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In what might be the most obvious blog that I have ever written, the topic for the day is the American Dream.

Just what is it?

For many, or at least what many literary figures, politicians, and other people have had to say on the subject is that the American dream is to own your own home.

I beg to differ.

Sure owning your own home is a big part apart of the American dream, but it is not the whole deal.

The American Dream,I feel, has its roots in the founding of this nation. The big clue  as to what the American dream is can be found there.

Simply, I believe, that the American dream is to control your own destiny.

Not to own the best, or the biggest.  Not to own a house, it has nothing to do with material things.

Granted for many people who is their American Dream, to own a house, to have financial success and security, to own a big sixty inch TV, or a PlayStation 3.

But those are merely products of that dream, which is to own your own destiny.

To be able to say that I want this, or I want that.  Then having enough control to be able to go out and get it.

Because for home ownership, to many, that is controlling your destiny.  It is yours, it is your home, it is where you go to retire and sleep and eat.  It’s where you raise your family, it is the ultimate symbol of control for many.

But, that part does not work out for everybody.  Not everyone can have their own home, not everyone can afford it or have the ability to share.

For them the American Dream expresses itself in smaller ways, but it is still there.

As long as we can make decisions for ourselves.

As long as we can control our own destiny.

That is my American Dream anyways.



  1. Amen….:-)

    • thank you Joe 😉

  2. Does home ownership count if you have a mortgage?? *snort* But yeah …..good blog I am with you. Most people do want that control of themselves and their lives that is what motivates them….to making the claim of driving that stake in the small little piece of land they call their own. Because that makes it tangible. I think that is why home ownership has become so important….well that and the fact that it is one of the only things that appreciate over time and gives us a tax shelter when we have a mortgage. 😛
    But I challenge you to go one further to relinquish that control for a moment to a higher power….one who knows best for you because they are all knowing. To some that would be giving up control and a very scary proposition….but when in fact it is having ultimate control because we have tapped into the greatest counsel ever and once we accept that….we cannot fail. That to me is the “American Dream”. To grab onto that faith….faith in God that our country was founded on. And trusting in Him again as a people and as a Nation….and knowing that as long as we believe in him and lay our problems at his feet and ask and accept his wise counsel we can succeed….and our country will be blessed. That is how I see it anyway.

    • True, ther is a lot to say about this. really though as far as God and contolling your own destiny is concerned…for Christians anyways…it is saying that you have a power looking out for you, that you can mess up and fail and fall, but if you are willing to look for it, you can be redeemed. And that nothing, really, is beyond the eyes of redemption if you are really willing to work through it.

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