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Use truth as your anvil and non violence as your hammer.     And anything that does not stand the test when it is brought to the anvil of truth and hammered with non-violence, REJECT IT.


That quote by Gandhi summarizes what I think is needed to take the country back and to win.

Our anvil, much like our Constitution, has had layers and layers built upon it.

Layers of lies, corruption, untruths.  Layers of shouting at one another.  Layers of labels and facts and so much information out there that we really do not know what to spend.  Layers of, in a lot of cases, that really do not matter.  Like labels.

All of these things are keeping us from our understanding of the truth, are keeping us from clearly seeing the truth, there is just so much junk in the way that are obscuring things until sometimes you just feel like screaming.

Or committing acts of brazen violence to ‘fix’ the problem.

That is not what we have to do though, we need non violence.  Of the heart of the mind of the deed and of the action.  I know it is hard.

But, we must not hate the other side no matter what they do to us, just have a constant drum beat, a constant hammering against them, and a constant ability to say that we will stand.  That we are here and we are not going away.

No matter what they do to us.

No matter what they do to us we must hammer away.  We must chip away from all the crap, all the crud, and all the mud on the anvil of truth and on our Constitution.  And the more they complain, and the more they try to stop us, the louder and furious will be our hammering in response.

Until we get to the truth.

“Oh I am going to decrease the deficits this year and their will be no new spending”


“Oh the people should be thanking me for all the good that I have been doing”


“Oh we are going to get serious on immigration reform.”


“Oh this is just astro turf and not really legitimate”


We must prove them wrong constantly in the arena of public opinion, or gang, we will lose.  We must make them force the issue and clearly and articulately discuss issues based on freedom, small government, and liberty.

Because the debate is, I believe, two-fold.

To divide and conquer.

And to make it so anyone in the middle that would think about joining us, would not because of our perception.

Oh we cannot go to these racist tea baggers, just look at them they are fascist and evil, why look they support the Arizona Immigration Law.


They hate blacks, Mexicans, progressives and anyone who is different than them.


Their only way is violence and they will kill or drive out anyone who is different. (Ed. note: How many tea party members have been arrested for violence as opposed to the anti illegal immigration riots, or for that matter property damage.)


Of course they are ecstatic when any Conservative threatens to leave or actually does leave their states or the country….but I digress.

Only with the banging of the hammer and the swinging away of the hammer (and probably some good disinfectant too) can we clear off the anvil of truth, restore it again to its previous form and place of honor, and then with a restored Constitution can we restore the promise of America between her Government and her people.

And if we do not initiate, do not engage in the violent behavior the conservatives are constantly accused of, they will expose themselves.  The Mask will come off and they will take the power once and for all for all the country to see.  And then we have them.

Let violence not be our way, and let us make it clear that anyone who chooses to engage in violence to ‘defend’ in liberty is not on our side but is a threat to our liberty and our very national fabric.

And if there is to be mass violence against us then let it be by a power mad and a power-hungry government who is on its last legs of desperation.

That we have exposed them and this is their last-ditch effort.

Not saying that this will inherently happen but that if it does happen I would much rather the forces of Big Government to be the ones to do it then the forces of liberty.

Because the American People, those still not engaged, and many of those who are, will reject violence.

If we use it we discredit ourselves and our movement, even from the very allies that we will be fighting for and should be fighting with!

And that is the last thing we need is to have a divided front.

We must be strong and we must stand, as one, no matter what they do to us and no matter what the cost.

We all have to be 10, 50, 100 times the people we are now, and go way above and beyond the call of duty because such extraordinary sacrifice have not been asked for its service in a long time.  Except for perhaps by the Military, and not the common citizen.  From all stripes and all walks of life.

Far gone is the time when the average American citizen can sit on the sideline, disengaged, and lament that he or she does not have time, the problem is too big, or how can my one voice matter. If you think like this and do nothing, I fear the country is already lost.

Ed. Note (If you are over 40 you can remember a time when the system worked as intended, although the erosion had begun. If under 40 talk to someone that is to learn what we have lost. The current erosion of freedom and our way of life is much more important to you under 40’s. It is your future that is being stolen, your future being buried under a mountain of debt, that your grandchildren will be paying for.)

Which is why I am announcing my first quasi contest for this blog post.

For all you people out there that are You-tubers, Beck fans, or can watch his show to find this out.

I want a video made.  A video made of just the sound that he makes every time he whacks the anvil of truth with the hammer of non violence.

It can be with clips, or just blank, I do not especially care.  Clips can be of modern politicians, past philosophers, heroes, or great men, news clippings, anything that can do with the anvil of truth, or things that really need some hammering.

Post any questions or the video themselves to the comments section, I will choose the best one at the end of the month.  Well try my best lol.

I do hope to see them.



  1. nice blogs…:-)

  2. The truth shall set you free…if you are Christian and don’t know who said that…then you failed.

    We do live in a society that see’s Conservatives as the Harbingers of inequality or it’s safeguarders. However how many people know that it was a liberal who segregated the federal government? Or that it was Liberal whites who developed a “Liberal Mystique” in America that represented the hardest obstacle to the civil rights movement? Or that it was Liberals that started the Vietnam War and that got us into deep trouble there?

    How many of them know that it was a liberal court that said Gays have no privacy while a conservative court in, get this, in Texas that said Gays have a right to privacy?

    • I did not know all of this and I am a Libertarian for Gods Sake!. which court btw…I mean I am curious to know…I am all for equal rights…equal rights…not for expanding rights to whatever we think they mean on a whim. Like HC or Gay Marriage.

  3. Sorry, it was a “Progressive Mystique” Not liberal Mystique, but you get the point.

  4. Bowers VS Hardwick <- said gays didn't have privacy
    Lawrence VS Texas <-Said they did

    • Thanks and thanks for the link 😉

  5. Ooooo I vid challenge 😀 😀 this my be just what I need to fire up movie maker and learn how to do that. But what do you mean specifically….what do you want to see??….The why and how we can combat these lies with our non violent ways?? Or a vid to expose them…these lies. I would like some further clarification. And I may just take that on….but I may need more time than a month 😮 😛 😀 Oh and nice blog BTW 😀

    • Anything you want ;).

      And thank you 😉

  6. If only I had a nickel for each time I came here.. Incredible article!

    • Thank you.

      What about it do you like?:P

  7. woot, thank you! I’ve finally came across a website where the owner knows what they’re talking about. You know how many results are in Google when I check.. too many! It’s so annoying having to go from page after page after page, wasting my day away with tons of owners just copying eachother’s articles… ugh. Anyway, thankyou for the information anyway, much appreciated.

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