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Hope, the second part, and the actual ‘house’.

Two things give hope, I feel, in our day-to-day lives.

The first thing is through our mere existence.  Which can be summed up in quotes that I have read in the Lord of the Rings, or watched in the Television show Andromeda.  Simply ‘where there is life there is hope.’

This is important for the understanding of what I believe hope to be.  Hope, I believe comes from our mere existence.

Because without living, we would not have the opportunity to have the hope in our lives.  If we die, we are dead and then there is no hope, no life, and no opportunity to better our lives and climb out of the muck.

But hope also comes from truth.

You can get hope with lies or with great men telling you that you can follow them, that they will lead you out of the muck and better the conditions of the people.

But only in the truth can we truly be set free through hope.

A lot of this is lying to ourselves.  We convince ourselves, time and time again, that our leaders are greater than they are, that everything will be OK, that our lot will somehow improve.

But that is more optimism, that is more false hope.

That is not to say that we should not be optimistic, that we should not be hopeful that things will get better one day.  I think they will, I am hopeful of that.

But the only way to get there is through a bitter acceptance of the truth, and a strict adherence to it.

Too long have we been lied to by people, too long have we lied to ourselves.

The only way you can have proper hope is to have knowledge on where you are, what is your situation, and how to get out of it.  You have to know where you stand in order to deal with, the situation realistically and then change it.

With the truth you know exactly where you are, and how you need to make yourself stronger and that you have to make the world stronger.

You know what to do to fix your own life, and what you need to do.  With the truth.

With the truth you have control of the situation.  You are knowledgeable and informed and can conquer and prepare for the worse.  So at least you are strong in case things do go awry.

But then you can strengthen others, and help them for the truth.

Only the truth can set us free.



  1. nice…’re sounding more like a Catholic every day….LOL!!!!!

    • I am not 😛 Maybe more religious but not inherently catholic or any other thing what so ever 😉

  2. Nice! 😉 But you know me… I’m going to bring the Christian perspective to the table! 😛 Hope to me is putting your trust in a higher power who is all loving, all knowing, all powerful and they have your best interest at heart. When I know that I can rely on God to be there for me at all times I can have hope in all situations. Hope and Faith to me go hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other IMO….well I guess it is possible but like you are saying your hope is based on your knowledge level and what/who you personally have put your trust in to deliver such hope. So to me it is difficult to have true hope without involving God at some point because I like to believe that he works through others in order to fulfill our expectations of our hopes and dreams. And without him so many times we are just spinning our wheels aimlessly.

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