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This is the last of the series on faith, hope, and charity.  It’s on Duty, probably the most significant thing out of the group, and the one that might matter the most.

As Americans we have few duties or at least so I feel.  Because we live in a free society that society does not demand much on us.  I stated earlier that we have only one duty, though I think I called it an obligation, to pass on our freedom that we have been given to the next generation.

We have a duty, in some small way, to maintain this country, and our freedoms so the next generation can enjoy them and enjoy living in a country that can still enjoy their liberty and their freedom from big government intrusion.

But it is hard to maintain something.

Even I go through this.  Right now at my house our watering system is on the fritz so I have to lug a tub of water around and do it by hand on nights.

It is slow, tiring, aggravating work and I would almost rather not do it and let the plant burn.

But if I want to maintain this house, and if I want it to look nice, and obey the higher authority of the house, I have to lug it around.  And the results have been truly remarkable.

So must we, if we are to survive as a people then we must need to fulfill our few duties.  We need to take an interest in the government, its goings on, and in politics.  Or at least philosophy and to how to make our country better.

We cannot give into apathy and not worry about the problems that are facing us.

That is not to say that this is to be our whole lives, just a little healthy interest and curiosity.

But the main thing that is required, for the duty, is we need to excercise our rights.  Speak without Fear, Question with Boldness, proudly proclaim all of your rights from the roof top.  Yell it out loud.

If we do not use our rights, we will lose them.  After all as JFK said, “Without Debate…no Republic can survive.”

We have that duty, to use our freedoms and pass them onto the next generation for the peril that all we hold dear as a people, as a society, and all we hold dear in our government.

I will expand on this in a later blog.



  1. nice…:-)

  2. Yeah! 😉 And as I mentioned in your “rights” blog… is a duty to not only exercise our rights and freedoms…but to do so responsibly and to present a good example to the younger generation so they too will know how to conduct themselves as a reasonable and responsible citizen 😀

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