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Last Week,well maybe a little longer.  I came across two points of interest on Facebook.

First was a Facebook post.  Now I do not know if she was doing this, advocated doing this, or was just reporting something she had heard but basically she wanted to tell a specific guy that she was pregnant so she could get abortion money, and then to use it for something totally unrelated.

She was going to lie, maybe, and game the system and do something that is quite probably illegal.  Not to mention immoral.

Have we come so far?

And then on another Facebook page I saw a video, a comedy video, from I think the Jon Stewart show.  But they were likening, and parodying, ‘open carry’ people.   Now they were likening it to the oppression felt by gay people, and that they were oppressed by others who would feel the behavior to be odd.

Now it was funny but I paused to think in the middle of it.  Now towards the end the guy who was doing the parody went into a coffee shop, one or two guns holstered, what I hope was an AR-15, slung over his back.  The people looked at him oddly and he yelled at them, something about him having the right to carry weapons and he was still a person too.

Now this was just a comedy sketch on a comedy show but it still got me thinking because there is an element of truth to this.

We live in the United States of America.  A Country born on the philosophy of being able to defend yourself from invasion, attack, or an over reaching government.  A Nation with that enshrined in its founding documents that we have the right to ‘bear arms.’  That right is now under attack.

The fact of the matter is that if we have the right to do so, then it should hardly be a surprise when people go out into public armed.

Now you can be nervous about it, I sure am…or was when I saw a cop with a firearm, at the same time I found it really neat.  But, that does not change the fact that we have the right, and the responsibility to bear our arms and defend ourselves.

In so much that a Gun Rally in Washington DC was carried out.  People with weapons, some of them loaded, gathered around Washington and Virginia.  No shots were fired and they even wore yellow stickers to proclaim that their guns were safe, and had legal ammunition compliant with the law.  And this is according to the LA Times.

A gun rally, no shots fired.

I will state this, again, Guns being showed out in the open is not a real danger to anyone like the President or anyone else, it is those who try to hide their weapons or sneak around with them concealed are the ones that we should be worried about.   At least more so then the ones in the open.

If this is odd behavior then there is something wrong, and it is not with the people doing it, they are exercising their rights and as far as I know own their weapons.

But this can go out to many areas of our rights, everything from our right to a fair trial, to our right to speech, to almost anything.

Cass Sunstein has advocated that we ban ‘conspiracy theories’.  What is a conspiracy theory? Anything that the Government defines as one?

Conspiracies are speech aren’t they?

And meanwhile we are called racist, violent, homophobic, haters of minorities and children, that we do not want the disabled to have their rights, this that and the other thing.  All for speaking out against a Government that we believe to be out of control.

We are attacked by our Government, said we should thank them, and have boycotts led against people that they perceive as our public figure-head.

Where will this end?  All this has happened before.

Woodrow Wilson threw people in jail for speaking out against his government, the Japanese were interned in Camps during World War 2, McCarthy led a crusade against supposed enemies of the state, and MLK was called crazy for speaking out and his actions caused some in the press to wonder if we were heading for violence.

We all know because of history that did not happen, now MLK is called a hero of peace, and rightfully so.

But the fact remains if we do not use our rights, if we do not constantly excercise them when we think there is something wrong…or just because we can.  Then we will lose them.

Rights are like this nation’s muscles.  Without them we would be nothing and without them being constantly strengthened and improved they will disappear.

And then the people who have let their rights atrophy will be like, oh my gosh where did this happen.  And then they will engage in acts of violence.

Remember, we are not racists, we are not violent,  but we are no longer silent.

We are exercising our rights and giving it all for our freedoms.

On a wide variety of issues.

We must continue to use these rights lest the government decree they are not needed anymore.



  1. thank the government for enslaving us to them? I think not…:-S

  2. you mentioned how we are attacked by our government……our government says we should thank them…..yeah I’ll pass on that……I’m not thankful for a nanny state

    • Oh I see, duh 😛

  3. IDK I am so torn on the gun thing. I can see both sides of this argument in that yeah it is a right but to go toting a gun around in public like a gun slinger just to “show off” or say….”hey I am exercising my rights” …well that really makes me nervous.

    I think with all your rights, comes a great deal of personal liability and responsibility. You simply cannot be careless about HOW you exercise your rights. You do have to exercise them true, but you have to do so carefully and with respect and civility. Just like the Freedom of speech. It’s one thing to engage in a civil debate….openly and honestly and it’s another to defame or spread slanderous lies about someone.
    So while we as Americans flex our rights we have to be aware what is appropriate behavior associated with them. If you have a firearm and wish to carry it out in the open, use common sense and follow the laws where you are forbidden to carry it, ie: government buildings, school grounds….etc. same with all your rights.
    So in the end exercise your rights yes, but please be a respectable citizen and do so responsibly! 😉

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