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I have been wondering how to do this blog for a long time.  And probably spent longer with it on the back burner as I have done other blogs, about faith, hope and charity.  But now it is time.

The main issue has been trying to figure out the relationship between these three concepts.  Between the strength people have and the relationships that they have when they join into governments to protect, and create a system of governance where they can thrive.

The main issue is one of what is Government’s proper role, what is federalism, and what is this Republic that we have created?

It’s primarily about strength, the strength of the individual, and the strength of the individual to exercise their rights and to have their rights.

People join into governments to do for them what they cannot, absolutely cannot do for themselves.

But it is trickle up.  Governments are built from the bottom up, trickling up the system.

The lowest rungs are meant to be the strongest ones, self-government, based on the people.  That they can take care of their own lives and control their lives and make the moral decisions.

And then they give up some powers, specifically, to the cities, counties, states, and then the federal government itself.

Each has a different function, and the higher up you go the less power that government has to effect your day-to-day lives.

Each has different responsibilities based on what the people want.

But primarily to protect its citizens from those that mean to do them harm, or provide a service that would be impractical to provide by the private markets.

But all within constitutional limits.  That they are written contracts saying what Governments cannot do to its people, and what other people cannot do to each other through the vote.

And that the only way we will lose this system is if we fail to exercise these rights.  If we fail to use them, if we fail to engage in self-government then that option will be taken away from us.

Because the less we use our rights for self governance the more our government will do.  The more power it will take, and the more it can do to us and for us.

We must use our rights and exercise them or they will perish from us forever.

Because that is the key, I believe, to fixing this.  It’s not top down.  We need to fix ourselves, our own lives, to use our rights, and then we can reform through the top.  As it should be.  We have the rights, and we have the power.

Because we cannot fix the problems in Washington until we fix the problems in our own lives.

Then when we do that our states and cities, and then the party…if we should choose to do so.  Then our Government, then the World.

In this situation, with everything so out of control, we cannot fix everything, we must in this world fix what we can, and then worry about the rest of it.

That is not to mean give up on national issues, not pay attention, and not vote.

But the votes and the elections are only stop gaps.

That is what I believe anyways.



  1. I concur…:-)

  2. Exactly!! But so many times people are looking for that insulation that the government provides. Just as the Laidenfrost effect acts to insulate your wet hand if placed into molten lead. So too sometimes people want to allow someone else to drive the bus.

    And maybe it is that people are afraid to be their own keeper..and they prefer that buffer….or they are lazy and want someone to do things for them. This is truly sad because as you mention this slow creep or trickle up effect only serves to slowly incapacitate citizens and slowly removing rights.
    So really we do need to be vigilant and stay awake and not abdicate our rights because we are afraid to drive the car. We must take the wheel firmly and hold on or we will end up somewhere we least expect.

    • Exactly. I think Men want to be governed and be led. That is sometimes how it is, despite things we just want to do what we need to do, and that we do need direction. People seem to be looking again to governments to fill that void.

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