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Mission Creep:  Its one of the most destructive ideas known to Modern Government.  It has been what has taken a simple health care plan and turned it into a boondoggle, what transforms small governments into large ones, and what has turned a card used to get benefits that you ‘deserve’ at the end of your retirement into one that is used for almost everything in this country.

It is what takes away our rights, slowly and surely, after the paradigm changes, and then they come out in great leaps and bounds, taking more of our rights away, and then slowly, surely, coming up with new ways to add onto what they have done.

Liberals and Progressives, over the last century or so, have done this.

We keep on ‘defeating’ them, but their legacies remain.  The fed, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and the expansion of some of these programs.  And then the UN.

Each time, we fight, we shout out in one loud voice, we defeat them in part, and drive them back.

But they ram more things down us, things to keep us busy, just things, and unjust things.  Whether it is war, economic woes, jobs, or immigration.  And then we get used to it.

Ronald Regan once said:

No government ever voluntarily reduces itself in size. Government programs, once launched, never disappear. Actually, a government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we’ll ever see on this earth!

This strikes to the heart of the matter.  For no matter what, even if we defeat them, their programs tend to last long after they are dead.

And we cannot fight them because we have, in the past, always gone back to bed until they try it again and the next wave of corruption and take over of liberty begins.

Then we wake up, and fight, but it gets through anyways, and then we get distracted, and then used to it.

At least this is the way it has been in the past.

Enough I say.

We need to make a stand, and then we need to restore the Republic, to regain our rights and our liberties from this Government.

Examining everything, and questioning with boldness.

First we need to defeat them and their legislation, and then we need to start repealing and pushing back on it.

And we must not let something pass, something that is good, and whole, and pure.  We must not let it pass with a greater evil.  For if it is good it can stand up on its own without being thrown in the muck.  And if it if being passed apart of corrupt legislation with corrupt politicians then the whole thing must be suspect.

If they pass a carrot then we must repeal that too, the whole thing, and then we can start over and having the debate on just what is good for this country.



  1. Amen…that is what they are doing burying a “pearl” in with a huge corrupted piece of legislation. So if any part of it is bad then we must reject the whole thing. That is what many do not seem to understand. They only focus on the pearl and forsake everything else.
    Also it is hard to fight Washington, because damned if you do and damned if you don’t. It is a scary and very daunting task and how exactly do you do it?? I mean this is where most American’s stand and scratch their heads and then give up because they feel it is too daunting a task and somewhat impossible. I think it is one thing to say lets fight….but it’s another to actually do it.

    Because apparently you can’t protest like the hippies camping out on the lawn with your tents and signs they’ll view you as just another crazy person. You can’t invoke violence or refuse to comply with the mandates they impose because then you are arrested. You can only work the system that THEY created….which in of itself is designed to keep you down and hold you back. Because, oh yeah if you email your congressmen you will get a “automatic generated reply” something that goes like this: Thank you for your concern on this issue. Your input is valuable…blah….blah….blah…..yeah right! *eye roll*

    So what the American people need is a plan and a damn good one. A set of steps that they can clearly use to get noticed in a way that they have not been noticed before. Something that everyone knows like a protocol of actions they can take, along with a mantra that they can easily do and say. I don’t know what that is or who is going to be the spokesperson for that. But this is what must happen. We need someone and something to unite the people and bring them out in a non violent, organized way to show the government that we mean business and won’t stand for anymore. Maybe that someone is Glenn Beck?? IDK?? Maybe that something is to attend the tea parties, maybe it is to stuff the Washington mail bin full, maybe it is to take non violent action against legislation that is being forced upon us by not accepting it. IDK…but something needs to happen and someone needs to step up in a big way and help us unite as an imposable force to gain back what we are slowly losing. Our Freedoms.

    • Great post, and you are right, they set up a system that we have to play in, and beat us in it, I did not think of that 😉

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