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Now I am going to do something here that is probably insanity for me.  Something that I do not really want to get involve in, but I do like sharing my opinions on these things.  Thus this blog.

This blog will be about conspiracies, more specifically the conspiracy surrounding birthers.

Now I am not a birther, I am curious about his birth certificate and those issues, but that does not mean I believe President Obama was born in Kenya.

But something has struck me, something a while back, that I heard on the Glenn Beck program.  That led to the inspiration for this blog, I just did not know how to really write it.

Now he indicated, in that program, that if there was something to this conspiracy, then neither the administration nor the media would discuss it.  Because usually politicians, the case of the Bill Clinton scandal, avoid, or hem and haw the issue if they are guilty.  Lying about it.

But that has not been the stance of the Obama administration who has even went as far as to joke about it.  And has tried to characterize all of their opponents as being ‘birthers’.

So where does that leave us?

I believe the answer lies in the Obama administration’s chief of staff’s position on crisis.  That you should never waste a good one.

Now whether this is intentional or not, whether they designed the situation specifically to cause these results, I do not know, however  the situation has existed, and they have been using it ever since.

Because they, I believe, know that there is nothing there, Obama knows where he was born, and there is enough evidence to suggest he is a United States Citizen.

But they can use this situation to polarize the opposition, to classify them as crazy people.  That even if you are curious about the birth certificate, or want more questions  answered, then you are a crazy conspiracy nut.

That if you even associate with anyone like this then you are guilty of being a conspiracy theorist.

Now I am not sure of the validity of this theory as I am about that of the birthers.

But its a possibility that I have considered, and knowing this administration, we need to think outside of the box.  And ask questions.

The question here is, What would the Obama administration gain by having a certain percentage of the population think he was born in another country?

We need an open and honest debate on these questions if we are to find the answer, and not to jump to conclusions, however debate on this issue, and I mean open and honest debate is about as likely as finding me with  my pants full of ferrets.



  1. this blog looks so sad and neglected….:-P

    yeah…you have a point…like you all I want is for the Prez to produce his certificate of live birth, not the certification of live birth, as this only certifies that he was born alive, a rather easy fact to verify…the first i listed though certifies that not only was he born alive, he was born in the stae of Hawaii….this is the document he needs to produce and if I’m not mistaken is a matter of public record…so then it leads one to question the legality of his sheltering something that is a matter of public record from public view…

    you also bring up an interesting point about his using this to polarize people…this shows us then his true colors not as a uniter but as a divider

    • lol

      yeah, I think that could be what is happening .

  2. Ferrets??? 😮 I’m crushed!! 😛 😛 😛 hehehehe Well let’s just say that the whole thing is sort of pointless anyway. What does it really matter where he was born if he is a US citizen now and has taken his oath to defend the US Constitution and has naturalized himself to this country? If he has made this his home and made his allegiance clear, then I don’t care if he were born on Mars this doesn’t matter to me personally. But you are right it probably would be a sticking point just to get people stirred up and keep the flames burning so that there is opposition and fighting. When there is unrest and mistrust you truly lose clarity and that is when the issues get muddied and things digress.
    Additionally, I think you have a valid point too in that when you may ask questions of the origins of his birth and really just want to seek the truth, people do tend to lump you in that category of conspiracy theory nut and this is what leads to fear and silence. This type of intimidation has been going on for years…it’s nothing new, hell it’s what I face everyday when I talk to people about Christianity and Faith….they may lump me in with the “Crazy Bible Thumpers Club” and roll their eyes! 😛 But there comes a time when you have to stand firm for what you believe and just take the heat as it comes, because if everyone were to be silenced in fear over these issues nothing would ever get resolved.
    Even if you only get to a point to agree to disagree…then that is doing something IMO. 😀

    • I agree.
      But it is in the Constitution that you have to be a Natural Born citizen, this is not a new issue at all, and that is why his place of birth would be so important, and that is where the debate lies.

  3. Oh now you are just showing off 😛 😛

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