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Ah yes Healthcare! The bill that just won’t die, the phoenix that constantly rises from the ashes to cause Conservative and Libertarian commentators much angst.

So while thinking about this topic, I realized yet another point on this debate, a distinction that I do not think the other side is making when they think about people who want Small Government, or no government, solutions to this problem.

I am for everyone to have health care, or health insurance, if they so please.  Because again the issue is between health insurance and not health care.  But, if people want to define the debate in that way, then they can.

Everyone should be able to do what they think is the best thing for them to keep them healthy, be it insurance, Medical Saving Accounts, or just having enough money to buy the treatments they want.  Or some other combination of the above.

The distinction is I am not for a universal health care system, a one payer system, or even a public option that limits options by putting restrictive rules on insurance companies where they cannot do business.

I am not for a restrictive one size fits all system run by the federal government.  This simply cannot work in the modern world.

We need solutions that give the most people the most options that fit them the best.  there is just no way a singular system can do this, no matter how adaptive it is.

But ultimately we need to spread the power around, and not concentrate it into one place, be it the government or anywhere else.

And that is the way to give freedom of choice to the people who need it, which is the answer to our problems.



  1. nice…:-)

  2. Absolutely agree…it would be disastrous to have a one size fit all health care system. And I know for a fact with the issues I face with my son this would NEVER work..and I shudder at the thought. 😦

    • Yeah, I agree with you entirely, and you have a unique perspective.

      In short the more options you have the better.

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