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With health care now passed into law, I feel that I should comment, and offer my opinions and my advice, and my voice to the matter.

First of all the title is rather obvious, this is just the beginning of this process.  As various commentators, politicians, and assorted others pointed out this is just the first step in the process.  This is just the first part of the legislation that will be put to the American people.  Incredibly, despite the 2700 pages, the payoffs, the bribes, and the take over of the student loan industry, there still must be more to be done.  We are not at the end of this process, which has, and will remain a single payer socialized health care system.

And this is just the beginning of a symbolic sense as well.  This is the true beginning of the movement to take back our country.

Up until now this has been just a movement, and while I do not want to take anything away from the significance of that, now it is something a lot bigger.

When this gets signed into law, by the President, it will represent a symbolic declaration of war against the people of the United States.

I am talking about a peaceful war, a peaceful movement, that will shape the course of history, and this country.

They have ignored us, ignored our voices and our opinions.  And whether or not we are in the majority, whether or not health care is a right, there are still a large portion of the population that did not think that this bill should have passed, or have been upset at one portion of it or another.

We all want reform, if and when it is necessary.  We all want to progress our lives, and our freedoms, and we all want a better tomorrow for ourselves and our children and their children.

But we want it to be done right.  We want it to be done so the greatest amount of people can have the greatest amount of control, the greatest amount of our freedoms, with the lowest cost to ourselves and our country, without violating others freedoms.  Or at least that is what I want to see.

I was talking to someone earlier tonight and health care came up, they said that the people who are on the opposition feel that their constitutional rights are being violated at the situation that they face.  Their lack of health care, and that health care is a right.

I will state what I did with Gay Marriage, it is not a right.  I can see no moral, legal, religious, or philosophical argument that suggests to me that health insurance is a right to have.  But, I am not you.

This brings up the issue again of how do we respect everyone’s freedoms? How do we extend a ‘right’ without actually making something a right? Especially legislated, mandated, and controlled by a governmental organ.

I do not know the answer to this question.

But I do know that you cannot violate the Constitution in order to extend a Constitutional right.  It is not fair to take away other rights and force someone, through the power of government, to buy a health insurance plan that they may not want.

Because with all the bribes, the mandates, and everything else that has gone along with the process in forming this bill, and they have openly discussed violating the United States Constitution.

And regardless this is not a right, they have not created a right.  As I have been making the case they have created a mandate, a forced mandate.  Because a right you can exercise of your own free will.

You can exercise it, or you do not have to use your rights.

But that is not what this is.  This remains a government mandate, they are forcing it on you, and if you do not use it, in a way acceptable to them, you will be fined, and forced into it.

No one forces you to speak, no one forces you to go to church, so how is THIS a right?

Now I am still coming into my own, I am still trying to do my best.  I have, sadly, not done my best, in fact pretty much all I do is this blog.  This is slowly changing, and I admit my failures.

But this cannot be a battle, a war, that any of us can sit on the sidelines for.  It will require all of us, working as hard as we can, with all the energies we have left to fight this.  To petition our governments and ensure that they do the right thing.

We will fight this legislation in the states, we will fight it on the beaches, we will fight it in our homes and our hospitals.  We will fight it until it is defeated or we are.  We will fight it until we do not need it anymore.  We will fight it by nullifying it, we will fight it by not paying it, we will fight it by going to jail in droves if that is what is required to win.

Come What May, We Will Stand, We will survive.

Too long have we let the paradigm be a few powerful elite in government, the media, our universities control us and our lives.

Especially the Government.

We have allowed ourselves to be fought over, to give our loyalties over to governments, and political parties.  We have allowed ourselves to be divided into ideological groups where someone can claim they are something, or be a Republican, and Democrat, and we have given over to them.

I have had this conversation, my Dad has had this conversation, many times, that our loyalty lies with the party and that the only way we can solve the problem is to elect them to office.

This should be flipped, the game needs to be changed, the paradigm needs to change.  We should never be loyal to a party, or our government, their loyalties should be us.  They should be fighting for our loyalties.

We cannot rely on the government to solve the problem that they created.

If this is the Republicans, all the better. If not then we must form our own political party, or petition anyone who is willing to listen for a redress of our grievances and take it to Washington.

But ultimately we must fix our own lives, and all the moral problems that we have.  We must become the people we are meant to be, because we are the ones that we have been waiting for.

And we must be strong enough, as individuals and families, that when others come out and begin to ask questions, we will be here, to offer our help and our services.

The Battle for Health Care may be over, the war for our freedoms now begin.



  1. health care I believe is a basic need, but like food and clothing….this basic need must be obtained by the fruits of our labor….and should not be denied to those truly in need…but for those truly in need they should be taught how to obtain this and other basic necessities by their own power….you do though hit the nail right on the head as usual….:-)

    • I do my best 😛

  2. You wrote, “We should never be loyal to a party, or our government, their loyalties should be us. They should be fighting for our loyalties.”

    If they buy their followers with bribes, etc. to win their votes, how can we convince them to fight for our loyalties? I’m with you, but I don’t see a way out of it. When I refused to be paid what I believed to be “stimulus money” for doing some work last year, my fiancee said, “Well, if you don’t take it, someone else will.”

    • I am not saying the fight will be easy, and I am not saying that I have all the answers. But it does have to happen. One of my themes, my principles, and my ideas is to have the game changers, to chage the game and the paridigm in a fundamental way. Because right now things are essentially flipped from where they were, and where they should be. And maybe in part it will always be that way, there will be people that say that government should provide for them and then along come someone that can promise them that they will do these things.
      And that is what we have to fight against. And fight to change. Because that mentality has effected our government. when it came out that certain GOP law makers privatly e-mailed for stimulus funds even though they said they were against it fundmentally in public. That is not right, but ultimatly we get the government we deserve. So we must work to make each other strong, and us strong as individuals, and then we can effect permanent change in Washington. And part of that is not playing the game that they chose, but to play the game on our terms, and you have done that and should be applauded. Welcome aboard 🙂

  3. A question that I find myself asking about this is, Is healthcare an industry or a service?

    Fire protection is a service and a need. It used to be seen as a privet venture, but in 1679 Boston started public funded fire departments. It wasn’t until the late 1800’s that private companies were forced to submit to public funding and become government run. It was deemed a service where we even have volunteers working as well.

    So the question is what is it? If it is an industry then how can we make this bill work with the idea of capitalism by changing it piece by piece.

    If it is a service then where does that leave us?

    One thing is certain, this bill only treats the symptoms of our problems not their cause.

  4. People who feel as we do can all agree that this bill passing is an unfortunate turn of events. However, I think now the focus has to start turning to questions like: What can we, as individuals *do* about this? What part do we play in what’s coming for our country?

    I’m seeing the “Don’t Tread on Me” flag being used more and more near the area where I live. I believe this is a good thing. 🙂

  5. I keep seeing that clip of Biden smiling smug and shaking hands with the prez and whispering in his ear… “this is a Fing big deal” 😮 Which only proves in my mind that it was a personal war for the Obama Administration to win….period!!!
    Because obviously Obama didn’t have a problem with it.,2933,589990,00.html

    Which makes me even more angry. It was NOT about getting people the health care they needed. It was NOT about the elderly getting better coverage…it was NOT about making it accessible to everyone….it WAS about a personal victory for them. And that is just criminal IMO. 😦

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