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Charity, it is what shelters us and protects us.  And, ironically I am writing this on Tax Day even though I did not intend to.  Oh well such is life.

There are few things that are more important to a free people then being charitable to one another.  To being able to freely give your help to anyone who needs it, whether it is a hand, whether it is money, whether it is volunteering your services.

But these principles are under the greatest attack.

It is under attack by taxes who take more money from our pocket-book and mandates it that it be spent for charity.  We can do it ourselves, we do not need the Government’s help and that is NOT charity.

It is also under attack by the Government mentality that we cannot make it without them.  That only they know how to spend our money the best, and that we are wrongheaded if we think that we can spend our money by ourselves.

It is under attack from the sheer number of services that the Federal and even the State Governments do for us.  Food stamps, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, health care, education, bail outs, redistribution of wealth, and countless others.

This is not to say that finding ways of doing these things is not important for us as a society.  But I think that the more freedom, the more choice, and the more individual charity that we can do, the better.

That instead of saying that we are the Government and only we can do it for you, saying, like in generations past, you are on your own bub.

I believe we are a charitable people, I believe that we can and should help out as neighbors and citizens, and just normal people that come together to solve all of the problems that we are facing.

That we can be strong and we can be charitable.

And we must be charitable.  The Government is raising massive debts and massive spending and it is just unsustainable.  We cannot do this now, as we have not been able to do this in the past.

There will be people who will come out of the situation and wonder, how the heck did we get here.

So, we need to be as strong as we can, as charitable as we can, and instead of raising the hand of violence we must offer the hand of friendship.

Because we can do this.  We can come together and help each other out in ways that the Federal Government has never been able to do.  Just like we have in the past.  Just like we have now.

We continue to be charitable despite being robbed by punitive and over burdened taxation.  We continue to be charitable despite having 60, 70, maybe 80?, percent of our wealth taken from us.

We continue to ask, seek, and give charity despite a huge percentage of people not paying taxes, and getting tax money in return.

Charity is the only thing that can shelter us, out of the goodness of our hearts, and in ways that no Government can truly understand.

Because we are here, we are not in Phoenix, or Sacramento, or Albany, or Washington DC.  We are here, in the trenches, and we know what people need in charity, through day-to-day meetings and efforts.

And I do not want to worry about tax deductions and incentives for being charitable.



  1. I concur…:):)

  2. Excellent and a good reminder that Charity starts at home…and home meaning the people closest to you. The ones you pass on the street, or the people you work with …or your friends. I would much prefer to give my money or my things to someone I know so I can be assured they will directly benefit. There is no greater thing than to see the face of someone who you have just showered with some sort of charity. It is priceless. And when that process is watered down as the gov. is trying to do…then it really does lose it’s impact and the true meaning of giving.

    • Or as a game for people to make tax breaks, as long as you do not do too much charity, then you get a tax break…or a tax increase depending on how good you are with charity. That is wrong.

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