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I was watching something on the TV that led to the inspiration for this blog.

When I was watching this program a quote from Thomas Jefferson came to mind:

“When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

I feel that I can add an amendment to that quote.  One that…to the best of my knowledge…has never been said before.

“When the people fear the government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty. And when the people do not care anymore, there is a revolution.”

That is not to say that I advocate any sort of violence or an overthrow of the government.  What I do advocate is a peaceful debate of thought, and a peaceful change of those in government.

Because, there is plenty to be afraid with the federal government, and sad to say fellow citizens.

If we speak out and excercise our right to criticize this government, or any government for that matter, we get called nasty names and have untruths made up about us. at the very least.

At the most, well I will leave that up to your imagination and your personal experience.

This is from the government and this is from other people.

We have been called racist, fascist, stupid, ignorant, and a threat.  We have been called out by the government and we have been called violent and dangerous.  A threat, maybe even terrorists, extremists and militia members.

But it seems as though, right now, we no longer care.  We are still meeting, buying, going out and proclaiming our patriotism and our unease with current government policies.

We are blogging and writing.  Participating in polls and online forums to get our voices out in the midst of stiff opposition.

We are gathering in Arenas and in public places and wondering what are we going to do?  What is the solution to the problem?

Some of us are posting on the door to their offices that ‘if you supported Obama Care… seek your health care elsewhere.’  However people will still be treated. Not to do so would be a violation of professional ethics, at least. If people choose on reading that sign to get their care elsewhere  then so be it.  This of course sends the liberal mind into such a frenzy that the livelihood and licenses of those care providers is threatened. The race card and the bigot card are played.

But yet we cannot care about this and we should not.  The more they try to stop or discourage us the more we should yell from the rafters our intentions, our principles, and the more that we need to, must, seek out like-minded people.

To continue to participate in the debate and maybe, just maybe, convince others of our cause.

We cannot give into violence, we cannot give into our fears or our hates.  We must continue to be peaceful in this and we will win.

We must be clear and articulate and continue to teach our perspective and our truth.

After all from Janis Joplin’s Me and my Bobby Magee, Freedom is Just a word for nothing left to lose”

Well we still have plenty to lose, our country, and our freedoms.  We must fight to protect these and our other rights from any government intrusion, or when we feel we have been wronged by the government.

Make note of people inside the government. Do they support the founding principles, or the socialist cause of the day. And please remember in November when you vote.



  1. yeah….something to be said for picking your guns and sticking by them no matter what….the ultimate witness to any belief is if you would be willing to give everything you are, including your life, in its defense

    • Absolutly. Lets you know where Stupak is.

  2. Amen… and Joe said it all ….there is nothing more I can add! Can you believe it?? 😮 *snort* 😛

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