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Before we begin let me start with a summary of the events of the last couple of weeks:

There has been a major ecological disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.  The stock market had an interesting hiccup to where it lost, and then regained, a thousand points in one day.  There have been riots in the country of Greece over their economic crisis.  The House was considering whether or not to pass a resolution that would make Puerto Rico a State  And in NY a terror plot was stopped and the person responsible was apprehended.

And then Senator Lieberman has, apparently, proposed a bill that will make it so your rights can be void under the suspicion that you are a terrorist.

America, we are in some deep crap.  We are in some serious trouble.  Anyone who reads these blogs I hope can know it, can feel it, there is something wrong.  Liberal, Conservative, Libertarian, progressive…well at least the grass-roots kind.  We can all sense that there is something wrong, that Conservatives and Libertarians know…and the readership of this blog…know that there is something wrong, but the rest can just feel it.

The only thing that is different is the ideology, is exactly who is wrong, the eviillll George Bush or the eviiillll Banks or the evviiill Government.

I think if you have read this blog you know where I stand on who to blame, primarily, for most of our Nation’s ills.

And no it’s not just about Obama.

I propose that we have two big problems facing this country right in the here and now.

One is a massive growth in Government, and the ideology that only the Government can take care of you.

Such a massive growth of Government that not even some of the members inside the system can fully understand what is going on.  Wait, that was in the bill?  Well I did not know that.

The second problem is that no one is following their own rules and laws.

This has happened over and over again.

In the Gulf spill BP was given breaks by both the Bush and the Obama administration that led to the spill in the first place.  And then were not allowed to clean up the problem because they did not have the proper equipment in place.

Equipment that a law in 1994 the Government said the Government must use in order to fix this type of problem.

A fire boom to light the oil spill on fire.

They did not have it.

They will hide, and lie, and cheat, and fund the things only they deem to be important.  Though we do need to have serious budget reform.

And no wonder certain members of the rich, certain companies, and certain CEOs go and give money to the government.  Because they know that if you scratch my back I will scratch yours is running rampant.  Both parties do it, politicians from both parties do it.  No wonder we got too big to fail.

Which is another law that we seem to be gleefully violating.

If you are special, you got money, connections, you then can get special compensations.  From the Government.  Or your companies will be taken over and vilified when you do something wrong, regardless of it being your fault or not.

And then, and then, the Government is now removing their rights under the suspicion that you are a terrorist, so you do not have to extend someones Miranda rights, and your rights under the Constitution.

Now first is Mission Creep.  We already know what this Government calls terrorists and considers to be dangerous…tea parties…that’s what.  So if this law gets enacted, and they suspect because of the ‘violent rhetoric’ that is going on that all the tea parties can be held, without charge.  That is an extreme example.

Oh and there was an article of the New York times that says that Congress was wondering what to do with suspected terrorists with guns.

First of all if they are not here in this country legally, or are an enemy combatant then yeah…they should not have guns, and the threat should be neutralised.

But being an American citizen does come with certain privileges and responsibilities.  Certain rights, which while I wish the rest of the world recognized, they do not.

One is due process, and the other is the right to bear arms.  And the principal that is most under threat here is innocent until proven guilty.

I do not care what you are, as long as you are an American Citizen we cannot touch you, unless you got your citizenship under false pretenses.

Or until you are PROVEN to be guilty.  Whether this turns out to be false or not, or the Senate can say, eh we were just kidding, don’t mind us, or this is not what they mean, the mere suggestion of it should send shivers racing down your spine.

We must engage in equal justice under the law, not social justice.

Not, you have money we will take care of you, thanks for your generous campaign contribution.

Not, oh you are down on your luck so we will provide things for you and take from those evil people who are rich, keep you down, and remove your tonsils.

Not different rules for blacks, whites, mexicans, immigrants, men, and women.  That everyone is subject to the rule of law.

We are a Nation of Laws and not of Men.  We have seen the damage that can be done if we become a Nation of men.



  1. nice…:-)

  2. IDK this concerns me as well…but like the Arizona law you cannot simply say it is going to be abused and just dismiss it. I mean to me this is a very similar issue in that if you just look like a terrorist you can be considered hostile and not given your Miranda rights. Yeah this is a problem…but it is also a problem that we have American Citizens who are obviously terrorists and who are out to victimize us….so if you are caught driving a vehicle into a public place and it is filled with explosives and you have intent to kill innocent people…chances are you are a terrorist. But like any law you have to be caught red handed before you can be charged with such a thing…. not just charged under the suspicion that you “may be” a terrorist. And then if this is established should you go through the American Due Process?? I mean my gut reaction is yes cuz they are an American citizen…but my rational mind says no cuz it is ultimately them using our own system against us. Cuz once these obvious terrorists are in the system they are somewhat protected and sheltered from punishment that would and should be more fitting for their crime. I just don’t know….it is scary and I don’t know what it is going to take. *sigh*

    My fear is that these types of terrorist….are protected under their rights and they are in the system and we are paying for their trials and such and it is clear they only came here to destroy us or to terrorize us. Because sadly this scenario is increasing in the number of cases here in the US….something has to be done to deal with this. IMO. But I’m not sure this is the answer either.

    Which leads me to my final point in that I think the whole problem with things today is everything has gotten way too complicated. And that came about with trying to make everyone happy. I mean this is always the case when you are wanting to appease everyone and not stick to your guns on a core value system. Because sadly that core value system apparently does not exist. It’s like trying to play a game of baseball but not everyone who is playing can agree on the ground rules….so subsequently things keep changing based on what everyone wants. SO it becomes a mess and virtually impossible to play.
    So this in my mind is where we are at today as a nation. So we as a society need to get back to our founding father’s philosophy…get back to what was intended for this country in the beginning and what God blessed it to be…and bringing God back into the equation and well if that offends some people…. tough!! Because that is what needs to happen and then that becomes your plumb line for all other things to evolve and so then everyone knows what the rules are and needs to decide if they want to play or not. If they don’t they can go else where 😛

    • I know this is a tough issue. But there are two ways you can take this. You can either use the Jack Bauer rule, where you have one lone man, who may be violating the law, but has a higher calling…that to protect American lives. That if there is a bomb about to go off he will do anything to protect us. The other is the Public Exception to the Miranda rule that Bill O’Reilly advocates using in situations like this. I am not up on the specifics of this, I will be though :P. But my main question is who, and how, does that come about, who gives the police the authority to do that? The Govenor? the President? the Chief of Police? And for how long. Its almost like when Sheridan held Mister Mordin, what is the procedure? Because if say…the President (Obama)….can remove someone’s miranda rights for the public good just because, well then that is a big problem.

      As for the rest of it. Hey you will not get any arguments out of me :P. And I will be blogging abotu this….oh that is this week. I would go into more but I think I will let the blog speak for itself 😛

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