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Today is, for me, an important day, for two reasons.  First of all it is the birthday of my favorite, most gorgeous, and one of the best actresses out there. (Happy Birthday!)  Then today is also tax day in the United States of America.

Hmmm a little bit of heaven and hell on the same day.

Well one of my dear friends wanted me to do yet another tax blog.  At first I was like “NO!” I mean I have done this over and over again.  Sin Tax bad, income tax bad, kind of  luke warm on the fair tax, as well as the flat tax.

Do not get me started on entitlements (but I will get to them.)

Now personally I like the idea of a flat fair tax, without deductions or rebates, but that is just me.

But I do not think that should be the point.

Now, I was at a Home Depot shopping with my father, and we (he) got into a conversation with a clerk about her son, and she said, well since he has a certain last name then he is entitled to certain benefits that she did not specify.

No, that is not the way out, no deductions, no special considerations for names or race or creed, and I am kinda uncomfortable with charity being tax exempt to but that is a whole nother subject.

But the point is that taxes need to be fair, taxes need to be at the same rate and equal.

That does not mean everyone is taxed the same.  Because no one makes the same amount of money or consumes the same amount of new cheap stuff.  But what it does mean is the rate is the same, and everyone will be chipping in something.

No one needs to be special and have thousands of thousands of pages of code to see how they can best game the system.

There are three things that I am…really apprehensive about when it comes to adulthood.  Parenting, Driving, and Taxes.

One because I am not sure how to do it and not sure I will be any good at it, another because I am sure I will distract myself and run over a Prius with my SUV and then get sued.

With taxes because it is so complicated.  I do not want to take or consider deducting this or that for charity, I just want to give, give my all and give all that I can.  Not to come home and game the system and figure out how charitable I have been.

I just want to give freely, without incentive, because it is who I am.  Or at least who I want to be.

But there is another element to this.

We were on the way to the American Revival, and we were listening to Tom Lehrer.  Comedian, musician from the 50-60s, you might have heard of him.

One of his songs is about Christmas, and he states(preposterously) that Christmas unites us on what we really believe in, in other words money.  He is trying to be funny, not the point.

But I thought about it for a second, and it got my wheels going.  In relation to a request to do another tax blog, in relation to the American Revival.  I thought.

Outside of God (our money says In God We Trust) there are very few things that we as Americans believe in more than our money.  That, dare I say it, we have faith in it.

At a basic level.  Not to say it is important, not to say we worship the almighty dollar, but we have generally had faith that a dollar is a dollar and that we can work and make something.

That we work, we get paid, then we expect to spend that money to get something we want.  And that something is worth X number of dollars.

Well as time goes on I have less and less faith in our currency and in its stability.

And that is coming through massive spending and massive squandering and looting of our treasury, not only for this generation, but for future generations as well.  By both of the parties.  By all of the politicians.

Because there is no hope.

There is no truth in hope.

Our politicians are lying to us misleading us and trying to manipulate the truth.

We do not know where to turn, our tax code is….huge.  It’s full of deductions, and exceptions, and which way to go, we do not know where to turn.  Most of us literally have to hire someone else to do the job for us, spending hundreds of additional dollars.  In some way or the other.

There is no hope in that, we just do not know what to do.

And Charity?

For the most part the current system does nothing to encourage charity, and does everything to discourage it, especially for the richer members of society.

It is designed, with the rest of the system, and the rest of the entitlement societies, to discourage charity.

That the government can do it FOR you.

That destroys the very thing that you are trying to create in the first place.  That is not good.

We need a better system, one that is specifically designed to do what everyone claims to love.

We need to restore Faith, Hope, and Charity in our monetary policy if we are to survive as a people.  If no one trusts our money, then no one trusts us.



  1. right on….:-)

    • I was a bit worried on the reception on this one but I am glad it is going over well 😛

  2. Awesome!! And yeah I just wish they could come up with a tax system that people couldn’t find loop holes and game the system as you call it. That is so frustrating…because the burden lies on the few other honest people. *sigh*

    • Yeah, I mean its just meant to hide and distract from the truth, another theme in future blogs.

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