement, and while I do not want to take anything away from the significance of that, now it is something a lot bigger.

When this gets signed into law, by the President, it will represent a symbolic declaration of war against the people of the United States.

I am talking about a peaceful war, a peaceful movement, that will shape the course of history, and this country.

They have ignored us, ignored our voices and our opinions.  And whether or not we are in the majority, whether or not health care is a right, there are still a large portion of the population that did not think that this bill should have passed, or have been upset at one portion of it or another.

We all want reform, if and when it is necessary.  We all want to progress our lives, and our freedoms, and we all want a better tomorrow for ourselves and our children and their children.

But we want it to be done right.  We want it to be done so the greatest amount of people can have the greatest amount of control, the greatest amount of our freedoms, with the lowest cost to ourselves and our country, without violating others freedoms.  Or at least that is what I want to see.

I was talking to someone earlier tonight and health care came up, they said that the people who are on the opposition feel that their constitutional rights are being violated at the situation that they face.  Their lack of health care, and that health care is a right.

I will state what I did with Gay Marriage, it is not a right.  I can see no moral, legal, religious, or philosophical argument that suggests to me that health insurance is a right to have.  But, I am not you.

This brings up the issue again of how do we respect everyone’s freedoms? How do we extend a ‘right’ without actually making something a right? Especially legislated, mandated, and controlled by a governmental organ.

I do not know the answer to this question.

But I do know that you cannot violate the Constitution in order to extend a Constitutional right.  It is not fair to take away other rights and force someone, through the power of government, to buy a health insurance plan that they may not want.

Because with all the bribes, the mandates, and everything else that has gone along with the process in forming this bill, and they have openly discussed violating the United States Constitution.

And regardless this is not a right, they have not created a right.  As I have been making the case they have created a mandate, a forced mandate.  Because a right you can exercise of your own free will.

You can exercise it, or you do not have to use your rights.

But that is not what this is.  This remains a government mandate, they are forcing it on you, and if you do not use it, in a way acceptable to them, you will be fined, and forced into it.

No one forces you to speak, no one forces you to go to church, so how is THIS a right?

Now I am still coming into my own, I am still trying to do my best.  I have, sadly, not done my best, in fact pretty much all I do is this blog.  This is slowly changing, and I admit my failures.

But this cannot be a battle, a war, that any of us can sit on the sidelines for.  It will require all of us, working as hard as we can, with all the energies we have left to fight this.  To petition our governments and ensure that they do the right thing.

We will fight this legislation in the states, we will fight it on the beaches, we will fight it in our homes and our hospitals.  We will fight it until it is defeated or we are.  We will fight it until we do not need it anymore.  We will fight it by nullifying it, we will fight it by not paying it, we will fight it by going to jail in droves if that is what is required to win.

Come What May, We Will Stand, We will survive.

Too long have we let the paradigm be a few powerful elite in government, the media, our universities control us and our lives.

Especially the Government.

We have allowed ourselves to be fought over, to give our loyalties over to governments, and political parties.  We have allowed ourselves to be divided into ideological groups where someone can claim they are something, or be a Republican, and Democrat, and we have given over to them.

I have had this conversation, my Dad has had this conversation, many times, that our loyalty lies with the party and that the only way we can solve the problem is to elect them to office.

This should be flipped, the game needs to be changed, the paradigm needs to change.  We should never be loyal to a party, or our government, their loyalties should be us.  They should be fighting for our loyalties.

We cannot rely on the government to solve the problem that they created.

If this is the Republicans, all the better. If not then we must form our own political party, or petition anyone who is willing to listen for a redress of our grievances and take it to Washington.

But ultimately we must fix our own lives, and all the moral problems that we have.  We must become the people we are meant to be, because we are the ones that we have been waiting for.

And we must be strong enough, as individuals and families, that when others come out and begin to ask questions, we will be here, to offer our help and our services.

The Battle for Health Care may be over, the war for our freedoms now begin.

Oh those all important questions, those questions that lead one to determine, pretty much everything about you. There are few that are more important than these with what is going on in the political climate as of right now.

If you have listened to the Glenn Beck show his big question is who are you, something he asks during certain shows often.  One of his themes is remembering who we are, as a people, and mentions that theme during the song for his radio show.

In fact he asks it so often that I feel like I am listening to the inquisitor from the show Babylon 5.

While I acknowledge the importance and the vitality of the question, for me the issue should be what do you want.

The reasoning for this is that often people hide what they believe behind ideological labels, whether they do so intentionally, or because they are ignorant of the true tenets of those labels.

Well I am a Progressive but I think the government should stay out of our lives, well I am a Libertarian but I want a universal government-run healthcare system, oh I am a Conservative but I love abortions, and feel the government should provide them, oh I am a liberal but I do not think gays should be allowed to marry.

I know these are generalizations and probably are not always true, but the point is still valid.  That often ideologies do cloud things and get in the way of…well most things.

The more important question to me is: What do you want,  or more specifically what do you want to do to me?

That is the main issue.  What are you, in your belief system, going to do to me, or what are you going to do, on my behalf?

Oh I am a Conservative and I am for a National ID card.  ( 😉 )

Because other than that it does not matter who you are if your ideology does not match, and then you do something contrary to it.

Time and time again politicians have claimed that they are one thing on a campaign trail and then when they get elected change colors and bring out their true ideology.

Republicans, Democrats, Liberals, Conservatives, it does not matter, from a political perspective, at least so it seems for me.

Which is why at the end of the day we must constantly ask the question of what the politicians really want.  What are their real objectives, their real motivations, and what they want to do to us, no matter what they claim they are doing for us.

Otherwise we will be constantly disappointed, and worse.

We must constantly look at the facts as they are put before us.

I love libertarian philosophy, as I have stated in blogs previous, but I think there is a huge problem.

I was on the Nolan Chart ( site earlier today, not in relation to this, but based on some of the comments there is a need for this, and there and the conversation that this blog is a topic, is happening.

It has to do with the insistence on putting everyone else, into groups.

Oh you said something wrong, you are not a libertarian! You do not believe exactly what I do on this issue, oh you are not a libertarian!

This is not helpful, and this strikes me as something that Progressives do.  To worry about what everyone else is believing and not tending to yourself.

With regards to Libertarians and Libertarianism this issue really comes out in foreign policy, and foreign ‘adventures.’

It is almost line by line, on many sites that I have looked at, that the attitude is if you are for a foreign ‘intervention’ then you are not a libertarian.

I believe that there is a right way to fight a war for helping nations to achieve democracy and a wrong way.

It is a valuable conversation to have, in fact there are few more important for this country given the political climate.

But for a segment of the people to not allow anyone in their ‘club’ just because they do not see eye to eye with you one hundred percent is not the right way to go.

Especially when according to the Advocates for Self Government, and the founder of the Libertarian Party itself, David Nolan, the essentials of the Libertarian Movement have nothing to do with foreign policy or wars in foreign lands.

They are:

1. You own yourself.

2. The Right to Self Defense.

3. No ‘criminal possession’ laws.

4. No taxes on Productivity.

5.  A Sound Money System.


So Libertarianism if it had a litmus test this would be it, and it has nothing to do with foreign policy.

In fact that is one of the things that is so beautiful, I think, on Libertarian philosophy;  that it focuses so much on freedom and domestic policy.  Not on Foreign policy.  Domestically is where the Libertarian movement strikes gold.

Because I supported and still support the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, but that does not make me any less of a libertarian on domestic issues than anyone else.

Now, there is a conversation to be had for how Foreign Adventures effect domestic policy, spending, deficits, and our standing in the world.

Here  again, that is not the end all be all of Libertarians.

Lets respect others opinions and engage in a conversation of liberty loving people everywhere and come up with the solutions to the problems we face as a people, no matter label, or nit-picking ideology.

You have seen it on TV, you have seen it on the street corners, in advertising, and forms have been given out to people. Its the US Census, over the last week I have been postulating for this blog.

It’s a game, with government money at stake, in the middle of a recession, and in the middle of crushing deficits.

The premise for the argument is that the Government cannot appropriately distribute funds for schools, hospitals, and bridges, that they cannot give your community its cut without a proper counting of its population, including minorities.

This is not the original intent of the Census, which is to count population and determine Congressional Appointments.

And, while it has been used in modern days to distribute funds, it should not be used as a way of distributing funds based on illegal populations, or based on ‘minorities’.  That certain people are more valuable then other people based on race, religion, or creed.

Then in Texas, the text-book ‘wars’ are raging on over people’s education.  During that you had people complaining about the lack of minority representation.

While I want the truth and for education to express the greatest amount of information possible to the people no matter what, no man can teach another man everything, and no man can learn everything.

But in short it comes to Do Not Play the Game, if they insist on playing games, do not play them.  Plane and simple.

If our government insists on being big, being Statist, being socialist, being fascist, being whatever, then refuse to play.

If they want to take care of you and give you everything, then do not give them an excuse to do that.  Take care of yourself, whether it is with education or with money.  Take care of yourself and attend to your own family, make it stronger, encourage others to do the same.

And then change the debate.  Move the Overton Window from slavery to freedom.

And with education, do not rely on your school to teach you everything, if you have an issue that you do not know about, then go research it yourself.

Be as strong as you can be on your own, with as limited a reliance on government that you can get away with.

That is the only way we will change the game.

Over the last week or so I have been hinting at, even going so far to say as I have flipped my political philosophy, that I can no longer consider myself a Conservative one hundred percent.

That is not to say that my ideals are not Conservative, and socially they still are.  That is not to say that any of my opinions have changed, simply because I switched.  And that is not to say that I am now a big government progressive that wants to eat babies and force you to give money to the poor, although charitable donations are part of the backbone of this country.

Recently I have been taking various political quizzes.  Now I do not hold one hundred percent stock in them, as ideology is from the heart and your own observations of the world order, and the results of ideologies that you believe have resulted from them,  yet when something like 6, 7, 8…12, of them say you are one thing, well that tends to indicate that you may in fact lean toward that specific ideology.

Then I did research for this blog, and whether or not I should write this blog the way I want to.   I did some research at, and the Advocates for Self Government.

While I do not agree with all of the positions espoused on the site, and while others make me uncomfortable, there are two things that really attract me to the movement.

That government (especially federal government) should provide for the common defense and ensure that no other citizen, or nation-state, violates our rights.  In its most basic that is all the federal government should do.

Secondly is the conversation about freedom, and liberty, and even though their positions on a variety of issues I consider to be wrong-headed and radical, and needing a lot more thought about them from me, I still admire them that they are willing to discuss about the liberty of individual people.

Also, that they trust people to live their own lives, and do anything with them that they will, without harming other people, to be refreshing.

Now that is not saying that other philosophies do not have this conversation, and do not have valid points to bring to the table.  That is not to say that conservatives lie about wanting a drastically smaller government.

I in fact believe that Conservatives and Libertarians, despite difference on policy, are natural allies.

I used to call myself a ‘Conservative that leaned libertarian’ and joked that ‘I am so Conservative that I am libertarian’.  But that no longer works for me.

On one of those political quizzes, the ‘Enhanced Political Precision Quiz…in 2D’ my dot was well into the libertarian corner, but I got the answer ‘Right leaning freedom lover’.

Never before has an answer on a political quiz made that much sense, or cleared thins up for me.  I am a Libertarian with Conservative leanings, I am pro life, I am against gays marrying, and I have a deep love and respect for local government and the free markets.  But on these opinions I recognize that other people do not share those views and we should allow for their freedom.

So the question boils down to what your individual priorities are, do you believe in the freedom of all to make their own choices, or do you think that their need to be government safe guards?

My answer is, and has always been, to err on the side of freedom.

Now this is a new experience for me.  And there are several positions I will need to take a long hard look at.  Keeping in mind the respect for others freedoms, and respect for other opinions.

I look forward to any help, any debate, or any conversation, from anyone on any political spectrum.

Ah yes Healthcare! The bill that just won’t die, the phoenix that constantly rises from the ashes to cause Conservative and Libertarian commentators much angst.

So while thinking about this topic, I realized yet another point on this debate, a distinction that I do not think the other side is making when they think about people who want Small Government, or no government, solutions to this problem.

I am for everyone to have health care, or health insurance, if they so please.  Because again the issue is between health insurance and not health care.  But, if people want to define the debate in that way, then they can.

Everyone should be able to do what they think is the best thing for them to keep them healthy, be it insurance, Medical Saving Accounts, or just having enough money to buy the treatments they want.  Or some other combination of the above.

The distinction is I am not for a universal health care system, a one payer system, or even a public option that limits options by putting restrictive rules on insurance companies where they cannot do business.

I am not for a restrictive one size fits all system run by the federal government.  This simply cannot work in the modern world.

We need solutions that give the most people the most options that fit them the best.  there is just no way a singular system can do this, no matter how adaptive it is.

But ultimately we need to spread the power around, and not concentrate it into one place, be it the government or anywhere else.

And that is the way to give freedom of choice to the people who need it, which is the answer to our problems.

I have discussed this issue before, two times, in the past dealing with apathy of the political system, and the unwillingness of people to debate on these issues.

In the 2008 election 56.8% of the voting population turned out to vote.  Now while this is better than I thought, it is not perfect.

The more people who vote the more representative the government.  The more representative the government, the better for everyone.  The more involved the people the more accountable the politicians, and the more they will know the opinions of the people.

With that said I almost wonder if there is a concerted effort to alienate the population, to make them feel apathy on the issues, and to make them be disenfranchised.

Part of it is the overload that we are experiencing.  That is part of the Cloward and Piven strategy to saturate people with information and crisis that we do not know where to turn, we do not know where to go, and we just shut down.

The other part of it is the obvious corruption, the obvious stench, and the obvious disconnect between the American People and their representatives in the federal government.

All too often we do not feel as though we are being represented by the very people who we elect to represent us.

I have overhead conversations of the likes that our voice does not matter, the system is twisted, we will just get disappointed anyways, so why vote?

Why vote for someone who will just disappoint us anyway?

I know these concerns, I share them in full, and often times I have felt where do we turn.  Because the sad part of it is if you give someone your complete trust, enough to elect them, you do not really know that they are going to betray you, and the principles that you used when you voted for them in the first place, until they do!

I can imagine that a lot of people feel like the only thing that you can rely on politicians for, that they are unreliable.

This leads more people to not participate in the political system, because with all of that, does our voice really matter?

And also people are often genuinely not interested in politics.  There is the real world of our lives, and then there is the political realm.  And never shall the two meet.

I agree with this, to a point, but you have to express your voice or risk loosing it.

And we need to have the conversation.  A conversation based on freedom, of choice, and of liberty.  We have to change the game from talking about the best way to get what we feel is ours, to find the way to give the most people the most freedom that they possibly can.

This topic needs broaching, almost regularly, at dinner on what is going on and the issues that are effecting us.

And we need to get educated, all of us, and not just by a college, but real world experience.  To use your head and think outside of the box.

And the more issues that get piled up on us is the exact reason to get more involved, more informed, and to stay on top of the things that are effecting our day-to-day lives.  The things that politicians are doing to us.

The good news is that people are getting more involved, if what is going on in this country is any indication.

We are having the conversation and saying, whoa, what, why are you doing this to me?

That people genuinely are getting involved with the political climate around them.

And it’s not enough to go out and vote, it’s not enough to go out and just get involved for a political season to work for the election of the messiah, the great one, the chosen savior of the universe!

We must be involved all the time, all the time we can anyway.  Because if we just pat ourselves on the back and say, well done, we got our candidate elected, and just go back to our day to day lives like they were. We will get nastily surprised, and the process will start all over again, sometimes from the people that we gave so much trust in.

These are the dangers this country faces, but we will get through them if we get involved, stay informed, and remember our history as a people.