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This is the first blog of a long series on Faith, Hope, and Charity.

Faith is the foundation, it’s what we as people have been built on, and is what is at the core of our nation.

It is also important to our continued survival as a Nation.

To me there are two issues that need to be bought up in the discussion of our Faith.

The first is on the individual.

We have lost Faith in our own ability to change the world and make the world a better place.  At the center of the American Dream is a Faith that we as the individual can make it with our own two feet and hands.  That we do not need Government to step in, and interfere for us.

We have, for the most part, lost the Faith of our own greatness.

And that is also constantly mocked, and scorned, and discouraged by our Government.

We are told that we cannot do it, that we are here for you, that if you fail and are important we will bail you out.

That the Government is no longer just here to protect you from people who will take your life or your rights away.  But that the government is here to….well protect you from yourself.

That you are stupid, evil, wrong-headed and you cannot make the decisions that are best for you.  Because, you are perfectable, but only if you do it through Government intervention.

This is dangerous.

Without Faith in our own ability to make it, in our own strength, then we will be willing to go to any master to help us.  The Government, unions, anyone else, and they will take power over us.

This is something that we must restore.  We must restore Faith in our humanity.

That if someone is hurt we can help them out, of our free will, and we do not need to do it at gun point or by excessive taxation, Social Justice, or Redistribution of Wealth.

Even IF we do then the role of that should be minimal and we should be doing everything in our power to encourage the individual to do that job, and the Governments role should be minimal, if we need it, and I do not think we do.

Then there is the restoring God to His proper place, ah yes, something I have been giving a great deal of thought to.

Now I am an agnostic, I am not sure what God’s will is, and I do not claim to know, I do not know a lot about the Super Natural, I have theories, but that is not really the point.

The point is that even I believe in a Super Natural Creator that Created us as Humans, and that had a large part in the creation of our Nation.  In one way or the other.

I also believe that He is the keeper of our rights.

That is not the opinion of our Government right now, our Government is trying their best to run as fast and as hard from religion.

Tom Harkin, and others, believe and has said that our rights are the Governments, and that the Government Creates Rights.

I will do my best to debunk that in future blogs, but for the moment a simple declaration will do.  The Government is Not the Creator of our Rights as Humans, or as Americans.

Even if there is not a God it is a dangerous assumption that they are.

It can be the Force, it can be the Natural Order, but Government cannot be the Creator or the arbiter of our rights.  Because then they can take them away, or they can make assumptions for the powerful, the wealthy, or those in the know.

That is where we must restore ‘God’ to His position in our society.  If there is no God or no Supernatural Force then the Government is literally the most powerful Force in the Universe.  With the President of the United States the most powerful being in the universe.

That is dangerous.

Coupled with the individual, Faith is powerful.

Some people scorn those of Faith for having a God.  Oh I do not believe in a God or a religion so I am pure and my morality is driven by pure reasons, oh you believe in God you should not participate in Government or Public institutions.   They then scorn those of Faith who believe in a higher power that is looking out for you and is there for you.  I do not think its a bad thing, I understand it.

I understand the power in the knowledge that if you feel you have an all-powerful force looking out for you.  That loves you, protects you, and redeems you if you have the wherewithal to genuinely reform.

If I may quote the first bible printed in the United States, printed by Congress: “a neat Edition of the Holy Scriptures for the use of schools.”


And also according to David Barton that the four main principles of American Government are:

1. There  is a Creator

2. The Creator gives certain inalienable Rights to man.

3. Governments exists to protect these God-given Rights.

4. Government powers are to be operated only with the permission of the Citizens.

To paraphrase our constitution which some of our elected officials state publicly is of little concern to us today, even though they took an oath of office to support and defend this document.  I digress.  The first amendment to our constitution guarantees us Freedom of religion, not freedom from religion. According to recent polls over 75% of americans identify themselves as Christians, and uphold Christian values. So when the radical elements in this country attempt to put you down by interfering with your faith, stand up strong,  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

That sounds good enough for me.



  1. nice blog about faith……yeah…..if the imperfect human race is elevated as the highest authority around by the liberals…then we will be screwed….:-S

    • Yeah they are so enlightened 😉

  2. Nice!! 😀 But yeah restoring faith in humanity…..and then restoring faith in God for our country is a MUST!! I agree wholeheartedly…however not to nitpick here but you seemed to have put the cart before the horse. You must restore God to His rightful throne for our country and that is how then the faith in humanity is restored. Because it is through God in which we get our faith….because without God….without faith we can do nothing. Period. We can’t even exist. So if you cut off the limb from a tree…. you will see at first not much change in the limb….but eventually in time the limb will wither and die. So if you cut off humanity from it’s creator same thing happens…. it will wither and die. So by restoring our faith in God by default will restore our faith in humanity. 😉 You really can’t have one with out the other.

    • Yeah. That is what I was getting at because it seems that those who have Faith in God tend to have mor efaith in themselves especially on disasters and stuff and their own ability to make it out. Sorry for the delay on this, but that is what I was getting at and I do agree with you.

      • so you are finally beginning to see that perhaps there is a certain benefit to believing in God….:-P

        • colfoley
        • Posted April 18, 2010 at 3:30 am
        • Permalink

        I have always believed in God, or a higher power, I am just not claiming to know anything else about the subject of heaven, hell, or His ‘plan’.

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